‘Saving Life On Earth’ For Just $100 Billion: New Roadmap Shows How US Can Address Global Extinction Crisis

By Andrea Germanos, Commondreams.org -

As the United Nations unveiled Monday a draft proposal to address threats to biodiversity, a new report outlined a strategy for U.S.-focused "visionary action to save life on Earth." [...]

War Is War On Mother Earth

By Richard Moser, Counterpunch.org -

There is the close relationship between war and climate change that can be seen in a cycle of feedback loops creating the interlocking crisis. Take the case of Syria, the perfect example with its [...]

Human Delusion and Our Destruction of the Biosphere: We Aren’t Even Trying!

By Robert J. Burrowes, Popular Resistance -

The most casual perusal of the evidence in relation to what is happening to Earth’s biosphere – as distinct from the propaganda that is endlessly promulgated in the global elite’s corporate media [...]

Saying Goodbye To Planet Earth

By Chris Hedges, Truthdig.com -

The spectacular rise of human civilization—its agrarian societies, cities, states, empires and industrial and technological advances ranging from irrigation and the use of metals to nuclear [...]

Junk Planet: Is Earth the Largest Garbage Dump in the Universe?

By Robert J. Burrowes, Popular Resistance -

Is Earth the largest garbage dump in the Universe? I don’t know. But it’s a safe bet that Earth would be a contender were such a competition to be held. Let me explain why. This article provides [...]

Humans Are Most Destructive Species On Earth

By Pratap Antony, www.countercurrents.org -

By Pratap Antony for Counter Currents. We have been around for only 200,000 years – Archaeologists have calculated that humans originated about 200,000 years ago in the Middle Palaeolithic period [...]

Looking To The Earth Itself As A Climate Solution

By Georgina Gustin, www.insideclimatenews.org -

By Georgina Gustin for Inside Climate News - As President Obama scrambles to seal his climate legacy before he leaves office, his administration is taking a serious look downward—at soil. The [...]

Earth Overshoot Day Is Aug 8, 2016

By Staff, www.transcend.org -

By Staff of TRANSCEND Media Service - We use more ecological resources and services than nature can regenerate through overfishing, overharvesting forests and emitting more carbon dioxide into [...]

The Pentagon’s War On The Earth

By Tom H. Hastings, www.peacevoice.info -

By Tom H. Hastings for Peace Voice - But our fighting forces—and their attendant industries which manufacture the bombs, bullets, and ballistic delivery devices—also wage a war on the clean air, [...]

Human Activity Ushers In New Geologic Epoch

By Sarah “Steve” Mosko, www.sarahmosko.wordpress.com -

By Sarah “Steve” Mosko for Boogie Green - By mid-twentieth century, humans had altered the Earth to such an extent as to mark the start of a new geologic epoch named the Anthropocene, concluded [...]

Rock Your Mocs To the MN Federal Court House

By Honor The Earth, www.youtube.com -

Follow Honor the Earth - "White Earth Nation v. Kerry. Plaintiffs, including the White Earth Band of Ojibwe, Honor the Earth and the Sierra Club, charge that the US State Department secretly [...]

Soil Not Oil International Conference

By Soil Not Oil, www.soilnotoilcoalition.org -

By Soil Not Oil - Inspired by Dr. Vandana Shiva’s book, Soil Not Oil, the 2015 Soil Not Oil International Conference examines the crisis on food security while highlighting the role of oil-based [...]

Humans Use Up Annual Share Of Earth’s Resources

By Emma Howard, www.theguardian.com -

By Emma Howard in The Guardian - Humans have exhausted a year’s supply of natural resources in less than eight months, according to an analysis of the demands the world’s population are placing [...]

Imagine Farming That Actually Heals The Earth

By Sami Grover, www.treehugger.com -

By Sami Grover in TreeHugger- One of the most inspiring recent developments in the discussion about farming has been the shift from talking about "sustainable" agriculture to advocating for [...]

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