Shipt Workers Organize Targeted Protest Over Pay Model

By Chris Mills Rodrigo, The Hill. -

Shipt workers, frustrated with the delivery company’s shift to a new, less transparent pay model, are set to strike this weekend before staging protests at both Shipt and Target’s corporate [...]

During COVID-19, The Risk To Health Care Workers Has Never Been Greater

By Sam Pizzigati, Inequality. -

If you happen to provide health care services to actual Covid-19 patients — as a nurse or a doctor, an orderly or a physician’s assistant — this has been the year from hell. Amid the worst [...]

School Bus Drivers Lead Protest To Safely Reopen Los Angeles Schools

By Omar Younis, Reuters. -

School bus drivers from the second largest school district in the United States led a noisy protest caravan through downtown Los Angeles on Thursday, demanding federal and state funding to help [...]

“A Lot Of People Really Don’t Think We Should Be Working Right Now”

By James Tatsch, WSWS. -

Last week saw the highest number of new recorded cases for the Kansas City metro area since the start of the pandemic. The ever-increasing level of confirmed cases takes place as infection levels [...]

Work In The Time Of COVID-19

By Rebecca Gordon, Tom Dispatch. -

In two weeks, my partner and I were supposed to leave San Francisco for Reno, Nevada, where we’d be spending the next three months focused on the 2020 presidential election. As we did in 2018, [...]

Amazon Workers Blocked Delivery Trucks For Hours

By Lauren Kaori Gurley, Vice. -

Amazon warehouse workers shut down deliveries at an Amazon Distribution Center in the San Francisco Bay Area for several hours on Saturday, demanding the company implement more safety measures to [...]

Parents Stand With Educators On Safety Before Reopening Schools

By Brenda Álvarez, NEA Today. -

Many parents nationwide are questioning whether it’s safe to send their kids back to a brick and mortar school this fall. With varied life circumstances, and different districts and schools [...]

As COVID-19 Surges, Farmworkers Are Paying A High Price

By Evelyn Nieves, Inside Climate News. -

Every day, California farmworkers worry that the pandemic plowing through agricultural hubs will catch them and kill them. They also worry that not working will kill them. The collapse of food [...]

Activists Camp At State House For Giving Undocumented Immigrants Driver’s Licenses

By Lucas Phillips, Boston Globe. -

Two groups urging state legislators to include a provision that would allow undocumented immigrants to obtain driver’s licenses have been encamped outside the State House gates since Friday [...]

Black Immigrants On The Front Lines Of COVID-19

By Jeremy Robbins, New American Economy. -

As the country continues to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, Black immigrants -- immigrants who identify as Black regardless of country or region of birth -- are playing an important role on the [...]

When Workers At Barnes & Noble Got Sick, We Organized And Won

By Elsa Rodriguez Flores, Waging Nonviolence. -

I have been working the night shift at a Barnes & Noble warehouse in Monroe, New Jersey for the past 16 years. For decades I have witnessed abuses at my workplace, but the COVID-19 crisis spurred [...]

The Right To Refuse Unsafe Work Is More Important Than Ever

By Kathy Wilkes, Portside. -

The COVID-19 pandemic is taking a heavy toll on workers. Reports of job hazards grow increasingly dire as several governors and President Trump push past CDC guidelines to "reopen" the economy [...]

From George Floyd To COVID-19, Two Pandemics Target Black Workers

By Southern Workers Assembly. -

Compounding the devastation of coronavirus, Black people in the US continue to face threats, brutality, and death for going to and from work. For being out jogging. For being poor. For sleeping [...]

Two Bimbo Bakery Workers Dead, Others Fired After Raising COVID-19 Concerns

By Ankur Singh, Cicero Inepdendiente. -

Two workers who were employed at Bimbo Bakeries USA’s Cicero factory have passed away due to COVID-19, according to records from the Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office.  Their deaths come [...]

Caravan Supports Workers And Fights U.S. Postal Service Privatization

By Martha Alston, Peoples World. -

On Thursday, May 21, 80 cars lined up, in front of the Main Post Office in downtown Detroit, to thank Postal Workers, and to insist that the Post Office not be privatized. For over an hour, [...]

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