The United States Is More Socialist Than You Know

By Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese, Clearing the FOG. -

Compared to other wealthy countries, large sectors of the US economy are more socialized than is realized. From energy to water to transportation, land and more, and from cities and states to the [...]

After Rahm’s Destruction, Can Chicago Creative A Cooperative Economy?

By Matt Stannard, -

When Rahm Emanuel announced last month that he would not seek a third term as mayor of Chicago, he broke no hearts among people opposed to neoliberal privatization and the power of finance [...]

Dark Clouds Gather On Horizon For Financial System, Warns International Monetary Fund

By Staff, -

Bali, Indonesia -The International Monetary Fund releases its "Global Financial Stability Report" ahead of its Annual Meetings held this year in Southeast Asia. The report finds that short-term [...]

Ever Wonder Who “They” Are? We Name Names And Explain How The Global Elites Operate

By Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese, Clearing the FOG. -

In 2017, eight men controlled half of the world's wealth and 70% of the world controls 5% of the wealth. Global elites, the 1%, are consolidating their fortunes without regard for the remaining [...]

Global De-Dollarization Spells Jolts And Crises For US Economy

By Jon Jeter, -

BEIJING — In January, President Donald Trump took to Twitter to denounce Pakistan’s commitment to fighting terrorism. Twenty-four hours later, Pakistan’s central bank announced that it no longer [...]

A Case For Giving Everyone A Share Of Public Wealth

By Jim Pugh, In These Times. -

In late August, the People’s Policy Project, a left-wing think tank run by economist and writer Matt Bruenig, released a proposal for the creation of a social wealth fund in the United States. [...]

A Greedy Economy On Borrowed Time: America Under The Sword Of Damocles

By Jon Jeter, -

NEW YORK — On the afternoon of December 31, 1999, I boarded a flight from Chicago O’Hare airport for San Francisco International and found myself seated next to a bear of a man, who, at 6 feet 6 [...]

Unions Bring Argentina to a Standstill As Macri Meets Bankers

By Telesur. -

On Tuesday at midnight, Argentina’s General Confederation of Workers (CGT) began its 24-hour general strike against Mauricio Macri’s austerity policies. On Monday, the Argentine Workers’ Central [...]

US Sanctions Reach A Turning Point. De-Dollarization And Collusion Against The U.S.

By Karsten Riise, -

Up till now, the EU – representing around the same percentage of the world economy as the USA – was sitting put, as the USA grew its sanctions regime to ever more bizarre proportions. Together, [...]

Does The United States Have A ‘Strong’ Economy?

By Sam Pizzigati, -

Long-time Republican Party political strategists are having fits. If only we could get average Americans to focus in on the economy instead of The Donald, they’re telling all comers, the GOP [...]

Surviving In A Post-Crash Economy

By Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese, Clearing the FOG. -

The current generation is the first one in history that will have a lower standard of living than its predecessors and a shorter life expectancy. In the aftermath of the 2008 financial crash, [...]

The Crisis Of Global Capitalism Never Really Ended

By Jerome Roos, Roar Magazine. -

This weekend marks the tenth anniversary of the collapse of Lehman Brothers, the once-mighty US investment bank whose dramatic bankruptcy on September 15, 2008 unleashed the worst financial [...]

So, You Want To End Capitalism? Here’s How.

By Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese, Clearing the FOG Radio. -

There is a rising awareness that capitalism is at the root of many of the crises that we face, from the economy to the environment and climate change to the absence of democracy. We need to end [...]

Billionaires Plan Escape From Apocalypse

By Robert Hunziker, Counterpunch -

What’s with capitalism/capitalists? As soon as things turn sour, they turn south with tails between their legs and hightail it out of Dodge. However, they feast on and love steady, easy, orderly [...]

United States Blocks Inter-Korean Railway Project

By Zoom In Korea, Popular Resistance. -

The UN Command, headed by the United States, refused to allow a South Korean train to travel to North Korea for a joint North-South inspection of railway conditions for the planned [...]