Salvadorans Protest Renewed Attempts To Privatize Water Resources

By Pedro Cabezas, -

Barely six weeks have passed since the newly elected, right wing-dominated legislature took office in El Salvador, but recent frictions between security personnel of the legislature and [...]

Brazil: World Social Forum Concludes In Salvador

By Staff, -

The thirteenth edition of the World Social Forum came to an end on Saturday (March 17), attracting more than 60,000 people to the various activities and debates held during the five-day event. [...]

Trump Ends TPS For 200,000 Salvadorans Seeking Sanctuary

By Molly Olmstead, -

The Trump administration announced Monday it was ending a humanitarian program that allowed nearly 200,000 Salvadorans who fled catastrophic conditions in their home country to remain in the [...]

Dominican Republic, Haiti & El Salvador Reject US Threats

By Sergio Alejandro Gómez, -

By Sergio Alejandro Gómez for Granma - Rubio directly threatened the governments of the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, and Haiti, and in an interview with El Nuevo Herald, stating that the vote [...]

El Salvador Ruling Offers A Reminder Of Why TPP Must Be Defeated

By Robin Broad and John Cavanagh, -

By Robin Broad and John Cavanagh for The Nation - If you needed one more reason to take sides in the last great fight of the Obama years, that of the corporate giveaway package known as the [...]

The US Returns To Latin America

By Vijay Prashad for the Hindu and Counterpunch. The financial crisis of 2007-08 dented China’s economy and saw the slow deterioration of commodity prices. It took a few years for the economic [...]

Trial For Four Who Support 17 Women Imprisoned In El Salvador

By Staff, -

Four activists, who appeared in court on May 15th for a pre-trial status hearing, will have to return to Washington, DC on July 7, 2015 to stand trial on the charge of unlawful entry, which [...]

Salvadoran Maquila Plants Use Gangs To Break Unions

By Edgardo Ayala, -

Textile companies that make clothing for transnational brands in El Salvador are accused of forging alliances with gang members to make death threats against workers and break up their unions, [...]

El Salvador Farmers Successfully Defy Monsanto

By Dahr Jamail, -

The perils of ingesting food that has any contact with a Monsanto-produced product are in the news on nearly a weekly basis. As Dr. Jeff Ritterman has documented, Monstanto's herbicide, [...]

Farmer Cooperatives, Not Monsanto, Supply El Salvador With Seeds

By Nathan Weller, -

In the face of overwhelming competition skewed by the rules of free trade, farmers in El Salvador have managed to beat the agricultural giants like Monsanto and Dupont to supply local corn seed [...]

Participatory Democracy In El Salvador

By Beverly Bell, -

It is completely rooted in the people. There is a lot of wisdom in people, and so what leaders have to do is be with the people, listen to the people, and address the issues that the people [...]

Six Jesuit Scholars And The American War On Self-Determination

By Matt Peppe, -

Twenty five years ago this week, six Jesuit scholars at the Universidad Centroamericana (UCA) in El Salvador opened the doors of their residence to members of a government death squad, who had [...]

Shadowy Tribunal Decides Mining Companies’ Power

By Alice Ollstein, -

Does a corporation’s right to profit trump a country’s right to protect its land and water? That was the question today before the International Center for the Settlement of Investment [...]

Will World Bank Punish El Salvador For Protecting Its Environment?

By John Cavanagh and Robin Broad, -

This summer, we returned to northern El Salvador. That’s where the Pacific Rim mining company started to dig its exploration wells about a decade ago. Near that disputed mining site, local [...]

Politicians On Both Sides Of The Border Dishonest About Migrant Crisis

By Bruce A. Dixon, -

What neither corporate media nor US Latino politicians will point out is that none of the current wave of refugees are coming from Nicaragua, although it has a similar history to Guatemala, [...]

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