Empathy And Vulnerability In The Digital Age

By Richard Raber, www.opendemocracy.net -

By Richard Raber for Transformation - While the technological advances of the 21st century have brought us unparalleled ways to connect with each-other through social media, they may also be [...]

Without Empathy For Trump Voters, Movements Can’t Succeed

By George Lakey, www.wagingnonviolence.org -

By George Lakey for Waging Nonviolence - This was a highly emotional election, and we need time to feel our feelings and sort out what it means for us and for the country. Donald Trump is a con [...]

Why We Need Empathy Now More Than Ever

By Roman Krznaric, www.salon.com -

The latest neuroscience research shows that 98 percent of us have the capacity to empathize wired into our brains and, like riding a bike, it’s a skill we can learn and develop. No wonder Google [...]