The Haiti Earthquake And Its Invisibilities

By Wooldy Edson Louidor, Resumen English. -

Eleven years after that fateful January 12, 2010, Haiti once again suffered, last Saturday, August 14, 2021, the tremendous blows of an earthquake that has already claimed the lives of at least [...]

Ecuador: Power From Below Despite Great Adversity


By CROAR for Roar Magazine. It is a well-known fact that, unfortunately, in natural disasters the ones most affected are always the common people, the same people who suffer disproportionately [...]

40 Earthquakes Hit Frack-Happy Oklahoma In Last 7 Days

By Cole Mellino, -

By Cole Mellino in EcoWatch - Yesterday Oklahoma recorded five earthquakes centered near Crescent, Oklahoma, some of which were felt in at least five states—Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas, Missouri and [...]

In Oklahoma, Fracking Companies Can Be Sued Over Earthquakes

By Emily Atkin, -

By Emily Atkin in Think Progress - If you live in Oklahoma, and you’ve been injured by an earthquake that was possibly triggered by oil and gas operations, you can now sue the oil company for [...]

Cancel Nepal’s Debt To Aid Recovery From Earthquake

By Kanya D'Almeida, -

The death toll has now passed 3,300, and there is no telling how much farther it will climb. Search and rescue operations in Nepal entered their third day Monday, as the government and [...]

Landmark Federal Court Decision: Will It Speed Diablo Nuke’s Demise?

By Harvey Wasserman, -

New revelations about earthquake dangers have shaken the future of California’s Diablo Canyon nukes. In a rare move, Washington DC’s Federal U.S. Court of Appeals will hear a landmark [...]

Inspector Warns Diablo Canyon: A Fukushima In Waiting

By Karl Grossman, -

As aftershocks of the 6.0 Napa earthquake that occurred Sunday in California continued, the Associated Press revealed a secret government report pointing to major earthquake vulnerabilities at [...]