All-American Torture Camps, It’s Raining Plastic & Oil Companies Dig It

By Eleanor Goldfield, -

Human rights violations are rife in Alabama prisons – meanwhile, the Alabama Department of Corrections continues to overcrowd these torture centers while blaming mistreatment on staff shortages. [...]

CO2 Levels Hit 415 PPM For First Time In 3 Million+ Years

By Jon Queally, -

Atmospheric levels of carbon registered 415 parts per million over the weekend at one of the world's key measuring stations, a concentration level researchers say has not existed in more than 3 [...]

Killing Nature While Playing Geopolitics

By Pepe Escobar, -

There’s nothing like a wake-up howl from nature to freeze the sound and fury convulsing the geopolitical chessboard – and drown dreams of regime change, accusations of “aggressive behavior”, and [...]

Society In Jeopardy: UN Report Details Humans Have Pushed One Million Species To The Brink Of Extinction

By Alexandra Jacobo, -

"Society we would like our children and grandchildren to live in is in real jeopardy.""Society we would like our children and grandchildren to live in is in real jeopardy." The newest United [...]

An Open Letter To The Environmental Community

By Staff, -

In 2003, political strategist Frank Luntz wrote a confidential Republican Party memo on what he called “the environmental communications battle.” In that memo, Luntz advised Republicans to change [...]

How Linda Garcia Risked Everything To Keep Big Oil Out Of Her Community

By Nina Lakhani, -

Every time Linda Garcia’s cellphone pings, she wonders if it will be another death threat. The environmental activist has been targeted by anonymous callers for five years since taking on Big Oil [...]

Toward Climate-Catalyzed Social Transformation?

By Diana Stuart, and Ryan Gunderson, ROAR -

In past weeks, Extinction Rebellion has continued to make news headlines with acts of protest in London, Boston, New York and other cities across the globe. In London, thousands of activists [...]

New York Museum Cancels Gala To Honor Far-Right Brazilian Leader

By Merrit Kennedy, -

The American Museum of Natural History in New York has announced that it will no longer host an event honoring Brazil's far-right president, Jair Bolsonaro, who is outspoken about his desire to [...]

A Growing Citizens’ Coalition Brings Environmental Justice Fight To Urban Michigan

By Simon Albaugh, -

Hundreds of worried people filled the gym of an elementary school bordering Detroit and Hamtramck, Michigan. The ones already in their seats were the first to sign their names for the chance to [...]

Human Rights Outlaws Defending An Ancient Forest’

By Eleanor Goldfield, -

There is precious little ancient forest left in this world – and a patch in Northern California is quite literally on the chop block. A forest defender with Save the Mattole's Ancient Forest [...]

The Rise Of The Rights Of Nature

By Staff, Rapid Transition Alliance -

Recent assessments show one third of freshwater fish species under threat of extinction alongside at least one quarter of local livestock breeds, and large numbers of the bees, bats and birds [...]

Release: American Chestnut Foundation Board Members Resign Over GE Chestnut

By Staff, -

Spencer, MA – In a statement today, two board members of the Massachusetts/Rhode Island Chapter of The American Chestnut Foundation (TACF), including the Chapter President announced they were [...]

Standing Rock Medic Bus Is Now A Traveling Decolonized Pharmacy

By Mary Annette Pember, -

There was something familiar and comforting about the bus. A crowd of people painted green vines and flowers on the exterior as it sat parked in a field near Frank’s Landing during the Indigenous [...]

Stopping Wars Is Essential For Stopping Climate Change

By Elaine Graham-Leigh, Counterfire. -

War is not often mentioned in mainstream discussions about the causes of climate change. The 1992 Kyoto Protocol indeed explicitly excluded greenhouse gas emissions from military action from its [...]

Extinction Rebellion Paint George Square Blue

By Jody Harrison, -

ENVIRONMENTAL activists have stepped up their campaign to draw attention to the dangers of climate change by marching blue paint footsteps across Glasgow's famous George Square. Campaigners [...]