The Movement Standing Up To Biden’s Maximum Pressure Campaign

By Manolo De Los Santos and Vijay Prashad, People's Dispatch. -

Most of the 193 member states of the United Nations made public statements to defend Cuba against the “maximum pressure” campaign. In a statement, the 120 members of the Non-Aligned Movement [...]

Civil Society Calls On Congress To End War And Blockade On Yemen

By Action Corps, Popular Resistance. -

New York - Civil society groups rallied at U.S. legislators’ offices in New York, Boston, and San Francisco on Friday, July 16th as part of a National Day of Action for Yemen. They called for [...]

US Takes Advantage Of The Price Cubans Are Paying For The Blockade

By Manolo de los Santos and Vijay Prashad, Peoples Dispatch. -

Cuba, like every other country on the planet, is struggling with the impact of COVID-19. This small island of 11 million people has created five vaccine candidates and sent its medical workers [...]

Cruel US Blockade Causing Misery And Unrest In Cuba

By Rania Khalek, Breakthrough News. -

US officials and their corporate media mouthpieces were elated at the sight of protests in Cuba in recent days against deteriorating living conditions that are a direct result of the US blockade, [...]

We Stand With Cuba Against The US Embargo And Hybrid War

By Luna Olavarría Gallegos, Manolo De Los Santos, Vijay Prashad, et al, Counterpunch. -

On May 26, The New York Review of Books published an open letter signed by a group of successful artists and writers — including Junot Díaz and Edwidge Danticat — stating that Cuban artist Luís [...]

Protests In 60+ Countries Against Genocidal US Blockade On Cuba

In a worldwide day, the initiative launched a month ago by the Europe for Cuba channel, in coordination with solidarity movements and groups in different parts of the planet, will take place [...]

Biden’s Foreign Policy Hire Considers Sanctions An Art Form

By Aída Chávez, The Nation. -

Under the Trump administration, the United States imposed a wave of aggressive sanctions on countries like Cuba, Iran, and Venezuela—inflicting suffering on their populations and hampering the [...]

UN Special Rapporteur Urges US To Lift The Blockade Against Venezuela

By Mision Verdad, Orinoco Tribune. -

The Special Rapporteur of the United Nations (UN) on the effects of sanctions on human rights, Alena Douhan, held a press conference today before leaving Venezuela. Douhan detailed the impact of [...]

Tales Of Resistance: Why Do The Poor Laugh?

By Jessica Dos Santos, Venezuelanalysis. -

In the middle of the holidays, the pipes in my apartment got clogged for the second time this year. On both occasions water was scarce for several days, and when it did arrive it brought so many [...]

Trump’s Sanctions Caused $20 Billion In Damages To Cuba

By Telesur English. -

Cuban Foreign Affairs Ministry's official Johana Tablada on Wednesday informed that former U.S. President Donald Trump's arbitrary sanctions against her country left damage of US$20 [...]

We Don’t Listen To The Dying Government Of Donald Trump

By Vijay Prashad, Tricontinental: Institute for Social Research. -

The night before the National Assembly elections in Venezuela, President Nicolás Maduro spoke to a group of visitors at Miraflores Palace in Caracas. He recounted how he had been a member of the [...]

Venezuela; 6D Elections, What’s At Stake And Who Will Win?

By Dakotah Lilly, Popular Resistance. -

Venezuelans once again headed to the polls on December 6 in what seems to be the mother of all battles for the National Assembly of Venezuela. Since 2015, this institution has been taken over by [...]

Israeli blockade Has Cost Gaza $16.7 Billion

By The New Arab. -

Israel's blockade of the Gaza Strip cost the Palestinian enclave's economy an estimated $16.7 billion in just over a decade, the United Nations said Wednesday. The coastal enclave has been [...]

Venezuela: Democracy Versus Blockade

By Ángel Guerra Cabrera, Resumen English.  -

On December 6 there will be elections in Venezuela to elect all the deputies to the National Assembly (NA), an event of extraordinary political transcendence. But before going into that subject I [...]

Universal Collaboration Is Needed To End This Pandemic

By Cheryl LaBash, Isaac Saney and Sean O'Donoghue, Saving Lives Campaign. -

Cuba, battling successfully to contain COVID-19 at home, also provides medical internationalism and solidarity abroad. While Cuba dispatches the Henry Reeve Brigade to countries requesting [...]

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