Eviction Moratorium Is A Useful Lesson In How Reform Happens

By Ray Valentine, Organizing Work. -

It didn’t make a lot of headlines, but in the recent stimulus and government funding deal, Congress extended what is probably the most significant federal housing policy in a generation: the [...]

Seattle Police And Protesters Locked In Stalemate

By David Obelcz, Malcontent News. -

December 16, 2020 - Seattle Police appeared to be a no-show for a planned homeless encampment sweep at Cal Anderson Park, as the rain started to fall on a cold December afternoon. Activists built [...]

As Millions Of People Face Evictions, Here Is How People Are Fighting Back

By Margaret Flowers, Clearing the FOG. -

The federal eviction moratorium is set to expire in December leaving an estimated 30 million people at risk of eviction. Members of Congress are still unable to reach an agreement on a relief [...]

The Red House And The Future Of Eviction Defense

By David Rovics, Counterpunch. -

Portland, Oregon has been in the headlines again over the last few days, and this trend will continue.  The reasons for the headlines will vary depending on who you ask.  If you ask the far right [...]

Portland Community Beats Back Eviction, Erects Barricades

By It's Going Down. -

On Tuesday morning, Portland community members successfully repealed heavily armed and militarized Multnomah County Sheriffs backed by Portland police officers, who were attempting to evict the [...]

Red House Remains ‘Unceded Territory,’ Portland Family Says

By Zane Sparling, Portland Tribune. -

A local family says their home in Portland's historically-Black Albina neighborhood remains "unceded territory" — despite authorities' vow to remove barricades and enforce what they say is a [...]

The Next Steps In Eviction Defense

By Portland Emergency Eviction Response. -

Oregon - Here in Portland, there are signs that the movement for Black lives and the movement for actually affordable housing are increasingly intersecting in all kinds of ways.  Among the [...]

Toronto: Protestors Successfully Prevent Eviction

By Mira Miller, Blog TO. -

Toronto protesters engaged in a tense standoff with police outside the apartment building at 108 Goodwood Park Court this afternoon and successfully prevented a resident from being evicted. [...]