The Benefit Of The Commons: Strategies For A Brighter Future

By Staff, -

Commons is about sharing resources, collaborating and making decisions together without a top-down dictate. There is a variety of definitions which delve into what and how should be shared. [...]

Venezuela Expels Euro Deputies Amid Reports Of Talks With Washington

By Paul Dobson, -

Merida, February 18, 2019 ( – Venezuelan authorities have expelled six deputies of the European Parliament (EP) this Sunday after denying them entrance to the country. The [...]

European Chains Spur Further Grocery Consolidation, Squeezing Farmers, Workers, And Independent Businesses

By Claire Kelloway, -

European grocery chains are driving a new round of concentration in American food retail, as they race to buy up independent grocers or drive them out of business. In the most recent deal, Stop & [...]

People Power: 160,000 European Protesters Demand Action On Climate Crisis

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At least 80,000 people marched in a cold rain in Brussels Sunday in another massive protest demanding that the European Union take urgent and far-reaching action to address the world's climate [...]

Pigs, From Crisis To Self-Organisation

By Tiago Mota Saraiva, -

In his brilliant book about the history of Latin America – “Las Venas Abiertas de América Latina”, (The Open Veins of South America) originally published in 1971 – Eduardo Galeano (1940-2015) [...]

Tsipras Has Betrayed The Greek People

By John Kiriakou, -

The prime minister who lost his bluff with international creditors in 2015 is now striking another radical pose by giving holidays to assassins. The Greek word “syriza” means radical or from the [...]

Reaction To Euro-Military Shows Real Purpose Of NATO Is US Domination

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This gets to the heart of the matter about the real purpose of NATO and presence of tens of thousands of US troops stationed in bases across Europe since 1945. American military presence in [...]

EU Responds To US Midterm Elections With Calls For Military Build-Up

Europe’s political and media establishment is responding to the 2018 US midterm elections with calls for a military build-up to confront Washington and for legitimizing far-right politics. It is [...]

France: ‘We will NOT Let The US Be Policeman Of The World’

By James Bickerton, -

The comments were made by Bruno Le Maire, French economy minister, during an interview with the Financial Times. He claimed: “Europe refuses to allow the US to be the trade policeman of the [...]

European Integration And The Strategic Perspectives Of The Radical Left

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We all are committed to the values of internationalism and solidarity. Irrespectively of the concrete positions which our member/observer organisations take regarding the historically defined [...]

Controversial AI ‘Lie Detectors’ Coming To EU Airports, Border Crossings

By Tyler Durden, -

Several European airports will deploy an AI-powered lie detector at border checkpoints in a trial run of the new technology, reports CNN.  When a passenger approaches customs, they will be asked [...]

No Nuclear Arms Race In Europe!

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US President Trump announced to withdraw from the Intermediate Range Nuclear Force Treaty (INF) with Russia. The Treaty put an end to the stationing of land-based intermediate range nuclear [...]

Europe And The US Clash Over Washington’s Economic War On Iran

By Keith Jones, -

Washington’s imposition of sweeping new sanctions on Iran—aimed at strangling its economy and precipitating regime change in Tehran—is roiling world geopolitics. As of today, the US is embargoing [...]

Violent Ukrainian Neo-Nazi Speaks at US Govt Org, Helps Kiev Police ‘Purge’ Roma

By Ben Norton, -

A prominent activist from the violent Ukrainian neo-Nazi gang C14 spoke at an event at a US government organization in Ukraine‘s capital Kiev. This young fascist leader has also boasted of [...]

A Trans-Atlantic Cooperative Of Dairy Farmers

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Foremost Farms USA and Arla Foods, a European dairy cooperative, are in advanced discussions about forming a strategic partnership. Representatives recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding [...]