Covid-19’s Viral Lessons For Climate Heating

By Kieran Cooke, Climate News Network. -

London − There are some glimmers of hope discernible in the loss, confusion, and misery that’s spreading worldwide, and one is that Covid-19’s viral lessons could help to equip us all to tackle [...]

Oil Industry Exploits Pandemic As Excuse To Dodge Federal Regulations, Fees

By Erik Molvar, Counterpunch. -

In an act of appalling hubris, the oil and gas industry is asking the federal government to loosen enforcement of federal regulations on public lands in response to the coronavirus pandemic. [...]

Polluting Industries Cash In On COVID-19, Add To Climate Crisis

By Georgina Gustin, James Bruggers, Kristoffer Tigue, Dan Gearino, Inside Climate News -

Airlines, farmers and plastic bag makers look for relief amid the pandemic. But the coal industry, and wind and solar energy concerns, lose out in the relief bill. With the attention of [...]

Twelve Reasons The Glass Is 1% Full

By Michael Shuman. -

The damage COVID-19 is wreaking—in terms of deaths, sickness, business closures, unemployment, and misery—is incalculable. But this crisis is changing the world in subtle ways that may ultimately [...]

Rights Of Nature Law Forces Revocation Of Fracking Permit

Grant Township, Indiana County, Pennsylvania - In an extraordinary reversal, last week, the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) revoked a permit for a frack waste injection [...]

Setting The Record Straight On Green Resources’ Project In Uganda

By Staff, -

With the recent publication of Evicted for Carbon Credits: Norway, Sweden, and Finland Displace Ugandan Farmers for Carbon Trading, the Oakland Institute has brought forward irrefutable evidence [...]

Is XR America Going To ‘Make XR Great Again,’ Or Is It An XR EXIT?

By Cherri Foytlin, -

Before that hot, muggy, South Louisiana summer of 2016, I had considered myself more of a witness to the climate movement than affected community. I mean sure, Louisiana loses a football field of [...]

Trump Move To Gut NEPA, Bedrock U.S. Environmental Law, Would Slash Protection For Air, Water, Wildlife

By Staff, -

WASHINGTON— The Center for Biological Diversity joined hundreds of conservation groups to file formal comments today with the Trump administration opposing its plans to gut the rules that govern [...]

Constitution Pipeline Project Discarded

By Marlee Kokotovic, -

One of the major companies behind the Constitution Pipeline has abandoned the project altogether. According to Common Dreams, the proposed 124-mile gas pipeline was slated to run through [...]

Glyphosate-Based Herbicides Trigger Loss Of Biodiversity – New Study

By Staff, -

One of the world’s most widely used glyphosate-based herbicides, Roundup, can trigger loss of biodiversity, making ecosystems more vulnerable to pollution and climate change, say researchers from [...]

‘Against Colonial Violence And Land Theft,’ Indigenous Activists And Allies Target Mining Industry Convention In Toronto

By Jon Queally, -

Hundreds of people led by Indigenous land defenders and a coalition of environmental groups worked to shut down a large mining industry convention in downtown Toronto on Sunday, blockading the [...]

Ecosocialist Alternatives In Africa

By Vishwas Satgar, -

Introducing an important book series on Democratic Marxism in Africa, Vishwas Satgar explains that the project is premised on a rejection of the authoritarianism of vanguardist politics and the [...]

World Rainforest Movement: Dangerous Impacts Of “Zero Deforestation”

By Anne Petermann, -

“Zero deforestation” pledges are one more idea in the list of voluntary initiatives created in the past 10-15 years to supposedly address the negative impacts of industrial agriculture commodity [...]

Wet’suwet’en Land Defenders Face Risks Experienced By Environmental Human Rights Defenders Around The World

By Brent Patterson, -

The Indigenous Wet'suwet'en land defenders protecting their territory in northern British Columbia from the construction of the TC Energy Coastal GasLink fracked gas pipeline are experiencing [...]

Measuring Our Impact On The Planet

By Abigail Penny, -

Joaquin Phoenix has lived up to his surname. Rising from the flames – or, in this case, emerging from the bright white stage lights – he stood before the world: exposed, authentic, vulnerable. [...]