Culture War In The Classroom

By Leo Casey, Dissent Magazine -

The American right’s latest culture war offensive is an all-out assault on “critical race theory” (CRT). Like other right-wing campaigns, the attack on CRT is taking place on two fronts—one [...]

What Is Critical Race Theory, And Why Is It Under Attack?

By Stephen Sawchuk, Education Week. -

School boards, superintendents, even principals and teachers are already facing questions about critical race theory, and there are significant disagreements even among experts about its precise [...]

How Contingent Faculty Organizing Can Succeed In Higher Education

By Steve Early, New Politics. -

Despite recent organizing gains among some contingent faculty members, the adjunctification of higher education has left hundreds of thousands of college and university teachers with low pay, [...]

Rosebud Sioux Youth Council Returns To Carlisle Indian School

By Jenna Kunze, Native News Online. -

Carlisle, Pa. — Twenty-three-year-old Christopher Eagle Bear from the Rosebud Sioux tribe in South Dakota has been growing out his hair since he visited the site of the former Carlisle Indian [...]

How Parent Organizing Has Shifted Classrooms Toward Racial Justice

By Schott Foundation. -

Over the past year, much of the nation’s education discussion has been where learning was taking place: on Zoom? In the classroom? Both? While COVID-19 exacerbated existing inequities around [...]

At Schools Named For Robert E. Lee, Students Led The Way Toward Change

By Coshandra Dillard, Learning For Justice. -

Gertrude “Trude” Lamb, 16, describes herself as a shy person. She never wanted to be the center of attention. But, in the summer of 2020, when Trude became the face of a movement to rename Robert [...]

The Obscure Foundation Funding ‘Critical Race Theory’ Hysteria

By Judd Legum and Tesnim Zekeria, -

Critical Race Theory (CRT), once a little-known academic concept, is now at the center of the national political discussion. CRT is discussed incessantly on Fox News. It is featured in campaign [...]

Illinois Bill Mandates Public Schools Teach Asian American History

By Jordan Williams, The Hill. -

Illinois Gov. JB Pritzker (D) has signed legislation mandating public schools teach Asian American history, making the state the first in the nation to do so. The legislation, the Teaching [...]

How One Union Uses Kitchen Table Economics To Advance Medicare For All

By Kari Thompson, Labor Notes. -

Using kitchen table economics is critical for winning workers over to Medicare for All. Before this training, members may be wary of trading something they’re familiar with for something that’s [...]

Lessons From The Nation’s Black Male Educators

By Letrell Harris and Horace Ryans, Scalawag Magazine. -

The place of Black men in higher education, both as students and as educators, has always been precarious—even before the pandemic. A U.S. Department of Education report found in 2016 that Black [...]

Supreme Court Allows Gavin Grimm’s Victory To Stand

Washington — The Supreme Court today declined to hear Grimm v. Gloucester County School Board, allowing lower court decisions in support of transgender students to stand. The U.S. District [...]

Governor Signs Law To Stop Teachers From Talking About Racism

By Jennifer Bendery, Black Agenda Report. -

Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott on Tuesday signed one of his party’s top legislative priorities into law: a bill aimed at stopping teachers from talking about racism and any current events that [...]

Why We Must Confront The History Of US Native Boarding Schools

By Naomi Ishisaka, Seattle Times. -

When Patricia Whitefoot learned about the remains of 215 children found in a mass grave at the Kamloops Indian Residential School in British Columbia, she was devastated. The children’s grave [...]

A New Nevada Law Bans Racial Mascots In Schools

By Dustin Jones, NPR. -

Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak met with members of the Nevada Indian Commission in Carson City on Friday as he signed legislation removing racially discriminatory identifiers or language from schools. [...]

What’s Up With The Sudden Attacks On Schools That Teach Critical Race Theory?

By Jeff Bryant, LA Progressive. -

When North Carolina public school teacher Justin Parmenter penned an opinion piece for the Charlotte Observer about the difficulties of teaching in hybrid mode during the pandemic, with students [...]