Peace Is A Word That The West Has Taken From The Afghans

By Vijay Prashad, Globe Trotter -

It’s difficult to explain the nature of the Afghanistan peace talks. There is no single table with the combatants arrayed on either side. Talks are not even taking place in the same city, since [...]

Webinar: Stop Corporate Surveillance In Schools

By Stop Corporate School Surveillance. -

Classrooms, Not Computers has found a new title for its campaign -- Stop Corporate Surveillance in Schools: A Movement Supporting People-Powered Classrooms Without Corporate Data Mined [...]

Asking What Kissinger Thinks– But Not What He Did

By Peter Hart, -

Kissinger's tenure including support for the military coup that overthrew the Allende government in Chile and support for the murderous Indonesian dictator Suharto's policies in East Timor (FAIR [...]