The Indigenous Grandmothers Who Stopped A Pipeline

By Lindsay Jones, Maclean's. -

Cheryl Maloney’s eyes glossed over with tears as she stood near the bank of the Stewiacke River in the middle of Nova Scotia. The news was finally sinking in. Behind her, about 100 people filled [...]

Plans For Mass Shipments Of Radioactive Waste Quietly Disclosed

By John LaForge, Counter Punch. -

How far is your house or apartment from a major highway, or railroad line? Do you want to play Russian roulette with radioactive waste in transit for 40 years? Last month US Nuclear Regulatory [...]

Water Protectors Lead A Movement To Close Navy Fuel Site After Leak

By Sam Carliner, Waging Nonviolence. -

Upwards of 100 water protectors rallied outside the Hawaii State Capitol in Honolulu on Dec. 10. Their greatest fears had just come true. The U.S. Navy had kept decaying fuel storage tanks just [...]

A Tour Guide To Hell On Earth, Small Town-Style

By Jane Braxton Little, Tom's Dispatch. -

"Dixie did far more than take out entire forests. It razed Greenville, my hometown since 1975. It reduced house after house to rubble, leaving only chimneys where children once had hung Christmas [...]

Is A Program To Foster Sustainable Farming Leaving Out Small-Scale Growers Of Color?

By Anne Marshall-Chalmers, Inside Climate News. -

Even when there are funds available, the soils program can be difficult for farmers who grow many crops, as well as immigrant farmers who may not speak English fluently, to access or make use of. [...]

The ‘White Saviour’ Deal For Nature

By Gert Van Hecken and Vijay Kolinjivadi, Green European Journal. -

There is no denying that the world’s biodiversity is under serious threat. A recent proposal that has gained significant traction to address this decline is to designate 30 per cent of the [...]

Fifteen Things Biodiversity Protectors Are Watching Out For In 2022

By Mary Hoff, Truthout. -

It’s no secret that the diversity of life around us is plummeting fast. In 2020 alone, scientists declared more than 100 species to be extinct. And that’s bad news not only for the creatures [...]

US Doesn’t Know How And Where To Store Its Growing Nuclear Waste

By Charles Pekow, Earth Island Journal. -

A year-and-a-half after a scathing Government Accountability Office (GAO) report revealed that the US Department of Energy (DoE) has no coherent plan in place to manage nuclear waste from weapons [...]

Germany One Step Closer To Nuclear-Free Future

By Brett Wilkins, Common Dreams. -

Green groups on Friday celebrated as Germany prepared to shut down three of its six remaining nuclear power plants, part of that country's ambitious goal of transitioning to mostly renewable [...]

After The Wars In Iraq, ‘Everything Living Is Dying’

By Lynzy Billing, Inside Climate News. -

As far back as 2005, the United Nations had estimated that Iraq was already littered with several thousand contaminated sites. Five years later, an investigation by The Times, a London-based [...]

In Conversation With Clayton Thomas-Müller

By Matteo Cimellaro, Canadian Dimension. -

Indigenous climate activist, writer, and filmmaker Clayton Thomas-Müller was raised in Winnipeg, a city named after the Cree word meaning “muddy waters.” His memoir, Life in the City of Dirty [...]

Labor, Environmentalists, And Indigenous Unite To Defeat Mining

By Marisela Trevin, Left Voice. -

The people of the southern Argentinian province of Chubut are celebrating more than just the holidays this December. After a fierce struggle against a recently enacted zoning law that would have [...]

Monsanto Will Plead Guilty To Illegal Use Of Pesticide In Hawaii

In court documents filed on 9 December in Hawaii, Monsanto agreed to plead guilty to 30 environmental crimes related to the use of a pesticide on corn fields in Hawaii, and the company further [...]

Philippe Sands Makes The Case For A New International Crime Called Ecocide

By Katie Surma, Inside Climate News. -

The British Lawyer And Author Has Held Nazis And Presidents Accountable For Crossing The Moral Red Line. Now, He Argues, The Time Has Come To Pursue Those Who Commit Crimes Against The [...]

Puyallup Tribe And Community Organizations Challenge Decision Allowing Tacoma LNG Facility

By Last Real Indians. -

Today, the Puyallup Tribe of Indians and several community organizations filed an appeal with Pierce County Superior Court challenging a November decision by the Washington Pollution Control [...]