National Strike Against Ecuadorian Government Demands Assange’s Freedom

By Andrea Lobo, -

Workers, peasants and youth in Ecuador began a five-day strike Monday against the draconian policies of the Lenín Moreno administration, which is seeking to strengthen its ties to Washington and [...]

Julian Assange’s Personal Possessions Have Been Seized By Ecuador For The Purpose Of Condemning Assange In The U.S.

By Staff, -

Today, Ecuador removed Assange’s personal belongings to send them to the U.S. to use in his new grand jury indictment case. This includes personal items like his glasses, his defense files, his [...]

Ecuador is raking in new deals with the UK and US after handing over Julian Assange

by Tracy Keeling, -

Ecuador signed a new trade deal with the UK on 15 May. It also signed a new memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the US on the same day. The US said the MOU marked the “next step” in its [...]

Before Ousting Assange, Moreno Government Spied On The Journalist For Over A Year

By Jimmysllama, -

LONDON — Like the proverbial “shot heard round the world,” the U.K.’s arrest and imprisonment of publisher and journalist Julian Assange officially signaled the Western world’s war on a free [...]

Sacred Headwaters Summit Strengthening Alliances Across Borders

By Staff, -

The Sacred Headwaters region of the Amazon, which the indigenous people are now also referring to as Territories for Life, is made up of 60 million acres of tropical rainforest in Ecuador and [...]

Sell Out: How Corruption, Voter Fraud And A Neoliberal Turn Led Ecuador’s Lenin To Give Up Assange

By Denis Rogatyuk, -

The images of six Metropolitan police officers dragging Julian Assange out of the Ecuadorian embassy in London have provoked rage by citizens around the world. Many have warned that his [...]

On The Pavement With Wikileaks

By Craig Murray, -

When Julian Assange does leave the embassy, it will be important to try to focus a hostile media on why it is Assange is actually wanted for extradition Entirely unexpectedly, I have been down in [...]

U.N. Torture Expert Urges Ecuador Not To Expel Assange From Embassy

By Staff, -

GENEVA (Reuters) - The United Nations torture investigator called on Ecuador on Friday not to expel Wikileaks founder Julian Assange from its London embassy, voicing concern that he could be [...]

Ecuador’s Moreno’s Next Attempt At Expelling Assange Is Full Of Lies And Deceit

By Staff, -

Australian Julian Assange is the founder of Wikileaks and was essentially gagged in March of last year and his internet privileges removed. It is literally impossible for him to hack anything [...]

Ecuador Vs. Assange; One Year Silenced

By Staff, -

It seems that in recent days, Ecuador has become more tyrannical towards Assange than Britain is. With the recent terrible visit that Cassandra Fairbanks had and threats from the government to [...]

With Ecuador’s Cooperation Bought By IMF Loans, Washington Waxes Optimistic On Assange Extradition

By Whitney Webb, -

WASHINGTON — Chelsea Manning’s fight against her subpoena in the U.S. Department of Justice’s grand-jury case targeting WikiLeaks founder and former publisher Julian Assange this past week has [...]

OAS Requests Info On Assange’s Asylum Conditions In Ecuadorian Embassy In UK

By Staff, -

MOSCOW (Sputnik) - The Ecuadorian Foreign Ministry said it had been asked by the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (part of the Organization of American States), to provide the [...]

Ecuador Unveils “Special Examination” Of Julian Assange’s Asylum

By Mike Head, -

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, whose courageous publication of leaked documents exposed the crimes and mass surveillance of the US and its allies, is facing a new threat to expel him from [...]

Ecuador: Social Movements Mobilize Against Economic Measures

By Staff, Telesur -

Social movements and unions such as Ecuador’s Workers Unity Front (FUT) and the National Citizens' Assembly have announced plans to protest against new measures announced by the government of [...]

Ecuador’s Moreno Met Manafort, Discussed Handing Over Assange To US: Report

By Staff, -

Ecuadorean President Lenin Moreno allegedly spoke to Paul Manafort-former United States lobbyist, political consultant and a convicted felon-about handling over WikiLeaks co-founder Julian [...]