Life After COVID-19: Decommodify Work, Democratize The Workplace

By Isabelle Ferreras, Julie Battilana, and Dominique Méda et al., The Wire. -

More than 3,000 researchers from 600 universities around the world have issued an urgent call to heed the lessons of the COVID-19 crisis and rewrite the rules of our economic systems in order to [...]

May Day Time For Workers To Unite For Power

By Richard D. Wolff,  Maria Carnemolla, Liz Phillips, Michelle Scott,  Democracy at Work -

This May 1, 2020, let us ask the question, why do we keep a system that requires workers to endlessly struggle against the opponents who own and operate each enterprise with exclusive control of [...]

Antidotes To Brutal Capitalism? Some Hidden In Plain Sight

By Frances Moore Lappé,  -

In our capitalist economy, business enterprise is controlled by capitalists, of course, and structured to bring highest return to shareholders. We’re all supposed to love this set-up because [...]

To Preserve African-American Businesses, Durham, NC, Turns To Employee Ownership

By Fifty by Fifty, -

Durham, North Carolina, once famous for its “Black Wall Street,” is exploring a new strategy to preserve and grow local African-American businesses through employee ownership. One of four cities [...]

General Motors’ Factories Should Not Be Closed. They Should Be Turned Over to the Workers

By Rich Whitney, Counterpunch -

General Motors’ November 26th announcement that it will be eliminating more than 14,000 jobs and closing seven factories worldwide by the end of next year, including four factories in the U.S. [...]