Venezuela: Cyber Attack On Electric Grid Came From U.S.

By Telesur English. -

Caracas, VZ - The constitutional president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, denounced on Friday that the cyber attack against the Venezuelan electric system, which caused a five-day national [...]

Cuba Condemns Terrorist Sabotage Of Venezuela’s Power System

By the International Committee for Peace, Justice and Dignity. -

The Revolutionary Government strongly condemns the sabotage perpetrated against the power supply system in Venezuela, which is a terrorist action intended to harm the defenseless population of an [...]

Venezuelans March Against Attack On Electric Grid System In Anti-imperialist Day

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The march gathered thousands of Venezuelans that protest imperialist intervention in the country, two days after the attack on its electric system. Thousands of Venezuelans took to the streets [...]

Puerto Rico Considering Returning Power Through Renewable Microgrids

By Brad Jones, -

By Brad Jones in Fururism. Puerto Rico’s governor Ricardo Rosselló proposed the idea of switching the island over to a microgrid system. This would localize the production of electricity to [...]