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Eric Adams

Eric Adams Prescribes More Cops And Prisons For Poor And Oppressed

New York City, New York - Last week, New York Mayor Eric Adams announced his new directive allowing cops to forcibly remove people from public areas and involuntarily detain them for transport to hospitals. The mayor’s guidance expands previous definitions which allowed cops and qualified professionals to involuntarily detain someone if the individual is deemed to be a threat. Now, the new recommendations allow cops to detain people if they deem they are “unable to meet their basic needs.” Adams claims this decision is best for public safety and individual well-being, but his decision was never about public safety — it’s about hiding the effects of austerity, cuts in social services, and the vast inequalities created by capitalism in one of the wealthiest cities in the world.

Groups File Emergency Request To Halt Controversial Mental Health Plan

New York City, New York - Mayor Eric Adams' new plan to involuntarily hospitalize some mentally ill people living on New York City streets is facing its first legal battle. Advocates are arguing the plan is unconstitutional. Shannon O'Neill Fonseca was involuntarily hospitalized by NYPD officers in 2019 when her then-partner told 911 she was a danger to herself. "Some of the PTSD that I struggle the most with right now is from my hospitalizations," she said. "When I was discharged, I did not receive any type of support, there wasn't really an aftercare plan, it was so hard for me to submit any type of documentation and no one followed up with me." Fonseca has never been homeless herself but worries about the mayor's new policy directing police to forcibly hospitalize mentally ill homeless people who are deemed a danger to themselves or unable to meet their needs.

Media’s Crime Hype And Scapegoating Led To Crackdown On Unhoused People

New York City, New York - For some time now, news media have been conflating crime, homelessness and mental illness, demonizing and dehumanizing people without homes while ignoring the structural causes leading people to sleep on subways and in other public spaces. With New York City Mayor Eric Adams’ latest announcement that he would hospitalize, against their will, unhoused people with mental health conditions—even those deemed to pose no risk to others—in the name of “public safety,” the local papers once again revealed a propensity to highlight official narratives and try to erase their own role in conjuring the crime hysteria that drives such ineffective and pernicious policies. Adams, who made fighting crime the centerpiece of his 2021 campaign, announced his latest plan on November 29, his latest in a series of pushes to clear unsheltered people from the streets and subways of New York City.

The Crime Panic That Helped Elect Eric Adams Is Now Turning Against Him

New York City, New York - New York City’s cop-mayor is now trying to fight against the media-contrived crime panic that helped him become mayor. Former NYPD cop Eric Adams surfed into the New York City Mayor’s office on a wave of sensationalist crime coverage  by mainstream media. Adams was happy to use the non-stop, hyperbolic coverage of crime, as well as the fear engendered in the public  by that coverage, in order to justify doubling down on NYC’s racist police state. However, now that he’s been mayor for almost a year and will have to accept credit or blame for what’s happening in the city, Adams is suddenly trying to assure people that the public perception and media coverage of crime doesn’t line up with reality.
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