General Motors Is Going All Electric

By Alex Davies, -

By Alex Davies for Wired - AFTER MORE THAN a century peddling vehicles that pollute the atmosphere, General Motors is ending its relationship with gasoline and diesel. This morning, the American [...]

Utilities Plot Ways To Prep Grid For Coming EV Boom

By Herman K. Trabish, -

By Herman K. Trabish for Utility Drive. California - Electrifying the transportation sector is no easy task. But, as with many innovations occurring in the power sector, California is leading the [...]

On Electric Cars, The U.S. Is Stuck In The Slow Lane

By Oscar Reyes, -

By Oscar Reyes for Other Words - While Europe races toward electric vehicles, U.S. automakers are actually trying to make cars less efficient. The French government recently announced a plan to [...]

Electric Cars Tested As Power Grid Stabilizers

By Leslie Kaufman, -

By Leslie Kaufman for Inside Climate News. California - In an important real-world test of whether electric vehicles could play a bigger role in backing up the green power grid of the future, a [...]

New Study: Artificial Intelligence Will Alter Humankind In 10 Years

By Lee Camp, -

By Lee Camp for Redacted Tonight. Redacted Tonight host Lee Camp has the latest on an impending crisis robots are causing. As jobs are rapidly becoming automated, what will it mean the society of [...]