2020 Sets ‘Stark’ Record For Murders Of Environmental Activists

By The Energy Mix. -

A record 227 activists working to protect environmental and land rights were murdered in 2020, says the latest in a series of annual reports from Global Witness. “Almost a third of the murders [...]

Baltimore Aspires To ‘Zero Waste’ But Recycles Only A Fraction Of Its Plastic

By Agya K. Aning, Inside Climate News. -

Baltimore, Maryland — Leaders here aspire to create a city with zero waste. But new research shows that Baltimore has only attained an estimated residential plastic recycling rate of 2.1 percent, [...]

COP26 Urged To Prioritise Adaptation As Climate Emergency Surges

By Al Jazeera. -

On the heels of last month’s warning from the UN climate science panel that extreme weather and rising seas are hitting faster than expected, leaders have called for more money and political will [...]

A Region Scarred By Coal Production Now Faces Fracking Threats

By Maximillian Alvarez, The Real News. -

In her documentary “Hard Road of Hope,” independent filmmaker Eleanor Goldfield details the history and contemporary struggles of West Virginians living and dying in coal country. As part of our [...]

A Rare And Vital Win For The Future Of Our Planet

By Good Law Project. -

We’ve won. Government has today announced its new policy for the future of energy production in the UK following our legal challenge last year. We are pleased to say that the proposed new policy [...]

Decolonise The Green New Deal

By Renata Ávila And Andrés Arauz, Progressive International. -

The median person in the US consumes 44 million calories per day. The human body requires intake of 2 thousand calories per day. Exo-somatic consumption of energy – for non-metabolic purposes, [...]

More Than 200 Health Journals Call For Urgent Action On Climate Crisis

By PA Media, The Guardian. -

More than 200 health journals worldwide are publishing an editorial calling on leaders to take emergency action on climate change and to protect health. The British Medical Journal said it is [...]

Will A Summer Of Climate Crises Lead To Climate Action?

By Marianne Lavelle, Inside Climate News. -

This summer, the climate crisis has roared into basement apartments in Brooklyn, leaped across the dry tops of the Sierra Nevadas and kicked over the towers that held up the power and [...]

Extinction Rebellion Protests: Activists Strip, Glue, And Warn

By Sam Hancock, Tom Batchelor, And Eleanor Sly, The Independent. -

Activists at the Extinction Rebellion protest have now been freed from the plant pots, onto which they had glued themselves, only to be been placed immediately into handcuffs and taken to a [...]

WildEarth Guardians To File Suit To Protect Clean Air From Fracking

By Jeremy Nichols, WildEarth Guardians. -

Santa Fe, NM—WildEarth Guardians announced this week its intent to sue the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency over its failure to crack down on smog pollution in the Permian Basin of southeast [...]

Indigenous Resistance Disrupts Billions Of Tons Of Greenhouse Gas Emissions Annually

By Collin Rees, Oil Change International. -

Bemidji, Minnesota — The Indigenous Environmental Network and Oil Change International are releasing a new report titled Indigenous Resistance Against Carbon. The report analyzes the impact that [...]

Only Those Taking Action Against Climate Violence Are Labeled ‘Terrorist’

By Janine Jackson, Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting. -

Floods, fires, ice caps melting, hurricanes—all attest to the violence of human-caused climate disruption. It’s undeniable and undeniably fatal, and the only question for historians will be not [...]

What Does IPCC’s Latest Climate Report Tell Us?

By Brian Tokar, Counter Punch. -

The UN-sponsored Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) recently released its latest comprehensive report on the state of the earth’s climate. The much-anticipated report dominated the [...]

Study Measures Fracking’s Impact On Nearby Surface Water Quality

By Bridget Reed Morawski, Nation Of Change. -

A new study correlates poorer surface water quality with nearby hydraulic fracturing but finds that the impacts aren’t major enough to be considered harmful by federal regulators. However, the [...]

Louisiana Plastics Plant Put On Pause In A Win For Activists

By Oliver Laughland, The Guardian. -

The US government has placed further delays on a proposed multibillion dollar plastics plant in south Louisiana, marking a major victory for environmental activists and members of the majority [...]