Europe: A Backlash Is Growing Over Incinerating Garbage

By Beth Gardiner, Yale 360. -

For decades, Europe has poured millions of tons of its trash into incinerators each year, often under the green-sounding label “waste to energy.” Now, concerns about incineration’s outsized [...]

The US Is Starving Venezuelans In the Name Of Democracy

By Daniel Larison, Medium. -

The Biden administration granted Temporary Protected Status to refugees from Venezuela, which will permit them to live and work in the United States. This is the right thing to do, and it is a [...]

This Obscure Energy Treaty Is The Greatest Threat To The Planet

By Fabian Flues, Cecilia Olivet and Pia Eberhardt, Open Democracy. -

On 4 February the German energy giant RWE announced it was suing the government of the Netherlands. The crime? Proposing to phase out coal from the country’s electricity mix. The company, which [...]

Half Of Texas Without Clean Water

By Chase Lawrence, WSWS. -

More than 14.6 million Texans, about half of the population of the state, remained under a boil-water advisory Friday, according to Texas Commission on Environmental Quality spokeswoman Tiffany [...]

Texas’s Independent Electric Grid Leaves Millions Without Power

By Sharon Zhang, Truthout. -

On Tuesday, millions of Texans woke up to find themselves without power as unusually cold conditions for the state knocked out the state’s power grid. The blackouts began on Monday when the [...]

A Fossil Fuel Fail In Texas

By Jamie Henn, Fossil Free Media. -

As you may have seen on social media, a group of climate deniers, right wing politicians, and fossil fuel industry mouthpieces are spreading a bunch of disinformation about how wind and solar [...]

Thursday: Day Of Action Targeting The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

By Beyond Extreme Energy, Popular Resistance. -

Something new is happening this Thursday, February 18 at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).  A person will be chairing a FERC Commissioners meeting who has written publicly that he [...]

Scientists Demand Stop To Tree Burning As A Climate Solution

By Andrea Germanos, Commondreams. -

A group of over 500 international scientists on Thursday urged world leaders to end policies that prop up the burning of trees for energy because it poses "a double climate problem" that [...]

Cheaper Solar Power Means Low-income Families Can Also Benefit

By Galen Barbose, Eric O’Shaughnessy, and Ryan Wiser, DeSmog Blog. -

Until recently, rooftop solar panels were a clean energy technology that only wealthy Americans could afford. But prices have dropped, thanks mostly to falling costs for hardware, as well as [...]

Decoding The Hype Behind The Natural Gas Industry’s Hydrogen Push

By Justin Mikulka, Nation of Change. -

It seems like nearly every day another hopeful article touts the potential of using hydrogen as a fuel to tackle climate change. What’s known as “green hydrogen” — which relies on renewable power [...]

Report: America’s Monopolized Energy Sector And How We Can Fix It

By Virgil McDill, Institute for Local Self Reliance. -

A new report from the Institute for Local Self-Reliances shows that America’s monopoly problem is bigger than you might think.  While last year’s Big Tech hearings and House antitrust report [...]

Infrastructure Advances Improve Lives Of All Nicaraguans

By Nan McCurdy, Alliance for Global Justice. -

During the neoliberal governments from 1990 to 2007, the Nicaraguan population suffered lack of electricity an average of five to twelve hours a day. Electricity was needed to pump water so [...]

Call To Stop Shutting Off People’s Power For Good

By Greg Harmon, Deceleration. -

Across San Antonio, the virus was hunting. Food insecurity was high. Mass layoffs and terminations rolled on. And it was hot. Hundred-degree days scorched much of July. Yet the lights and air [...]

Energy Transitions And Colonialism

By Hamza Hamouchene, Africa Is A Country. -

The year 2020 has seen an unprecedented oil price crash, causing a shock to the fossil fuel industry. The impact has been brutal among oil companies, especially in the high-cost US shale oil [...]

Big Oil Reality Check

By Oil Change International. -

As oil and gas companies claim to be part of the solution of the climate crisis, the reality couldn’t be more different. Our new discussion paper analyzes the current climate commitments of eight [...]