Local Locks Himself To Excavator At Pipeline Work Site

By Appalachians Against Pipelines, Popular Resistance. -

Montgomery County, VA - Another brave pipeline fighter has taken a stand against the Mountain Valley Pipeline. Early Friday morning, Blacksburg, VA local Michael James-Deramo locked himself to an [...]

The Empty Radicalism Of The Climate Apocalypse

By Ted Nordhaus, Issues.org. -

At a moment when advocates make a range of demands that are simultaneously vague and controversial, from ending capitalism and economic growth to rejecting materialism and consumption to [...]

New York Rejects Keystone-Like Pipeline In Fierce Battle Over The State’s Energy Future

By Vivian Wang and Michael Adno, Nytimes.com -

In a major victory for environmental activists, New York regulators on Wednesday rejected the construction of a heavily disputed, nearly $1 billion natural gas pipeline, even as business leaders [...]

Secret Plutonium Shipment

By Sue Prent, Fairewinds.org -

Lately, Americans are experiencing an unprecedented volume of top-down lies emanating from the White House and its circle of acolytes like Energy Secretary Rick Perry. This steady drip of obvious [...]

A Toxic Breakup, A Sinking State & A Dirty Energy Project Even The Nazis Didn’t Want

By Eleanor Goldfield, Occupy.com -

Breaking up from the abusive relationship with oil and gas is no easy task – but several communities in Louisiana have started divorce proceedings. Meanwhile, lawmakers push to keep the abuser at [...]

Duke Energy’s Monopoly Power Faces Challenges In Southern States

By Sue Sturgis, Portside.org -

A newly-formed coalition of advocacy groups has launched a campaign to end Duke Energy's longstanding monopoly control over most of North Carolina's electric system in hopes that permitting [...]

Energy Democracy: Taking Back Power

By Johanna Bozuwa, Thenextsystem.org -

Electric utility (re)municipalization is gaining popularity as a strategy to shift away from a reliance on fossil fuel extraction in the context of combating climate change. Across the world—from [...]

Climate Crisis Requires Fundamental Social And Economic Changes

By Simon Pirani, Roarmag.org -

To end our fossil fuel addiction we need a fundamental technological change — but this cannot happen without changing our social and economic systems. The bad news about climate change keeps [...]

Finding Hope In The Midst Of Climate Disruption

By Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese, Clearing the FOG. -

The climate crisis is no longer an abstract concept, it is here and it is getting worse. Each new report finds the temperatures are getting hotter, the ice is melting faster and the seas are [...]

Canada’s Reconciliation Fail, LA Teacher’s Strike Big Picture & The Commodified Self

By Eleanor Goldfield, Occupy.com -

How the lie of a struggling school district drove LA teachers to strike – and the larger fight for public school funding vs. charter school elitism that these actions highlight. Next, in the [...]

2019 Is The Year To Embrace Energy Democracy – Or Face Social And Climate Breakdown

By Susann Scherarth and Sean Sweeney, Opendemocracy.net -

2018 was a thunderous year for the climate which gave us a glimpse of the new normal: record-breaking heat, a blazing Arctic, the northern hemisphere seemingly on fire. These, alongside a [...]

Virginia Rejects Dominion Plan And Pipeline

By Southern Environment. -

Today the Virginia State Corporation Commission issued an order rejecting Dominion Energy’s Integrated Resource Plan, which lays out the utility’s plans for meeting energy needs for years to come [...]

Occupy Jamie Dimon: Activists Are Chasing The Billionaire Across The U.S.

By Michelle Davis and Max Abelson, Bloomberg.com -

A few feet away, an activist named Ruth Breech reminded herself to stay calm: “I need to be ready.” When JPMorgan Chase & Co.’s leader paused a moment and looked to his left, Breech, at 5-foot-2, [...]

Unable To Bury Climate Report, Trump And Deniers Launch Assault Science

By Marianne Lavelle, Inside Climate News -

President Donald Trump's administration and its allies in the climate denial community have mounted a campaign to try to discredit the Fourth National Climate Assessment, an effort that has [...]

PG&E: Don’t Break it Up. Take It Over

By Johanna Bozuwa, Commondreams.org -

There is strong evidence that the wildfires raging through California right now—killing at least 80 people, with at least an additional 1,000 missing as of November 18—have been sparked at least [...]