Pedro Castillo Has Been Elected President Of Peru

By Kawsachun News. -

Leftist candidate Pedro Castillo has been formally declared as President-elect of Peru, by the country’s National Electoral Court (JNE), after a month of delays due to baseless claims of ‘fraud’ [...]

Dirty Tricks Campaign In Peru To Deny The Left’s Presidential Victory

By José Carlos Llerena Robles and Vijay Prashad, Green Left. -

Half an hour’s taxi ride from the House of Pizarro, the presidential palace in Lima, Peru, is a high-security prison at the Callao naval base. The prison was built to hold leaders of Sendero [...]

Haiti Has Been Abandoned By The Media, The US, And The World

By Amy Wilentz, The Nation. -

Human Rights Activist Antoinette Duclaire’s Murder Is The Latest For A Country In Chaos—Where An Obsession With Elections Obscures A Complete Absence Of Democracy Or Accountability.

Bolsonaro And The CIA Conspire Against ‘New Pink Tide’

By Nathalia Urban, Brasil Wire. -

In Brazil, Chile and Colombia, the United States’ three key allies in South America, left wing candidates currently lead election polls for forthcoming elections, against a backdrop of massive [...]

The New Green-Red Zagreb

By Paul Stubbs, Tribune Magazine. -

In the local elections held in Croatia on 16 and 30 May 2021, a left-green political platform Zagreb je Naš/Možemo! (‘Zagreb is Ours’/’Yes, We Can!’) won 23 out of 47 seats in the City Assembly, [...]

How Gaza Dethroned The King Of Israel

By Ramzy Baroud, Toward Freedom. -

How did Benjamin Netanyahu manage to serve as Israel’s longest-serving Prime Minister? With a total of 15 years in office, Netanyahu surpassed the 12-year leadership of Israel’s founding father, [...]

Peru: Journalist Warns Of Bolivia-Style Coup After The Election

By Telesur English. -

Peru’s elitist right-wing forces behind presidential contender Keiko Fujimori are leading a “political propaganda” campaign of fraud allegations against her leftist rival Pedro Castillo and even [...]

A Peasant-Teacher Just Won The Peruvian Elections

By Matt Kirkegaard, Novara Media. -

On the ground in Lima, the cloud of political uncertainty remains so thick it can be difficult to grasp the basic facts about this election and its historic importance for the people of [...]

Meet The Communists Who Now Govern Chile

By Vijay Prashad and Taroa Zuniga Silva, People's Dispatch. -

Javiera Reyes, who is 31 years old, is the new mayor of the Santiago municipality of Lo Espejo in Chile. “I grew up in a home where [former President of Chile] Salvador Allende was always the [...]

What Thomas Piketty’s New Data Tells Us About The Canadian Left

By Crawford Kilian, The Tyee. -

French economist Thomas Piketty uses enormous quantities of data to make his points. In Capital in the Twenty-First Century, he used tax records going back to the 18th century to prove real [...]

Will Keiko Fujimori Burn The Country Down Before Accepting Defeat?

By Daniel Espinosa, The Grayzone. -

Lima, Peru – Keiko Fujimori, the political heiress to the jailed Peruvian former dictator Alberto Fujimori, appears to have lost her third election in a row. This time, she has been defeated by [...]

US Coup Machine Unleashes New Sanctions On The Nicaraguan People

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken has announced new unilateral coercive measures, or ‘sanctions’, against members of the elected government of Nicaragua. News of the new sanctions was [...]

Peru: Castillo Ahead By 100,000 Votes

By Carlos Aznárez, Resumen English. -

Peru Libre candidate Pedro Castillo has rejected accusations of fraud in the Peruvian elections and has encouraged his supporters to defend the vote in a “historic vigil”. Monday night’s vigil [...]

The US Stake In Nicaragua And Honduras’s 2021 Elections

By John Perry, Council on Hemispheric Affairs. -

The issues that concern the US in Central America are rooted in more than a century of intervention in its politics. The forms of intervention have changed, of course, but always based on the [...]

Fujimori Also Cried Fraud In 2016

By Kawsachun News. -

Peru’s far-right presidential candidate Keiko Fujimori is making allegations of electoral fraud, as leftist candidate Pedro Castillo has maintained the lead in the official count. This is not the [...]