Homelessness: One of Capitalism’s Many Inevitable Products

By Gus Bagakis, truth-out.org -

By Gus Bagakis for Truthout - Housing is the necessary precondition for security, identity, emotional well-being, work, leisure and community. There is no greater condemnation of capitalism than [...]

What Else Could Tax Cut For Richest 1% Buy?

By Jill Richardson, otherwords.org -

By Jill Richardson of Other Words - Inequality in America has been growing for decades, stymying our national potential and contributing to the growing political rift in the country. According to [...]

Report: Racial, Economic Injustice Of Pollution Trading Programs

By Staff, foodandwaterwatch.org -

By Staff of Food & Water Watch - WASHINGTON – New analysis published today details the disproportionate burdens of air and water contamination and serious human health effects placed on [...]

This Year’s Real Halloween Horror

By Bob Lord, inequality.org -

By Bob Lord for Inequality - The family that has made billions off trick-or-treat candy has gone generations without paying any appreciable tax on its enormous fortune. And the Trump tax plan, if [...]

World’s Billionaires Own A Staggering $6 Trillion

By Jake Johnson, www.truth-out.org -

By Jake Johnson for Common Dreams - In an analysis (pdf) published Thursday that throws into stark relief the "unjust and unsustainable" nature of what economists have termed the New Gilded Age, [...]

Blueprint For The Most Radical City On The Planet

By Bill Quigley. A federation of local cooperatives and mutual aid networks, Cooperation Jackson, has many concrete forms including an urban farming coop, a food coop, a cooperative credit [...]

Yes, Half Of Americans Are In Or Near Poverty

By Paul Buchheit, www.commondreams.org -

By Paul Buchheit for Common Dreams - The poverty threshold is still based on a formula from the 1960s, when food expenses were a much greater part of the family budget. It hasn't kept up with [...]

Minority Neighborhoods Pay Higher Car Insurance Premiums Than White Areas With Same Risk

By Julia Angwin, Jeff Larson, Lauren Kirchner and Surya Mattu, www.propublica.org -

By Julia Angwin, Jeff Larson, Lauren Kirchner and Surya Mattu for ProPublica - For decades, auto insurers have been observed to charge higher average premiums to drivers living in predominantly [...]

Unleashing The Transformative Potential Of An Equitable Economy

By Chuck Collins, www.inequality.org -

By Chuck Collins for Inequality - While there is now widespread understanding that extreme income and wealth inequality is growing and has negative impacts on society, most proposed solutions [...]

In 40 Years: CEO Pay Up 937%, Worker Wages Stagnant

By Alexandra Jacobo, www.nationofchange.org -

By Alexandra Jacobo for Nation of Change. US inequality problem continues to be the worst in the industrialized world. A new report, published by the Economic Policy Institute (EPI) this [...]

Economic Insecurity Of US Workers Increases With Unstable Jobs

By Elizabeth Grossman, www.inthesetimes.com -

By Elizabeth Grossman for In These Times - The U.S stock market may be at record highs and U.S. unemployment at its lowest level since the Great Recession, but income inequality remains [...]

Newsletter: The Movement Matters Most

By Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese, www.popularresistance.org -

By Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese. While some people are calling 2016 the worst year ever, we are optimistic that we are on track for transformational change. Of course there are significant [...]

A Women’s Economic Agenda For The Next President

By Elise Gould, www.epi.org -

By Elise Gould for EPI - Progress on closing the gap between men’s and women’s wages in the U.S. economy has been glacially slow in recent decades—and gender wage parity has become a top priority [...]

The One Tax Idea That Would Be Fair To All Americans

By Brett Arends, www.marketwatch.com -

By Brett Arends for Market Watch - Americans, when are we going to get our heads back where the sun shines and implement a wealth tax? How many tax outrages by the super rich do we have to [...]

A Do-Over For Our Unequal Economy?

By Sam Pizzigati, www.inequality.org -

By Sam Pizzigati for Inequality - The basic idea behind the “mulligan” ­– you flub a shot, you get to take the shot again — may be golf’s most endearing contribution to world civilization. In our [...]

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