The Incalculable Cost Of Cheap Chicken

By Tina Vasquez, Scalawag. -

The average American consumes more than 100 pounds of chicken meat annually—or 8 billion chickens a year, nationwide. It should come as no surprise then that as the pandemic unfurled across the [...]

ALEC Meeting Queues Up The GOP’s Culture Wars

By David Armiak, Exposed By CMD. -

While Trump is no longer in office, ALEC members still wearing their MAGA hats can participate in Trump-themed trainings such as, “Achieving and Using Political Power: How You Implement an [...]

Activists Challenge Subsidies For Weapons Maker

By Taylor Barnes, World Beyond War. -

On a warm Saturday morning in May, a group of demonstrators gathered in a public square in Asheville, North Carolina, for the kind of protest lawmakers don’t usually foresee when they haggle for [...]

National Eviction Ban Ends July 31 – What To Do If You’re At Risk

By Annie Nova, CNBC. -

More than $45 billion in rental assistance has been allocated by Congress in the last two major stimulus packages, and you could receive up to 18 months of help, including a mix of payments for [...]

Why Shouldn’t The People Own The Banks?

By Michelle Chen, The Nation. -

Even as the pandemic devastated New York City, megabanks like JPMorgan Chase and Bank of America continued to do a roaring trade. And now those financial behemoths are set to manage the funds [...]

What We Can Learn From Iceland’s Four-Day Work Week

Between 2015 and 2019, the government of Iceland and the Reykjavik City Council undertook an employment experiment, allowing a sample of workers access to a shorter work week without any loss of [...]

Global Call On Banks To Stop Financing Fossil Fuels

By Fossil Banks No Thanks!. -

To stop the world descending into full climate chaos, the continued burning of fossil fuels must be brought to an end as soon as possible. Even burning all coal, oil, and gas reserves already in [...]

Families Wait Years For Housing Vouchers Due To Inadequate Funding

By Sonya Acosta And Erik Gartland, CBPP. -

Due to limited program funding, families struggling to afford housing that manage to get off the waiting list for a Housing Choice Voucher must typically wait for years before receiving a [...]

Workers Are Being Crushed By Unemployment Benefit Shutoffs

By Julia Rock and Andrew Perez, Jacobin. -

The war on jobless aid began on May 4, when Montana governor Greg Gianforte (R) announced that the state would cut off federal unemployment benefits at the end of June. “Montana is open for [...]

People Working for Minimum Wage Can’t Afford Rent In The US

By Sarah Ruiz-Grossman, Black Agenda Report. -

Taking into account local minimum wage rates, the average minimum-wage worker would have to put in nearly 97 hours per week (more than two full-time jobs) to afford a modest two-bedroom rental, [...]

Why Many In Colombia Embark On New Strike

By Adriaan Alsema, Colombia Reports. -

Social organizations called new strikes for Tuesday, Colombia’s Independence Day, to demand that Congress passes legislation on economic policy, peace and human rights. The latest strike was [...]

Six Months Of The Biden Administration

By Patrick Martin, World Socialist Web Site (WSWS). -

Six months ago, Joseph Biden was inaugurated president of the United States, under conditions of unprecedented crisis of US capitalism and the entire social and political order. His [...]

The Drug Companies Are Killing People

By Center For Economic and Policy Research. -

After the Biden administration indicated its support for this limited waiver, many other rich countries signed on as well. Germany, under longtime chancellor Angela Merkel, has been largely left [...]

Identifying The Policy Levers Generating Wage Suppression And Inequality

By Lawrence Mishel and Josh Bivens, Economic Policy Institute. -

Inequalities abound in the U.S. economy, and a central driver in recent decades is the widening gap between the hourly compensation of a typical (median) worker and productivity—the income [...]

When Communities Reject The Throwaway Economy

By Mauro Anastasio, European Environmental Bureau. -

Here's how a growing number of communities across Europe are speeding up the shift to more resilient economies and supply chains. Rethinking the way we create, use, and dispose of our everyday [...]