“Cheap And Exploitable Labor”: New Report Shows Food Companies Use Cultural Exchange Program To Recruit Foreign Workers

By H. Claire Brown, Newfoodeconomy.org -

Imagine you’re a foreign student entering the United States on a summer work visa. You’ve been promised an ice cream-drenched summer filled with opportunities for travel, plus a job that pays [...]

Exposed: State Department Official Posted In Nazi Charlottesville Chats

By Chris Schiano, Unicorn Riot  -

Washington, DC – Today, an investigation by reporter Michael Hayden for the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC)’s Hatewatch revealed that US State Department official Matthew Q. Gebert has been [...]

Journalist Who Took Job At Amazon: We Got 18 Minutes Total Break Time For 11.5 Hour Shift

By Sahid Fawaz, Labor411.org -

“I took a job in an Amazon fulfillment center in Indiana over a few weeks–along with a call center in North Carolina and a McDonald’s in San Francisco–to investigate the experience of low-wage [...]

Who Controls Our Time?

By Dan Clawson and Naomi Gerstel, Labornotes.org -

As the bumper sticker has it, unions are “the folks who brought you the weekend.” Unions fought for the 10-hour day, and then the eight-hour day… and then our fight stopped. We never got to a [...]

Disaster Capitalism In Brazil: Mining Greed Produces A Horrific Death Toll

By Vijay Prashad, Independentmediainstitute.org/globetrotter   -

On January 25, 2019, a dam burst in the town of Brumadinho, north of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The dam was built by the iron-ore company Vale to store residue after the iron ore had been extracted. [...]

New Slave Labor: California Prisoners Fight Fires For Less Than $2 An Hour

By Naomi LaChance, Truthdig.com -

The nearly 4,000 incarcerated workers who are trained to fight deadly fires across California often make less than $2 an hour and are not eligible to be hired as professional firefighters after [...]

Amazon Must Address Safety Concerns, Says National COSH

By Staff, Nationalcosh.org -

BOSTON – Amazon, the retail giant which announced this week an across-the-board wage increase to $15 an hour for all employees, must also pay “urgent attention” to workplace safety issues, says [...]

Nicola Sturgeon Tells Amazon To Ditch Slave Wages Or Lose Millions In Handouts Freeze

By John Ferguson, Dailyrecord.co.uk -

The First Minister has lost patience with the web giants after their failure to bring in fair working standards and pay staff the Living Wage. Nicola Sturgeon has pulled the plug on multi-million [...]

Prisoner Strike Exposes An Age Old American Reliance On Forced Labor

By Calvin Schermerhorn, Theconversation.com -

Prisoners in 17 states and several Canadian provinces are on strike in protest of prison labor conditions. Their demonstrations are compelling Americans to understand that some everyday foods are [...]

Land Of Extraction: How The Carceral Institution Settled In Central Appalachia

By Stephen T. Young and Brian Pitman, Truthout.org -

Driving the roads of any small coal town settled within the central Appalachian Mountains, it is easy to see the beauty of the landscape. However, this beauty is concealed by lasting embodiments [...]

Heat Wave Safety: 130 Groups Call For Protections For Farm, Construction Workers

By Georgina Gustin, Insideclimatenews.org -

Parts of the country are expecting another round of searing, potentially record-shattering heat in the coming days, and many farm and construction workers will be out in it—with no federal heat [...]

Walmart Hopes To Track Employees’ Every Move With New Checkstand Surveillance Tech

By Elliott Gabriel, Mintpressnews.com -

Walmart’s move is just the latest in the rolling-out of surveillance technology across workplaces in the United States, which merges the use of technology for generating metrics with spying [...]

Grand Theft Paycheck

By Phil Mattera, Dirtdiggersdigest.org -

For the past two decades, Walmart has repeatedly been accused of compelling workers to perform certain tasks off the clock and has paid numerous fines for those practices. It is often suggested [...]

The More Valuable Your Work Is To Society, The Less You’ll Be Paid For It

By David Graeber, Linkedin.com -

One of the most frequently heard complaints from supporters of the Occupy Wall Street movement—particularly the ones working too much to spend much time in the camps, but who could only show up [...]

Sarbanand: A “Dirty Dozen” Corporation Contesting Being Fined In District Court For Working A Farmworker To Death In Whatcom County

By Edgar Franks, Foodjustice.org -

On Wednesday May 23rd at 9:00am Sarbanand Farms is scheduled to appear in the Whatcom County District Court to appeal a fine that was imposed on them by the WA State Dept of Labor and Industries [...]

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