Moth-Eaten Eviction Moratorium Leaves Hundreds Of Thousands Without A Roof

By Eleanor Goldfield, Mintpress News. -

Washington, DC - “Raise your hand if you can’t pay rent,” she yelled sharply and resolutely into a microphone. A Spanish translation echoed her words as hands shot up across the crowd. “Now make [...]

Philadelphia May Have Just Revolutionized Evictions

By Editorial Board, The Philadelphia Inquirer. -

Philadelphia is on the verge of upending evictions as we know them. Last Wednesday, the Municipal Court of Philadelphia, which houses landlord-tenant court, released a new order following the [...]

The Southern Tenant Union Playbook

By Sam Russek, Scalawag Magazine. -

Despite an eviction moratorium that was intended to keep people housed during the pandemic, landlords filed more than 95,000 evictions in just eight major cities across the South last year.  With [...]

Housing Justice Group Puts Power Back In Tenants’ Hands

By Bryce Covert, The Appeal. -

Brandy Granados’s road to activism began in November 2018 when the heater in her Kansas City, Missouri, apartment exploded. She went without heat for two months during a winter that included [...]

KC Tenants’ Month Of Activism Broke The System

By Emily Cox, The Pitch. -

Daniel Halferty was behind on rent. “When I made a partial payment in October, [my landlord] texted me, berating me.” Halferty had been hunting for a job since April, but with a history of [...]

Tenant Organizers Protest The Re-opening Of Housing Court

By Ken Lopez, The Indypendent. -

New York City - Eviction proceedings resumed Monday at the NYC Housing Courts. Tens of thousands of New Yorkers have been unable to cover rent due to the pandemic and the economic crisis it has [...]

Small Acts Can Become A Power No Government Can Suppress

By Margaret Flowers, Popular Resistance. -

The American Rescue Plan (ARP) was passed in the House this past week and now heads to the Senate, where it will no doubt be changed before it becomes law some time in mid-March. The current [...]

No Evictions For 30+ Families In Philadelphia Takeover Houses

By National Lawyers Guild and Poor People's Army, Popular Resistance. -

The National Lawyers Guild stands in solidarity with the Poor People’s Army and all of the 30+ families that are sheltered in homes that are reclaimed, abandoned properties in Philadelphia. Three [...]

US-Wide Eviction Ban Could Have Prevented Thousands Of COVID-19 Deaths

By Jake Blumgart, City Monitor. -

Julie Rey has been living on the edge of eviction for much of the Covid-19 pandemic. She’s a 42-year-old mother of two, and her family has also been especially afraid of infection, as her [...]

How Biden’s First Executive Actions Fall Short

By Nelini Stamp, Blavity. -

On January 20, 2021, President Biden signed a series of executive orders that fell short of addressing two major crises facing jobless, poor, immigrants and working people: the threat of a wave [...]

Local Activists Call Attention To Housing Rights

By Dean-Paul Stephens, The Times News. -

Graham, North Carolina - Amy Cooper said she and a handful of other activists came together at Court Square in Graham on Wednesday for an event touting tenants' rights while decrying [...]

‘Subsidizing The Spread Of Covid’

By Kenny Stancil, Commondreams. -

Nearly 200 corporate landlords received $320 million in federal pandemic-related assistance only to turn around and file more than 5,380 evictions between mid-March and mid-October of last year, [...]

National Day Of Action For Eviction Moratorium

By Shira Laucharoen, Dig Boston. -

Boston, MA - As part of the National Day of Action to Prevent Evictions, City Life/Vida Urbana organized a rally called “Housing Is The Cure!” on January 13. Protesters gathered outside of [...]

Eviction Moratorium Is A Useful Lesson In How Reform Happens

By Ray Valentine, Organizing Work. -

It didn’t make a lot of headlines, but in the recent stimulus and government funding deal, Congress extended what is probably the most significant federal housing policy in a generation: the [...]

And The Landlords Said ‘Fuck You’

By David Rovics. -

Portland, OR - I know it is often hard to see, but significant elements of the folks in power at various levels of government are keenly aware that we're in a crisis, and they want to avoid a [...]

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