Ecuador’s Leftist Leaders Arrested In Police Raids Nationwide

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The prefect of the Ecuadorean province of Pichincha Paola Pabon was arrested in the early morning hours of Monday at her home. Police also raided the home of Virgilio Hernandez, a former lawmaker [...]

Ecuadorians Protest Neo-liberal Austerity And Win

By Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese, Clearing the FOG. -

President Lenin Moreno restored neo-liberalism to Ecuador, accepting a $4.2 billion dollar loan from the US-dominated International Monetary Fund that required measures call 'structural [...]

Ecuador – And The IMF’s Killing Spree

By Peter Koenig, -

The latest victim of this horrifying IMF scheme is Ecuador. For starters, you should know that since January 2000, Ecuador’s economy is 100% dollarized, compliments of the IMF (entirely [...]

Pink Tide Against US Domination Rising Again In Latin America

Once again, the left is rising in Latin America as people revolt against authoritarian regimes, many of whom were put in place by US-supported coups. These regimes have taken International [...]

Ecuador: Government To Drop IMF-Decree, Deal Reached Strike Over

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United Nations-backed dialogue table installed between Lenin Moreno's governement and leaders of Indigenous organizations reached a historic deal Sunday to revoke pro-IMF Decree 883, end strikes [...]

Ecuador: Moreno’s Government Sacrifices The Poor To Satisfy The IMF

By Wilma Salgado, Council on Hemispheric Affairs. -

Ecuador’s President Lenin Moreno has been cutting government spending since signing an Extended Fund Facility (EFF) agreement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in February of this year. [...]

Ecuadorian Protests Against President Moreno Continue, Face Police Repression

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Saturday, October 12, Quito, Ecuador - In the early hours of the morning of this Saturday, law enforcement began an attack against protesters in an area near the Arbolito Park. The Ecuadorian [...]

Ecuador: A Rebellion For The Renewal Of Struggle

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Once again, an Indigenous and popular uprising in Ecuador has given light and hope to continental struggles for dignified life. Over the past days, women, children and elders from the diverse [...]

Media Targeted In Ecuador’s Deepening Crisis

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These large-scale protests began when President Lenin Moreno announced on 2 October that his government was ending fuel subsidies in effect for nearly 40 years, causing a sharp hike in fuel [...]

Tricontinental: Institute For Social Research Newsletter On Syria, Ecuador And India

By Vijay Prashad, Tricontinental: Institute for Social Research -

Turkey has invaded Syria. In particular, Turkey has crossed the border to destroy the largely Syrian Kurdish province of Rojava, south of the Turkey-Syria border and east of the Euphrates River. [...]

Social Movements Denounce Violent Repression In Ecuador, Support General Strike

Open letter, Popular Resistance. -

To the government of the Republic of Ecuador and the national and international community: We sign this statement to express our deep concern for the events occurring in Ecuador. As [...]

Moreno Flees Capital Of Ecuador As Thousands Of Indigenous Enter City

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In his short five-minute televised speech, the Ecuadorean President Lenin Moreno informed the seat of government has been moved to Guayaquil. The president then went ahead to accuse, with no [...]

‘The Drone Revolution’: Ecuadorians Revolt Against Repressive US-Backed President Lenin Moreno’s Neoliberal Policies

By Denis Rogatyuk, -

“Se acabó la zanganería” — “The zanganería is over.” With these words, uttered on October 4, Ecuador’s President Lenin Moreno proclaimed the end of a 40-year policy of fuel and petrol subsidies, [...]

Ecuador: The Time Of People’s Rebellion

By Carlos Aznarez, Resumen Latinoamericano, translation North America bureau -

It is not quite the same as the uprising that occurred during Venezuela’s Caracazo in 1989 but it is very similar. In that opportunity, then President Carlos Andres Perez, beholden to the demands [...]