Weedkiller Vote Poisons European Politics

By Simon Marks and Giulia Paravicini, politico.eu -

By Simon Marks and Giulia Paravicini for Politico - An EU vote approving the use of a controversial weedkiller for another five years triggered an immediate backlash from Paris and Rome, and is [...]

“Towards A Second Forum For Left, Green And Progressive Forces”

By Staff, transform-network.net -

By Staff of Transform! Europe - The aim was to focus on the progressive alternatives to the authoritarian, patriarchal, and anti-social policies of many European governments and European Union, [...]

UK Panel To Rule On FOIA Requests In Assange Case

By Staff, couragefound.org -

By Staff of Courage Found - Seven years since the issue of an European Arrest Warrant against Julian Assange, and five since Ecuador granted him political asylum, a freedom of information case in [...]

European Parliament Resoundingly Votes To End Glyphosate Use

By Staff, www.greenpeace.org -

By Staff of Greenpeace - From 16 December 2022, all remaining uses should be ruled out. This is an important shift in the Parliament's position. While today's vote is for a ban, in 2016 the [...]

Native American Women Going After Europe’s Banks To Divest From Oil

By Shannan Stoll, www.nationofchange.org -

By Shannan Stoll for The Nation - Last December, calls to defund the Dakota Access pipeline and “Stand with Standing Rock” led individuals to divest millions of dollars from banks extending [...]

Portuguese Children To Sue European Govs Over Climate Change

By Staff, www.heraldscotland.com -

By Staff of The Herald - Seven children are to sue European governments in a landmark lawsuit over the impact that climate change is having on their lives. The Portuguese youngsters, some from [...]

Monsanto Banned From Lobbying European Parliament

By Whitney Webb, www.mintpressnews.com -

By Whitney Webb for Mint Press News - Monsanto, accustomed to lobbying its way to favorable treatment by governments the world over, pushed the EU Parliament too far. Banning lobbyists is a rare [...]

In Europe, Hate Speech Laws Used To Suppress Left-Wing Viewpoints

By Glenn Greenwald, www.theintercept.com -

By Glenn Greenwald for The Intercept - TERRORIST ATTACKS, and the emotions they spawn, almost always prompt calls for fundamental legal rights to be curtailed in the name of preventing future [...]

America Declares Economic War Against Europe

By Eric Zuesse, www.globalresearch.ca -

By Eric Zuesse for Global Research - Russia is the largest energy-supplier to the world’s largest energy-market, which is the European Union (EU). The biggest proportion of that trade is in [...]

European Cities Are Reclaiming Public Services From The Private Sector

By Alexis Chemblette, www.impact.vice.com -

By Alexis Chemblette for VIce - In the '80s a neoliberal tide swept across the West with the idea that welfares states had become too expensive and that privatizing public goods was better for [...]

The End Of Globalisation

By Stuart Jeanne Bramhall, www.dissidentvoice.org -

By Stuart Jeanne Bramhall for Dissident Voice - In From Global to Local: The Making of Things and the End of Globalisation, Finbarr Livesey challenges the common neoliberal claim that [...]

Battle To Oppose Water Privatization Returns Greece To Frontlines Of E.U. Crisis

By Maria Paradia, www.occupy.com -

By Maria Paradia for Occupy - In late September 2016, the Syriza administration laid the groundwork to begin Greece's water privatization, achieving a majority of 152 parliamentary votes and [...]

U.S. Citizens Take Action Against U.S. Nuclear Bombs In Europe

By Ralph Hutchison, www.nukeresister.org -

By Ralph Hutchison for The Nuclear Resister - A delegation of eleven U.S. citizens joined with activists from China, Russia, Germany, Mexico, The Netherlands, Belgium and Britain at a peace [...]

Building Red-Green Alternatives: Can Commons Challenge Neoliberalism From Below?

By Inger V. Johansen and Gitte Pedersen, www.transform-network.net -

By Inger V. Johansen and Gitte Pedersen for Transform! - Following on from our fruitful experience at the 2016 conference, when the issue of Commons was discussed as an integral part of the [...]

Complete Reversal And Betrayal From Major EU Party

By Ruth Coustick-Deal, www.openmedia.org -

By Ruth Coustick-Deal for Open Media - The European People’s Party (EPP) — the largest party in the EU — has announced they are officially backing the Link Tax. It’s an insulting blow to public [...]