55% Of US Voting-Age Women Prefer Socialism, Over Capitalism

By Staff, Telesurenglish.net -

A majority of voting-age women in the United States oppose capitalism and would rather live under an economic system resembling the democratic socialist structure in force in Nordic countries [...]

Bolivia: MAS Presents Official Presidential Ticket

By Staff, Telesurenglish.net -

"A running ticket to encompass Indigenous, social, and middle-class movements," commented teleSUR's correspondent Marco Teruggi. Bolivia's Movement Towards Socialism, headed by exiled President [...]

Palestinian Freedom 2020: Student Activists Confront Democratic Candidates Over Aid To Israel

By Michael Arria, Mondoweiss.net -

Hasan is a first-generation Palestinian activist who attends Tuft University and got involved in the movement after seeing the impact Israeli policy has had on his family. (“I do this because [...]

Court Upholds Poll Tax For Convicted Felons In Florida To Vote

By Staff, Aclufl.org -

TALLAHASSEE, FL — The Florida Supreme Court’s advisory opinion does not — indeed, cannot — alter what the U.S. Constitution requires. A federal court has already held that the state cannot deny [...]

House Committee Holds Hearing: Cannabis Policies For The Next Decade

By David Amián Valle, Norml.org -

Washington, DC: Members of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, Subcommittee on Health on Wednesday held a legislative hearing, "Cannabis Policies for the New Decade," during which they [...]

We ‘Slaughtered’ Jeremy Corbyn, Says Israel Lobbyist

By Asa Winstanley, Ppost24.com -

“The beast is slain,” Joe Glasman delighted – Corbyn has been “slaughtered.” He rejoiced that “we defeated him” in the election. “They tried to kill us,” he ranted, but “we won.” [...]

The 2020s Has To Be The Decade We Stop Climate Change—Not Start Another War

By Sarah Lazare, Inthesetimes.com -

The harms perpetrated by U.S. militarism must be measured not only by its direct violence, but by its foreclosure on other possible futures. This is the decade we have to stop climate change. But [...]

The Progressive’s Guide To Corporate-Democrat Speak

By Richard J. Eskow, Economy for All -

If you’re confused, you’re not alone. Certain words and phrases are routinely used by “centrist” political candidates. By design, these terms are imprecise, emotionally charged, and often [...]

Congress: War Profiteering Is Real. We Need To End It.

By Sarah Anderson, Otherwords.org -

Surging stock prices for military contractors gave several CEOs an early payday after Trump’s Iran aggression. The prospect of war with Iran is terrifying. Experts predict as many as a million [...]

Sheep-Dogging On Steroids: The New Democratic Party Anti-War Activists

By Ajamu Baraka, Blackagendareport.com -

In the cynical spectacle that is called politics in the United States, the latest insult to the intelligence of the people is the Democrats who are posturing as anti-war champions in reaction to [...]

Trump: A War For Re-election

By Staff, Atilio Boron, translation, Resumen Latinoamericano, North America bureau -

One of the first lessons taught in every U.S. political system course is that wars tend to reverse the declining popularity of the presidents in this country. As Donald Trump’s approval rating [...]

Bolivian Electoral Court Rejects Attempt To Annul Evo Morales’ Party From Participating In Elections

By Staff, La Jornada, translation, Resumen Latinoamericano, North America bureau -

The president of Bolivia’s Supreme Electoral Court, Salvador Romero, has announced he is going to call for general elections before next Monday, January 6th reported local newspaper La Razon. [...]

The Urgent Need For Grassroots Organizing

By Sarah Jaffe, Progressive.org -

Boris Johnson, despite dodging most debates, lacking any policy platform beyond “Get Brexit Done,” and having literally hidden in a refrigerator to avoid a journalist near the end of the [...]

Democrats Cave In Secret Budget Deal With Trump

By Ralph Nader, Nader.org -

While attention was focused on the House of Representatives’ impeachment of Donald J. Trump, legislators from both parties were secretly huddling with White House aides to seal a $1.4 trillion [...]

An End To The World As We Know It?

By Philip Giraldi, Unz.com -

At the end of the nineteenth century, Lord Palmerston stated what he thought was obvious, that “England has no eternal friends, England has no perpetual enemies, England has only eternal and [...]