Ethiopia: The TPLF’s Precipitous Fall

By Dr. Fikrejesus Amahazion, Black Agenda Report.   -

The Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) is facing a “final and conclusive” offensive against it by Ethiopian federal forces. On Tuesday, November 17, Dr. Abiy Ahmed, Ethiopia’s Prime [...]

2019 Protests From North, West, East And Southern Africa

2019 had her fair share of protests from North, West, East and Southern Africa. The reasons for these protests were largely political, followed by economic and then demand for human rights in [...]

Ethiopia Plants 350 Million Trees In One Day

By Amanda Mills, -

The country and this project are aiming to do their part in the current climate crisis by tackling the ever-growing issue of deforestation and climate change. Ethiopia broke records with this [...]

Need To Solve A Border Dispute? Look To Ethiopia Or Uzbekistan

By Nick Megoran, -

Border disputes have recently taken on renewed importance, threatening political crisis in the UK, US and EU. Yet 2018 saw positive steps towards resolving some of the world’s most difficult [...]

Ethiopian Unions Pitch For Minimum Wage In Garment Sector

By Umer Beigh, -

Unions in Ethiopia are attempting to mobilize textile and garment workers, who are facing a massive wage crisis – most of the workers are forced to work under twenty Ethiopian Birr (ETB) per day, [...]

Ethiopia Brutally Cracking Down On Months Of Protests

By Nick Robins-Early, -

By Nick Robins-Early for Huffington Post. While the protests met their initial goal of stopping the urban expansion, demonstrators have been invigorated by the crackdown and have continued to [...]

#OromoProtests: Ethiopians Killed In Deadly Crackdown

By Zellie Imani, -

By Zellie Imani for Atlanta Black Star - Ethiopian security forces have killed at least 150 people taking part in mass anti-government demonstrations according to human rights and activists [...]

US Clothes Makers Seek Slave Labor In Ethiopia

By Richard Mellor, -

By Richard Mellor for We Know What's Up -- US president Barack Obama has just finished a 5-day visit to East Africa with the same goal in mind. “Africa is the final frontier in the global rag [...]

Thousands Protest Racist Police Abuse In Israel

By Sophia Jones, -

Last week's viral video showing an Israeli policeman beating an Ethiopian-Israeli soldier triggered mass protests in Tel Aviv during Sunday's rush hour. Thousands of Israelis poured into the [...]

Fears Grow For Indigenous People In Path Of Dam

By Chalachew Tadesse, -

A United Nations mission is due to take place this month to assess the impact of Ethiopia’s massive Gilgel Gibe III hydroelectric power project on the Omo River which feeds Lake Turkana, the [...]