This Is Not The Sixth Extinction. It’s The First Extermination Event.

By Justin McBrien, -

From the “insect apocalypse” to the “biological annihilation” of 60 percent of all wild animals in the past 50 years, life is careening across every planetary boundary that might stop it from [...]

Climate Justice Means Fighting For All Justice

By UK Youth Climate Coalition, The Ecologist. -

The climate crisis is recognised by the majority of citizens and scientists worldwide to be the result of human activity. The rampant extraction and burning of fossil fuels is center stage, [...]

Earth Jurisprudence To Protect Nature

By Alex May, -

As has now been widely reported, the Amazon rainforest is on fire due to a mixture of fires started for land clearance and the effects of climate change. People start fires to clear out [...]

The Last Act Of The Human Comedy

By Chris Hedges, -

There is nothing new to our story. The flagrant lies and imbecilities of the inept and corrupt leader. The inability to halt the costly, endless wars and curb the gargantuan expenditures on the [...]

Ecosystems And Ecological Breakdown

By UK Youth Climate Coalition, -

The first of the 'system change' blog series from the UK Youth Climate Coalition. Ecosystems - defined as ‘all the living things in an area and the way they affect each other and the environment’ [...]

The Amazon’s Burning Past, Follow Their Lead & The Problem With #PlantATree

By Eleanor Goldfield, Act Out -

A look at the understorey of the Amazon fires and the long history of colonialist destruction. If we want to protect the forest, we have to protect the people, and look to them for solutions [...]

Fines For Violating Environment Dropped Since Bolsonaro Elected

By Staff, -

Brazil’s environment agency data showed that fines for environmental violations decreased since far-right President Jair Bolsonaro took office in January. From January to Aug. 23, the fines [...]

The Case For Climate Rage

By Amy Westervelt, -

I expressed concern recently, on a listserv for climate nerds, over Senator Elizabeth Warren’s military-focused climate plan. It seemed weird to me that one of the first climate policies she’d [...]

Environmental Groups Sue To Block Trump’s Endangered Species Act Rule Changes

By Georgina Gustin, -

Eight environmental organizations launched the first challenge to the Trump administration's moves to weaken the Endangered Species Act, filing a lawsuit Wednesday that aims to prevent what they [...]

Saving The Planet Means Fighting Bipartisan Corruption

By  Daphne Wysham, -

Burning fossil fuels boils our planet — that much is generally well known. But often these fuels do serious damage before they ever get to market. They spill out of pipelines, poison groundwater, [...]

U.S. Government Reports: ‘It Is Raining Plastic’

By Andrew Emett, -

After analyzing rainwater samples collected from the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, the U.S. Interior Department recently released a study concluding that microscopic plastic fibers have [...]

Burlington Declares Climate Emergency, Orders Resident To Cut Down Naturalized Garden

By Doreen Nicoll, Rabble.CA. -

"By declaring a climate emergency, Burlington City Council is recognizing the magnitude of the challenge we face in combatting climate change," Nisan said in a press release. "But it is only one [...]

Brazil: Indigenous Women Unite In Historic March

By Sophie Pinchetti, Amazon Frontlines. -

In a great demonstration of feminine unity and strength as part of the indigenous movement across the Amazon, thousands of indigenous women have mobilized in Brazil’s capital city since yesterday [...]

New Lawsuit Filed Over Mountain Valley Pipeline

Richmond, VA  — Conservation groups have launched a new lawsuit aimed at the Mountain Valley Pipeline over its impacts on threatened and endangered species. The petition for review filed [...]

California: Appeal Upheld In Challenge To Oil Drilling

By Los Padres Forest Watch, -

The California Bureau of Land Management has agreed with conservation groups that plans for a new oil well and pipeline in Carrizo Plain National Monument failed to comply with federal [...]