Microgrids Keep These Cities Running When The Power Goes Out

By Erica Gies, insideclimatenews.org -

By Erica Gies for Inside Climate News - Borrego Springs, California, is a quaint town of about 3,400 people set against the Anza-Borrego Desert about 90 miles east of San Diego. Summers are [...]

These City Bus Routes Are Going All-Electric ― And Saving Money

By Lyndsey Gilpin, www.insideclimatenews.org -

By Lyndsey Gilpin for Inside Climate News - Two years ago, the Transit Authority of River City (TARC) in Louisville, Kentucky, bought 10 electric buses to replace its aging diesel fleet. The [...]

PG&E Power Lines Linked To Wine Country Fires

By Paul Rogers, www.education.good.is -

By Paul Rogers for The Mercury News - “The historic wind event that swept across PG&E service area late Sunday and early Monday packed hurricane-strength winds in excess of 75 mph in some cases,” [...]

General Motors Is Going All Electric

By Alex Davies, www.wired.com -

By Alex Davies for Wired - AFTER MORE THAN a century peddling vehicles that pollute the atmosphere, General Motors is ending its relationship with gasoline and diesel. This morning, the American [...]

Electricity Cooperatives Paving The Way For A Renewable Future

By Kevin Stark, www.shareable.net -

By Kevin Stark for Shareable - That's exactly how the cooperative system is supposed to work, he added. It's an example of a core tenant of electricity cooperatives: sharing ideas. "It's a [...]

People In The US Are Using Less Electricity Than A Decade Ago

By Steve Hanley, www.cleantechnica.com -

By Steve Hanley for Clean Technica - This startling finding seems counterintuitive, given the rise in the number of appliances and digital devices in American homes over the last decade, but [...]

Renewable Record: Wind And Solar Supplied 10% Of US Electricity In March

By Julian Spector, www.greentechmedia.com -

By Julian Spector for GTM - March produced the highest share of wind and solar generation the U.S. has ever seen. The saying about March -- "in like a lion, out like a lamb" -- plays extremely [...]

Maryland Is Making It Cheaper To Store Electricity

By Samantha Page, www.thinkprogress.org -

By Samantha Page for Think Progress - Maryland legislators this week took a step towards modernizing their state’s electricity grid by passing a bill which will encourage businesses and [...]

VW’s Environmental Settlement Includes 400 EV Fast Charging Stations

By James Ayre, www.cleantechnica.com -

By James Ayre for Clean Technica - As part of its court settlements with with the California Air Resources Board (CARB) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Volkswagen will build around [...]

Massive Blackout Hits Puerto Rico

By Talia Tirella, www.pix11.com -

By Talia Tirella for PIX 11 - PUERTO RICO — Classes at public schools has been canceled for the second day in a row in Puerto Rico as power is slowly being restored following a massive blackout [...]

The Netherlands Could Soon Ban The Sale Of Non-Electric Cars

By Katie Valentine, www.thinkprogress.org -

By Katie Valentine for Climate Progress - The lower house of the Dutch parliament passed a motion recently that would ban the sales of non-electric cars in the country by 2025. The motion still [...]

40% Of U.S. Electricity Could Come From Rooftop Solar

By S.E. Smith, www.care2.com -

By S.E. Smith for Care 2 - With rooftop solar arrays becoming more common, the Department of Energy decided to do some exploring to quantify exactly how much energy Americans could generate if [...]

Second Year Renewable Energy Largest Source Of New US Electricity

By Joe Ryan, www.bloomberg.com -

By Joe Ryan for Bloomberg Business - Renewable energy was the biggest source of new power added to U.S. electricity grids last year as falling prices and government incentives made wind and solar [...]

Thousands Of Iraqis Protest Corruption And Power Cuts

By Agency France Press, www.theguardian.com -

By Agency France Press -Thousands of people demonstrated in Baghdad against rampant corruption and the abysmal electricity services that plague Iraq, calling for officials to be held to [...]

Wind Power Generates 140% Of Denmark’s Electricity Demand

By Arthur Nelsen, www.theguardian.com -

By Arthur Nelsen in The Guardian - So much power was produced by Denmark’s windfarms on Thursday that the country was able to meet its domestic electricity demand and export power to Norway, [...]

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