CLDC Fighting Corporate-Fueled Legal Persecution Of Human Rights Lawyer

By Lauren Regan, CLDC. -

For several years now, human rights attorney Steven Donziger has been in the fight of his life and career after Chevron vowed to destroy him for winning a $9.5 billion judgment for indigenous [...]

Government Gave Big Oil The Power to Prosecute Its Biggest Critic

By Walker Bragman and David Sirota, The American Prospect. -

In recent years, the American government has given the fossil fuel industry hundreds of billions of dollars of subsidies and opened up wide swaths of public land for drilling. Now, as the climate [...]

Ecuador Protests New Neoliberal Measures Amid Lockdown

By Telesur English. -

Unions, students, teachers, workers, and social organizations took to the streets in Quito as others followed from home in several cities Monday with a pot-banging protest. In Quito, Cuenca, [...]

Open Letter In Support Of Environmental Lawyer Steven Donziger

By the National Lawyers Guild International. -

New York - Over 75 organizations, including international legal organizations and major human rights networks, signed on to an open letter released today in support of environmental lawyer Steven [...]

Ecuador Persecutes Opponents As COVID-19 Crisis Exposes Neoliberal War On Public Sector

By Denis Rogatyuk, The Grayzone. -

Up to the end of April, the number of infected and deceased caused by the COVID19 pandemic had spiraled out of control, nearly collapsing the country’s public healthcare sector, already [...]

Bodies In The Streets: IMF Imposed Measures Have Left Ecuador Unable To Cope With Coronavirus

By Alan Macleod, Mintpress News. -

If you are using one of the many coronavirus incidence trackers, the Pacific country of Ecuador does not seem to be particularly badly affected by COVID-19. Officially, the country has less than [...]

2019 Latin America In Review: Year Of The Revolt of the Dispossessed

A year ago, John Bolton, Trump’s short-lived national security advisor, invoked the 1823 Monroe Doctrine making explicit what has long been painfully implicit: the dominions south of the Rio [...]

Ecuadorian Opponents Reject Lenin Moreno’s Economic Reform

By Juan Manuel Boccacci,  Pagina 12, translation Resumen Latinoamericano, North America bureau. -

The Lenin Moreno Administration is moving in two fronts since the mass mobilizations that took place in Ecuador about a month ago. On the one hand, it is criminalizing social protests so [...]

Ecuador: More Uprisings Ahead As Moreno Fails To Listen To The People

By Juan Manuel Boccacci,  Pagina 12, translation Resumen Latinoamericano, North America bureau -

Ecuadorean President Lenin Moreno seems to be determined to not listen to the claims being demanded across the country that began only 20 days ago. Revoking Decree 883, which eliminated fuel [...]

Crises In Ecuador, Chile, “Reflects The Exhaustion Of Neoliberal Policies”

By Staff, Sputnik, translation, Resumen Latinoamericano, North America bureau -

Several neoliberal or right-wing governments in South America are turning authoritarian in the face of mass protests taking place in their countries, undermining thus the “region’s weak [...]

Ecuador: After A Blaze Of Protests, A Grey Horizon

By Kimberely Brown, -

During the recent 11-day uprising that shook Ecuador, parts of the capital Quito looked like a battle scene as police drove armed trucks through protest zones and fired tear gas and pepper spray [...]

Whitewashing Neoliberal Repression In Chile And Ecuador

By Lucas Koerner, -

Throughout Latin America and the Caribbean, people are rising up against right-wing, US-backed governments and their neoliberal austerity policies. Currently in Chile, the government of [...]

Revolts Against The Neoliberal World Order

By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers, Popular Resistance -

Protests against the US and big finance-imposed neoliberal capitalism have exploded across the globe. Two weeks ago, in Pink Tide Against US Domination Rising Again In Latin America, we reviewed [...]

Ecuadorean President Moreno Accused Of Helping The CIA

By Sputnik News, translated by Resumen English. -

Former Foreign Minister of Ecuador Ricardo Patiño has accused President Lenin Moreno of working for the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). “Moreno became a CIA insider due to [...]

Reviewing The Crisis In Ecuador: An Indigenous Perspective And The Uncertainty Of The Future

By Marco Teruggi, Sputnik News, Translation Resumen Latinoamericano, North America Bureau -

The indigenous communities are meeting in assemblies to debate the uprising they led in Ecuador. Have they achieved their objectives? What is their balance? Sputnik was in the community of [...]