Energy Belongs In Public Hands

By Sandy Hager, Joseph Baines and Miriam Brett, Tribune Magazine. -

Already reeling from the turmoil of Covid-19 and the complex challenges posed by Brexit, the UK economy is facing yet another crisis: extraordinary spikes in wholesale electricity and gas prices. [...]

Environmental And Labor Groups Urge Canada To Support Just Transition

By Nick Cunningham, DeSmog. -

Canada has not provided a transition pathway for its fossil fuel workers to move into other industries, and as global demand for oil and gas wanes, tens of thousands of workers could lose their [...]

Biden’s Forest Service To Facilitate Quadrupling Of Oil Production

By Center for Biological Diversity. -

Salt Lake city, Utah - In a massive blow to U.S. efforts to address the climate crisis, the Biden administration is poised to approve a right-of-way through the Ashley National Forest that would [...]

Thousands March In Puerto Rico, Outraged Over Power Outages

By The Hindu. -

More than 4,000 people outraged over ongoing power outages in the U.S. territory of Puerto Rico marched on October 15 to decry how the lack of electricity has affected their health, work and [...]

Electric Utilities Took $1.25 Billion In Bailouts, Shut Off Power Nearly 1 Million Times

By Shravya Jain-conti, Center for Biological Diversity. -

The report shows that utilities wielded political power to secure beneficial tax-code changes in the CARES Act but defied calls to grant their own customers temporary relief. Instead, 16 [...]

Residents Speak Out Against Prince George Petrochemical Project

By The Energy Mix. -

Opposition to a proposed petrochemical complex near Prince George, British Columbia, continues to build, with locals fearing environmental harms and environmental experts asking how such a [...]

Northwest Tribes Battle The Legacy Of Energy Colonization

By Rae Rose, Last Real Indians. -

One hundred years later, after the Treaty of Walla Walla was signed, tribes watched their sacred rivers and waterfalls being dammed one after another.  The fishing wars had begun as the American [...]

World’s First Battery-Powered Freight Train Unveiled In Pittsburgh

By Olivia Rosane, EcoWatch. -

The world's first ever battery-electric freight train was unveiled in Pittsburgh on Friday. The train, known as the FLXdrive battery-electric locomotive, was built by rail-freight company [...]

Hezbollah-Brokered Iranian Fuel Arrives In Crisis-Hit Lebanon

By Kareem Chehayeb, Aljazeera. -

Beirut, Lebanon – The first of several truck convoys carrying Iranian fuel has arrived in Lebanon from Syria, a Hezbollah spokesperson told Al Jazeera – a shipment intended to help ease crippling [...]

Why 3.6m Pounds Of Nuclear Waste Is Buried On A Popular Beach

By Kate Mishkin, The Guardian. -

More than 2 million visitors flock each year to California’s San Onofre state beach, a dreamy slice of coastline just north of San Diego. The beach is popular with surfers, lies across one of the [...]

We Need Public Control Of Our Energy Systems

By Thomas M. Hanna, In These Times. -

When natural disasters like Hurricane Ida occur, policymakers often wave away the damage and devastation as an unavoidable “act of god” (to use common insurance language). However, these types of [...]

Greenwashing, Subsidies And Carbon Pricing

By Will Dubitsky, Green Transition. -

There is a growing chorus in favour of carbon capture and storage technologies (CCS) by fossil fuel firms and governments. In brief, CCS technologies capture emissions from fossil fuel [...]

How Central Banks Are Fueling The Climate Crisis

By Oil Change International. -

Central banks could play a critical role in catalyzing the rapid shift of financial flows away from oil, fossil gas, and coal. However, to date, central banks have instead tinkered at the edges. [...]

Biddeford, Maine Fights Urban Heating

By Lori Valigra and Priyanka Runwal, Bangor Daily News. -

Biddeford, Maine — Duane Dennison knows more than most about the effects of hotter summers and heat lingering into the night: He lives near the Saco River in a tent community of about 20 people [...]

Canadian Doctors Group Erects Anti-LNG Billboard

By Stefan Labbé, Coast Reporter. -

A group of doctors and nurses have launched an aggressive billboard campaign targeting BC Ferries for burning liquefied natural gas — or LNG — a largely methane mixture they say is [...]