Striking Miners In Alabama

BY Luis Feliz Leon, The American Prospect. -

Miners at Warrior Met Coal in Alabama have been on strike for almost five months, struggling to reverse concessions in pay, health care, and safety. Strikers brought their picket lines from the [...]

Global Call On Banks To Stop Financing Fossil Fuels

By Fossil Banks No Thanks!. -

To stop the world descending into full climate chaos, the continued burning of fossil fuels must be brought to an end as soon as possible. Even burning all coal, oil, and gas reserves already in [...]

Kayaktivists Are Working To Permanently Close Coal Power Plant

By Michael Towfighi, Concord Monitor. -

Julie Macuga paints two scenes when describing the Merrimack River – the first as a scenic site, where kayakers and canoers alike can float in nature. The second image is an ugly industrial site [...]

The Power Plant Of The Future Is Right In Your Home

By Daniel Oberhaus, Wired. -

Basalt Vista is designed to be an all-electric community that produces as much power as it uses. Each home comes outfitted with an electric vehicle charger in the garage, a large battery pack in [...]

Tribe Is Now An Owner Of The Power Grid

By Mark Trahant, Indian Country Today. -

A news release includes some almost hidden news. The lede: “Southern California Edison, one of the nation’s largest electric utilities, has completed its West of Devers transmission lines.” The [...]

Pennsylvania Town Battles To Shut Down Toxic Waste-To-Energy Plant

By Melinda Tuhus, Between The Lines. -

So-called waste-to-energy plants are the waste management industry’s way of describing toxic incinerators that burn trash and leave extremely toxic ash containing dioxin, mercury, arsenic and [...]

Hijacking The Recovery Through Hydrogen

By Fossil Free Politics. -

EU Covid-19 recovery funds are supposed to drive the ‘green transition’ and move us beyond fossil fuels – but industry lobbying at both national and EU level has ensured oil and gas firms and [...]

Is Alternative Energy The Best Solution To Climate Catastrophe?

By Don Fitz, Popular Resistance. -

The world is threatened with environmental disaster and capitalists hope to make a killing off of it.  Fossil fuel (FF) companies claim they are “environmentally friendly.”  Other corporations [...]

Drought-Stricken Communities Push Back Against Data Centers

By Olivia Solon, NBC News. -

On May 17, the City Council of Mesa, Arizona, approved the $800 million development of an enormous data center -- a warehouse filled with computers storing all of the photos, documents and other [...]

Report Details Fossil Fuel Industry’s Deceptive ‘Net Zero’ Strategy

By Brett Wilkins, Common Dreams. -

A new report published Wednesday by a trio of progressive advocacy groups lifts the veil on so-called "net zero" climate pledges, which are often touted by corporations and governments as [...]

Venezuela’s Oil Production Bounces Back

By Andreína Chávez Alava, Venezuelanalysis. -

Guayaquil, Ecuador – Venezuela’s crude output increased in May, recovering from the previous month’s fall. The latest Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) monthly report placed [...]

Puerto Rican Workers: No Peace If Energy Is Privatized

By  Worker's World. -

Union organizations today warned Governor Pedro Pierluisi and the Financial Oversight and Management Board that they will paralyze the country if the LUMA Energy contract — that increases rates, [...]

Communities Of Color Want Wood Pellet Byproducts Out Of Their Neighborhoods

By Caryl Espinoza Jaen, Indy Week. -

Belinda Joyner describes her home of Northampton County as a dumping ground for undesirable uses—hog farms, landfills. Northampton was also slated to host the Atlantic Coast Pipeline’s compressor [...]

Puerto Rico Unions Close Ranks Against LUMA Energy

By Wilmarilis Sánchez-Romeu and Edwin Ocasio Feliciano, Struggle La Lucha. -

Union organizations today warned Gov. Pedro Pierluisi and the Financial Oversight and Management Board that they will paralyze the country if the LUMA Energy contract that increases rates, allows [...]

Activist Investors Score Surprise Win With ExxonMobil Board Seats

By Kenny Stancil, Commondreams. -

During Exxon's annual shareholder meeting, an activist hedge fund called Engine No. 1—which "owns only about 0.02%" of the oil company's stock, according to climate reporter Emily Atkin—ran four [...]