No One In The United States Should Be Poor, Period

By Josh Hoxie, -

The federal minimum wage hasn’t gone up in nearly 10 years. Yet with a stroke of his pen, Jeff Bezos of Amazon raised the wages of hundreds of thousands of the company’s lowest paid workers. In [...]

Protest At Gov. Cuomo Fundraiser At Home Of Billionaire

By Laura Weir, -

By Laura Weir in 27 East - Highway Behind the Pond in East Hampton was the scene of a large gathering on Saturday as hundreds of protesters were dropped off in busloads from New York City in an [...]

National Plutocrat Radio: Corporate 1%’s Dominate NPR’s Boards

By Aldo Guerrero, -

For a public radio service, NPR is notoriously known for its lack of diversity within its staff, audience and guests invited onto their shows—problems that NPR has itself acknowledged [...]

Elite Schools Should Stop Charging Tuition To Create Fairer Society

By Ron Unz, -

Although Harvard is widely known as one of America’s oldest and most prestigious colleges, that public image is outdated. Over the last couple of decades, the university has transformed itself [...]