Women-Led Movements Redefine Power, From California To Nepal

By Rucha Chitnis, www.yesmagazine.org -

By Rucha Chitnis for YES! Magazine. In the face of growing corporate power, land grabs, economic injustice, and climate change, women’s movements offer a paradigm shift. They have redefined [...]

Disbelief In Environmentalism; Dark Mountain Project

By Paul Kingsnorth, www.theguardian.com -

By Paul Kingsnorth for The Ecologist - It started last year with two men in a pub. It spiraled from there, and gathered in thousands of people from across the world who shared its vision. It is [...]

Cops Called On Reporter Asking About Climate At Oil & Gas Convention

By Steve Horn, www.counterpunch.org -

By Steve Horn for Counter Punch - On October 1, I arrived at the Oklahoma City headquarters of the Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission (IOGCC) — a congressionally-chartered collective of [...]

Flotilla Inspires Protest Of Deadbeat Dams On Lower Snake River

By Greg Stahl, www.idahorivers.org -

Greg Stahl for Idaho Rivers United - About 300 paddlers cheered Saturday morning as the words, “FREE THE SNAKE,” were unfurled in 10-foot-tall block letters across the stagnant waters held back [...]

FERC Gets An Earful From Sabal Trail Pipeline Opponents

By Carlton Fletcher, www.albanyherald.com -

By Carlton Fletcher for The Albany Herald - ALBANY — The complaints offered by 34 opponents of the Sabal Trail pipeline — plus the one comment in support of the project — were duly noted Monday [...]

Car Free Paris Results In Less Air & Noise Pollution

By Kim Willsher, www.theguardian.com -

Kim Willsher for The Guardian - Paris’s “day without cars” last week led to such a dramatic drop in both air and noise pollution that the mayor’s office is now planning more vehicle-free days in [...]

Fracking Chemicals Won’t Stay Secret Much Longer

By Jacob Chamberlain, www.commondreams.org -

The Wyoming Supreme Court held that the Oil and Gas Commission has to justify its use of a trade secrets exemption rule, which it has used to hid the fracking chemicals ingredients. “We’re [...]

Victory: Ohio Governor Backs Down On Fracking

By Darrel Rowland & Will Drabold www.dispatch.com -

“At this point, the governor doesn’t support fracking in state parks,” Kasich spokesman Rob Nichols told The Dispatch. “We reserve the right to revisit that, but it’s not what he wants to do [...]

Environmental Groups React to Royal Dutch Shell Reporting 48% Decline

by Aaron Pickus, Steve Kretzman, Keiller MacDuff, commondreams.org -

"Given Shell's appalling profit warning, how we can we expect to trust Shell with the fragile Arctic environment? They can barely make money in the most profitable business the world has ever [...]

Statement From Tar Sands Activist Facing ‘Terrorism Hoax’ Charges

By Moriah Stephenson, www.gptarsandsresistance.org -

Activism that is attempting to protect land and lives in Oklahoma is not terrorism. Charging us with “terrorism hoax” for hanging up a glittery banner is insulting, inconsiderate, and [...]