Unfinished Revolution: Where Do The George Floyd Protests Go From Here?

By Tosh Anderson, Josephine Lee, Zishun Ning, The Indypendent. -

Will we release some steam for a few days, be satisfied with the prosecution and (if we’re lucky) conviction of a few cops, accept a few reforms of a police system that will never be accountable [...]

Equal Rights Amendment Achieves Two-Thirds Of States, As Virginia Votes For Equality

By Staff, Eracoalition.blog -

The ERA Coalition is celebrating an historic victory. The Equal Rights Amendment is about to clear its final Constitutional hurdle as Virginia becomes the 38th state to ratify it, now that both [...]

1-State Solution With Equal Rights: Answer To Trump’s Jerusalem Declaration

By Miko Peled -

JERUSALEM (Opinion) — Jerusalem was an Arab and Muslim city for close to 1300 years. Like other parts of Palestine, it was a harmonious mosaic. But, though there was always a Christian and Jewish [...]