Black Immigrants On The Front Lines Of COVID-19

By Jeremy Robbins, New American Economy. -

As the country continues to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, Black immigrants -- immigrants who identify as Black regardless of country or region of birth -- are playing an important role on the [...]

When Workers At Barnes & Noble Got Sick, We Organized And Won

By Elsa Rodriguez Flores, Waging Nonviolence. -

I have been working the night shift at a Barnes & Noble warehouse in Monroe, New Jersey for the past 16 years. For decades I have witnessed abuses at my workplace, but the COVID-19 crisis spurred [...]

The Right To Refuse Unsafe Work Is More Important Than Ever

By Kathy Wilkes, Portside. -

The COVID-19 pandemic is taking a heavy toll on workers. Reports of job hazards grow increasingly dire as several governors and President Trump push past CDC guidelines to "reopen" the economy [...]

From George Floyd To COVID-19, Two Pandemics Target Black Workers

By Southern Workers Assembly. -

Compounding the devastation of coronavirus, Black people in the US continue to face threats, brutality, and death for going to and from work. For being out jogging. For being poor. For sleeping [...]

Two Bimbo Bakery Workers Dead, Others Fired After Raising COVID-19 Concerns

By Ankur Singh, Cicero Inepdendiente. -

Two workers who were employed at Bimbo Bakeries USA’s Cicero factory have passed away due to COVID-19, according to records from the Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office.  Their deaths come [...]

Caravan Supports Workers And Fights U.S. Postal Service Privatization

By Martha Alston, Peoples World. -

On Thursday, May 21, 80 cars lined up, in front of the Main Post Office in downtown Detroit, to thank Postal Workers, and to insist that the Post Office not be privatized. For over an hour, [...]

Hundreds Of Maquiladora Workers Dying After Back-To-Work Orders

On Saturday, the health secretary of Northern Baja California announced that 432 of the 519 people who have officially died from the virus in the state were maquiladora workers. In Baja cities [...]

Thousands Of Essential Workers Are At Risk of Deportation

By Maurizio Guerrero, In These Times. -

Legions of undocumented immigrants in the United States carry letters signed by their employers stating that President Donald Trump's administration considers them essential workers amid the [...]

Essential Sanitary Workers Strike For Hazard Pay And PPE

By Mike Ludwig, Truthout. -

The severe outbreak of COVID-19 in southern Louisiana was the last straw for a group of sanitation workers who pick up trash in eastern New Orleans. Last week, they walked off the job and went on [...]

Worker Advocates Condemn Virginia’s Plan To Reopen

By Ally Schweitzer, The DCist. -

Immigrant advocates, progressive groups and NAACP chapters in Northern Virginia are calling on Gov. Ralph Northam to cancel his plans to partially reopen the state on May 15. Reopening too [...]

A Healthcare Worker Answers Governor Cuomo’s ‘Conundrum’

By Mike Pappas, Left Voice. -

In a recent press conference Governor Andrew Cuomo highlighted information from a new analysis of COVID-19 data finding a majority of the new patients being admitted were staying at home. Cuomo [...]

Who Is ‘Essential’ To Our Covid-19 World

By Andrea Mazzarino, Tom Dispatch. -

“When he first came home, it was tough.” So Aleha, the wife of an airman in Colorado, told me. She was describing her family’s life since her husband, who lives with chronic depression, completed [...]

Philly Unions Are Calling For A Citywide Essential Worker Bill Of Rights

By Juliana Feliciano Reyes, Philadelphia Inquirer. -

As workers grow increasingly desperate in the face of life-threatening conditions, Philadelphia labor leaders have come together to say the city must do more to protect employees deemed essential [...]

Instead Of Providing Masks Or Allowing Unions, Whole Foods Unveils New ‘Hero’ Uniform

By Alan Macleod, Mintpress News. -

Megan Murray, a Whole Foods store worker in Philadelphia, writes that many of the precautionary procedures put in place are laughably poor. For instance, while employees have their temperature [...]

OSHA Leaves Out Millions Of Essential Workers In COVID-19 Workplace Safety Protections

By Michael Grabell, Bernice Yeung and Maryam Jameel, ProPublica. -

As news emerged that the novel coronavirus was infecting hundreds of workers in meatpacking plants, Gregoria Rivas began worrying that her chicken processing facility in North Carolina wasn’t [...]

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