Rolling Protest For Rent Forgiveness

By Staff, Daily News. -

Protesting in a method that aligned with the social distancing urged by the state, county and city, tenant advocates climbed into their vehicles and rolled past the traditional Los Angeles [...]

Grassroots Democracy And The Social Production Of Housing

By Cira Pascual Marquina, Venezuelanalysis. -

Pobladoras is a platform of organizations that have worked in a coordinated way for some fifteen years. That is one of its great successes: a fifteen-year history connecting different expressions [...]

2,461 Evictions …Every Day

By Homes for All, -

A new national database of court filed evictions filed since 2000 released this week by The Eviction Lab documented an estimated 2.3 million people who were evicted last year. The database - [...]

Where Evictions Hurt The Most

By Sarah Holder, -

By Sarah Holder for City Lab - Measuring the scale of America’s eviction problem has been a challenge—the data just isn’t available. While the U.S. Census bureau promised to start more diligently [...]

Neighbors Form Human Chain Around House To Stop Eviction

By Simon Robb, -

By Simon Robb for - A woman facing ‘revenge eviction’ has been given a lifeline after her neighbours gathered to form a human chain around her home. Nimo Abdullahi, 39, claimed her [...]

Solution To Eviction And Gentrification?

By Staff, -

By Staff of Rioonwatch - This is the second in a series of three articles summarizing reports on Brazilian housing law, organized by the Cyrus R. Vance Center for International Justice at request [...]

Lock Up The Men, Evict The Women And Children

By Chris Hedges, -

By Chris Hedges for Truth Dig - Matthew Desmond’s book, “Evicted: Poverty and Profit in the American City,” like Barbara Ehrenreich’s “Nickel and Dimed,” is a heartbreaking snapshot of the [...]

Baltimore Rent Court Privileges Landlords, Evicts Tenants

By Margaret Flowers, -

By Margaret Flowers for Popular Resistance. Baltimore, MD - Every year in Baltimore City, 6,000 to 7,000 renter households are judicially evicted for not paying the rent. These evictions result [...]

Podemos Madrid Mayor Halts Social Housing Evictions

By Sonya Dowsett, -

By Sonya Dowsett for Reuters - The newly-elected left-wing mayor of Madrid on Tuesday overturned eviction orders for 70 families living in social housing and safeguarded more than 2,000 similar [...]

San Francisco Too Valuable For Poor People*

By Carl Finamore, -

By Carl Finamore in CounterPunch - Last year, San Francisco tenant rights’ supporters scored an important victory when voters overwhelmingly approved Proposition K, requiring all new housing [...]

People Power Defends Detroit Homeowners

By Patrick Sheehan, -

By Patrick Sheehan for Antoinette Talley stands on a makeshift podium in the common area of a gray stone church on Detroit’s east side. As she addresses the audience, Talley is [...]

March On Vanguard Properties Keep Benito Santiago’s In His Home

By Staff, -

In an action organized by Eviction Free San Francisco, it was estimated that nearly 200 tenants and community supporters congregated at the 24th Street/Mission BART station at 11:30 a.m. to march [...]

Eviction Resisters Using Stand-Your-Ground To Challenge Fannie Mae

By Anna Simonton, -

He explains, "We oppose the Stand Your Ground law because it hurts people of color and poor people. But since it's on the books, we want to try to make it applicable to this situation and see if [...]

Victims No Longer: Spain’s Anti-Eviction Movement

By Carlos Delclós, -

The story of Spain’s economic, social and political crisis is one about property, need and value. And at the heart of that story lies a question that is familiar to the point of cliché: what [...]