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Revolt In Northern England: No Ceasefire, No Vote

There is a rebellion brewing in England, particularly in the north, where voters are fed up with the similar, repressive policies of both Labour and Conservative Parties, in particular when it comes to Gaza. This movement is being spearheaded by a surge of independent candidates for local council elections slated for May 2, and by George Galloway’s new Workers’ Party of Britain. Galloway became the first member of the party to be elected to Parliament in February representing Rochdale, outside Manchester.

Israel’s Other Defeat

Historically, wars unite Israelis. Not anymore. Not that Israelis do not agree with Benjamin Netanyahu’s war; they simply do not believe that the prime minister is the man who could win this supposedly existential fight. But Netanyahu’s war remains unwinnable simply because liberation wars, often conducted through guerrilla warfare tactics, are far more complicated than traditional combat. Nearly six months after the Israeli attack on Gaza, it has become clear that Palestinian resistance groups are durable and well-prepared for a much longer fight.

Launch Of Pennsylvania ‘Uncommitted’ Vs. Biden

Pennsylvania organizers from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia and cities in between held a Zoom press conference April 3 to promote their write-in vote “Uncommitted” campaign for the April 23 Democratic Party primary for president. An “Uncommitted” vote demonstrates opposition to Genocide Joe Biden’s support for Israel. The goal of the campaign, endorsed by over 30 interfaith, multigenerational and multiracial groups across the state, is to turn out at least 40,000 people who vote “uncommitted.”

Bidenomics And Its Discontents

Unemployment is low. Inflation has fallen. Real earnings are rising. GDP growth has held up—so far. The economists are happy, but for some reason the voters are not! It must be their own ignorance and obtuseness—so says Paul Krugman, house economist of The New York Times. The other possibility—however horrible to contemplate—is that perhaps the voters are sensible and the economists are obtuse. And perhaps the indicators on which economists rely no longer mean what economists suppose them to mean. Take the unemployment rate. It is a ratio of those seeking work to the whole active labor force.

50,000 ‘Uninstructed’ Wisconsin Voters Send Biden Clear Message

A mix of rain and snow pelted Wisconsin on Tuesday, covering streets with sludge as voters braved their way to the polls. But despite the weather and what appeared to be low turnout in the primary, Listen to Wisconsin’s Uninstructed campaign defied expectations and netted nearly 50,000 votes. President Joe Biden beat Donald Trump by only about 20,000 votes in Wisconsin in 2020, and the strong showing for the Uninstructed campaign is a harsh rebuke of Biden’s policies around Gaza and the larger Democratic agenda as the incumbent is now faced with yet another critical Midwest swing state that may be lost come November.

Wisconsin’s Uninstructed Campaign Has Momentum

Organizers with Listen to Wisconsin, the group driving the state’s ​“Uninstructed” campaign, say next week’s primary will send President Joe Biden the ​“final, unequivocal message from the Midwest” that if he wants to beat Trump, he must act immediately to end the genocide in Gaza. Wisconsin may be the most pivotal swing state in the country, and Biden only beat Trump by the narrowest of margins there in 2020 — a little more than 20,000 votes, or just over 0.6%. And according to some recent polls, the incumbent is currently trailing (by anywhere from 2% to 6%) as he is losing support from voters — including younger voters — who care about the mass killings.

Pro-Palestine Protesters Disrupt Biden’s Multimillion-Dollar Event

Pro-Palestine activists mobilized to protest a high-profile fundraiser for Joe Biden’s presidential campaign at Radio City Music Hall in New York City on Thursday. The event — filled with celebrities and featuring Biden, Barack Obama, and Bill Clinton — is expected to bring in $25 million for the Biden campaign, shattering previous fundraising records. That the Biden campaign was able to raise this much money with one single event while actively funding a genocide is a sign of the complete emptiness of the Biden campaign, which has based itself around “defending democracy” but which in reality is perfectly willing to subvert the will of the masses to fund Israel.

