Trump Meets Egypt’s Sisi, Human RIghts Violations Continue

By Staff, -

By Staff of Reprieve and The Hill - This is the state of human rights in Egypt under President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, who meet President Trump at the White House on April 3, 2017. Weeks after [...]

Food Protests Erupt In Egypt As Bread Supplies Cut

By Neil Ketchley and Thoraya El-Rayyes, -

By Neil Ketchley and Thoraya El-Rayyes for MERIP - On March 6, 2017, hundreds of local residents took to the streets of towns and cities in Upper Egypt and the Nile Delta after the Ministry of [...]

Egyptian Authorities Ban Social Media Satire Pages

By Sayed Elhadidi, -

By Sayed Elhadidi for Al Monitor - After the Egyptian officials clamped down on satirical programs in Egypt, notably "Al-Bernameg," which had been hosted by media presenter Bassem Youssef, [...]

Global Labor Movement Called On To Support Shipyard Workers

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By Staff of Egypt Solidarity - Leading Egyptian trade unionists have launched an open letter calling on the global labour movement to mobilise solidarity for the Alexandria Shipyard workers, as [...]

Three Years After Coup, Lessons Still Unlearned From Egypt’s Tragedy

By Abdullah Al-Arian, -

By Abdullah Al-Arian for MEE - Had it been allowed to continue, last Thursday would have seen Mohamed Morsi’s four-year term as president of a post-authoritarian Egypt draw to a close. Instead, [...]

Egypt: Hard Times Stoke Labour Unrest, Showdown Lies Ahead

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By Staff of The New Arab - Labour activist Kamal al-Fayoumi has lost none of his swagger since being fired from the sprawling Egyptian textile plant where he worked for three decades and was [...]

Cairo Marks World Press Freedom Day With Raid On Journalists’ Syndicate

By Ayah Aman, -

By Ayah Aman for AL-Monitor - CAIRO — On May 1, just two days before World Press Freedom day, Egyptian police raided the Press Syndicate in Cairo and randomly detained a number of journalists as [...]

Families Of Imprisoned Journalists Begin Open Ended Sit-In

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By Staff of Daily News Egypt - Families of imprisoned journalists began an open ended sit-in at the Press Syndicate headquarters on Sunday, according to an announcement on the Facebook page [...]

Egypt: The Bloody Hands Of A Weak Regime

By Peter Cork, -

By Peter Cork for In Defense of Marxism - It is no coincidence that Regeni disappeared on the evening of January 25th, the fifth anniversary of the 2011 Egyptian revolution. An official of the [...]

Egyptian Students ‘Kidnapped By Security Forces’

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By Staff of The New Arab - Mohammed Yousry Ali, an engineering student, was kidnapped by police while he was heading to see friends, reported Egypt's Human Rights Monitor, a group set up to act [...]

Egypt Five Years Later; US Radiating Half The Country

By Eleanor Goldfield, -

By Eleanor Goldfield for Occupy - This week we passed the five-year anniversary of Tahrir Square but do we even know – or care – what's happening there now, and do we see the parallels with [...]

My Second World Press Freedom Day In An Egyptian Jail

By Abdullah Elfakharany, -

By Abdullah Elfakharany for Middle East Eye - I was naïve - at least in the first days after I was arrested. I thought that the world would rise up to defend me, my colleagues and the freedom of [...]

Memory Of Egyptian Revolution Is Only Weapon We Have Left

By Omar Robert Hamilton, -

By Omar Robert Hamilton for The Guardian - I didn’t take my camera out with me the night Hosni Mubarak was overthrown. I stood in Tahrir Square among tens of thousands of Egyptians and told [...]

Arab Spring Anniversary: Protesters Defy Crackdown

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By Staff of Aljazeera - Anti-government protesters defied a security crackdown and took to the streets as Egypt marked the fifth anniversary on Monday of the 2011 uprising that toppled long-time [...]

India Protests Egypt President Al-Sisi’s Visit

By Students Islamic Organisation of India, -

By Students Islamic Organisation of India for Bay Area Antifada, New Delhi: A protest was held on Wednesday against the visit of Egypt’s president Abdel Fattah el-Sisi. Around two hundred people [...]