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Married Couple Block Mountain Valley Pipeline In Large Wooden Possum

Roanoke County, VA - Early Wednesday morning, married couple Ted Glick (74) and Jane Califf (83), locked themselves inside a large wooden possum on Honeysuckle Rd in Roanoke County, VA, blocking Mountain Valley Pipeline construction in the area. Ted and Jane prevented MVP's access to the pipeline easement, a work yard, and 2 access roads, for 6.5 hours, before they were extracted from their blockade and arrested. They were each charged with 3 misdemeanors, given bail of $3,000, and bailed out the same day.

Climate Movement Elders Revive Monkey Wrench Tactics

Earlier this year, seven activists entered the site of a proposed timber sale in Washington State, intent on halting — or at least delaying — the destruction of trees with immense carbon storage potential. Over the course of several hours, they hiked off-trail through the dense understory, removing signs and flagging tape marking the boundaries of the controversial Carrot timber sale. The creative nonviolent direct action seemed to pay off, as a couple days later Washington’s Department of Natural Resources, or DNR, announced it was cancelling the Carrot sale for the time being.

That’s What US Capitalism Does Right Now – Jettisons Its Elders

I became an elder, and I was a radical elder. I’ve been in our movement about—not about, 58 years is the amount of time that I’ve spent in the left of this country, very wonderful years, but starting to get old; I’m now in my seventies. And I was looking around for something that focused on the very specific issues and the particularity of the issues that I faced as a human being in my seventies, and that many people who I knew in my age bracket were facing. And I found nothing. I found a bunch of liberal organizations that sought to reform this and that, expand this and that, or reestablish particular programs that have been dismantled, etc.

Atlanta, GA: Elders Say Stop Cop City!

Atlanta, Georgia - On Monday, March 6th, a group of elders and a young person in support visited the corporate offices of Brasfield & Gorrie, as well as five B&G worksites around Atlanta, to call on the company to Drop Cop City. It is currently the general contractor on the project, officially known as the Atlanta Public Safety Training Center. At each site, they held banners for the workers and passersby to see, and tried to talk to the construction manager in charge. At one site, after speaking with and handling flyers to dozens of workers from many countries, the manager appeared and threatened to have us arrested.

Any Senior Who Needs Home Care Should Get It

Not too many romantic comedies have a major character who goes bankrupt paying the health care costs of a loved one with dementia. Although millions of American families can relate to this financial strain, it’s not typical rom-com material. But that’s what happens to Kelsey Grammer’s character in Like Father on Netflix. The film’s writer and director, Lauren Miller Rogen, has worked to boost Alzheimer’s education and research since her mother was diagnosed with the disease more than a decade ago. Now Miller Rogen has teamed up with her husband, comedian Seth Rogen, to support a ballot initiative that would help less well-off families cope with the steep costs of caring for older family members with dementia and other disabilities.

Navajo Nation Hosts Third Annual Youth And Elder Summit

WINDOW ROCK—The Navajo Nation hosted the third annual Youth and Elder Summit on June 28-29 at the Navajo Nation Museum to help bridge the gap between youth and elders. “Our elders are so valuable to Navajo,” President Russell Begaye said to the youth during his welcome address at the summit. “They have so much knowledge, so much teaching, so much experience. When grandma or grandpa tell you a story, they paint a picture that will stay with you for the rest of your life. So listen while you are here and ask questions.” This year’s summit was organized by the Division of Behavioral and Mental Health Services (DBMHS) who worked in collaboration with other Navajo Nation entities and programs. The theme was “Build, Reconnect, Reunite.”

Nursing Home Lies And Deceit

As a CPA who, for the last decade, has prepared pro bono tax returns for citizens at the Jersey Shore, I’ve seen a lot of suffering: homelessness, unemployment, chronic illnesses, bankruptcies, suffocating student loan debt, unconscionable medical bills, and the scars of incarceration. Many taxpayers are overwhelmed and depressed, resulting from job losses through economic downsizing and privatizing schemes. They wonder how they’re going to get through the week. Living paycheck to paycheck, their struggles are life-altering, causing anxiety, relocations, and uncertainty. They’re constantly beaten down by public officials who sell them out at every turn. It is a downward spiral from which many never recover. Through my research on abuse at nonprofit hospitals who aggressively pursue the poor, un and under-insured for hospital bills (puffed up by as much as 1,000 percent) while doling out million dollar compensation packages
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