Foreign Affairs Committee Approves Resolution To Intensify Sanctions Against Venezuela

The Foreign Affairs Committee of the US Congress approved a resolution to intensify unilateral coercive measures against Venezuela. Now the resolution will go to the House floor for a final vote. In recent days, Republican Senator Marco Rubio urged the Committee to support the resolution, as a response to the arrests of several leaders of the far-right Vente Venezuela party, made by the Venezuelan authorities for the Vente Venezuela leaders’ involvement in coup attempts in Venezuela. As part of a Democrat-Republican bipartisan agreement, the House Foreign Affairs Committee approved a resolution that would cancel the few sanctions relief allowed in the General License 44 of the US Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC).

14% Of Chicago Democrats Voted Blank Or Write-In For President

Results from the March 19 primary in Chicago show a significant gap between the number of Democratic ballots submitted and the number of votes cast for one of the four listed presidential options. By contrast, in the hotly contested 2016 primary, only 12,687 voters (1.8%) declined to select a presidential option, and in 2012, when President Barack Obama ran uncontested, 24,285 (9%) declined. With 98% of precincts reporting (and the results still unofficial), 297,217 Democrats turned out to vote in the election while only 254,402 voted for any of the presidential candidates listed on the ballot — a gap of 42,815 votes, or 14.4%.

Jewish Americans Oppose AIPAC’s Intervention In Democratic Party

We are Jewish Americans who have varying perspectives. We’ve agreed to come together to highlight and oppose the unprecedented and damaging role of AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) and allied groups in U.S. elections, especially within Democratic Party primaries. We recognize the purpose of AIPAC’s interventions in electoral politics is to defeat any critics of Israeli Government policy and to support candidates who vow unwavering loyalty to Israel, thereby ensuring the United States’ continuing support for all that Israel does, regardless of its violence and illegality.

It’s Not Apathy; You’re Not Listening

One of the popular narratives that was disseminated in mainstream America media to explain Hilary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign loss to Donald Trump was post-Obama voter apathy in the African American community.  According to the Washington Post, “In 2016, a seven-point drop in black voter turnout was perceived to have cost Clinton the election. Political commentators often cite black voters’ “enthusiasm gap” as the primary reason for low turnout. This short-sighted perspective fails to consider that Mrs. Clinton ran a terrible campaign.  She took the African American vote for granted and failed to craft a message that spoke to the needs and interests of the Community.

The CIA’s Secret War: Using Russian Fascists To Fight Russia

In the days leading to the Russian presidential election that concluded on Sunday, a network of three Russian paramilitary organizations working under the auspices of the Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, or GUR, launched a series of attacks on the territory of the Russian Federation. The purpose of the attacks was clear — to disrupt the three-day Russian presidential election by creating an atmosphere of weakness and impotence around President Vladimir Putin designed to undermine his authority, legitimacy and appeal at the voting booth.

Venezuela’s Election In The Crosshairs Of New US Regime Change Scheme

Twenty-five years after Hugo Chávez took office and began the Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela, US officials have still not tired of dreaming up new plots to overthrow the country’s government. Five years ago, following the last presidential election, they attempted to install Juan Guaidó—a politician most Venezuelans had never even heard of—as the country’s head of state. And now, with the date for the next presidential election officially set for July 28, the Biden administration is gearing up for the biggest regime-change push since the Guaidó coup attempt.

Belgium’s PTB Kickstarts Campaign With Pro-People Action Plan

The Workers’ Party of Belgium (PTB/PVDA) has kickstarted its campaign for the 2024 Belgian federal election with a conference in Brussels on Sunday, March 10. In the gathering, party leader Raoul Hedebouw officially released its program for the upcoming federal elections scheduled for June 9 this year. The party has charted out 150 meetings across the country from March 10 to May 29, to elaborate on their election manifesto and policies with their cadre and the broader population. PTB has prioritized the fight for fiscal justice, strengthening of purchasing power, formulation of social climate policy, and the fight against politicians’ privilege in their election manifesto.

Dan Osborn Challenges Nebraska’s Political Establishment

Recent studies of lawmakers in the United States have found that less than 2% of those serving on Capitol Hill held blue-collar jobs before they were elected. That percentage drops even further among the nearly 7,300 state legislators across all 50 states, according to researchers at Duke University and Loyola University Chicago, who found that only 81 of those legislators were previously employed in working-class jobs. Dan Osborn, a 48-year-old building trades worker, is a rare example of a candidate working to increase those numbers.
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