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Extinction Rebellion Protests

Extinction Rebellion: Big Tent For The Big One

Thousands of climate protesters picketed government departments and filled the streets of Westminster on the first day of the Big One, a mass demonstration by 200 different groups headed by Extinction Rebellion (XR). The goal was to build a wide coalition, including bigger groups such as Avaaz, Friends of the Earth and Keep Britain Tidy, plus local and community groups, in order to bring people to a climate crisis protest who may have been less comfortable with the acts of direct action and civil disobedience that attracted public anger. The demo followed an announcement by XR in the new year that they were stepping back from disruptive action.

Extinction Rebellion Protests: Activists Strip, Glue, And Warn

Activists at the Extinction Rebellion protest have now been freed from the plant pots, onto which they had glued themselves, only to be been placed immediately into handcuffs and taken to a police van. Others stripped naked in front of a branch of Barclays bank in protest, behind a banner which read: “We are all vulnerable, stop funding fossil fuels”. Meanwhile, dozens of medical staff, including doctors, surgeons and anesthetists, gathered outside JP Morgan’s headquarters in London calling on the investment bank to divest from fossil fuels on Friday, with a warning that failing to act now would make the planet “uninhabitable”.

Extinction Rebellion Take The Streets

Several thousand people gathered in Trafalgar Square on the 230th anniversary of the Haitian Revolution for the beginning of Extinction Rebellion’s two-week “Impossible Rebellion”, which is seeking to make “the politically impossible inevitable”. XR have two weeks of marches, occupations and talks planned across the country for the next two weeks, to demand that governments take serious action to tackle the climate crisis. The main demand of this latest rebellion is to stop all new fossil fuel investment immediately. Protesters in Trafalgar Square waved XR flags and chanted “Extinction Rebellion” in between speeches from various XR activists. Speakers spoke about the need to end investment in fossil fuels, an industry which accounts for almost 90% of all emissions, and many noted the disproportionate effect the climate crisis is having and will continue to have on poorer countries, which often are countries which have been devastated by colonialism.

Extinction Rebellion London Protests: Happening Now

A giant pink table inviting Londoners to “come to the table” and discuss climate change has been erected by Extinction Rebellion protesters near Leicester Square.

Extinction Rebellion Launch Plans For UK Rebellion

To coincide with the release of the 6th Assessment Report from the IPCC this morning, Extinction Rebellion UK has launched plans for 2 weeks of civil disobedience in London, beginning Monday 23 August. Because the future we fear is already here and there’s nothing left to do now but act. On impacts, the IPCC confirms what has become obvious: from heatwaves, to flooding, to droughts, every region on Earth is experiencing unprecedented weather extremes because of the CO2-jacked climate. Tropical cyclones are also intensifying and moving north. The IPCC also confirms that the land and oceans are on course to be – if they aren’t already – a net source of carbon emissions even in the lowest possible emissions scenario. The Earth’s carbon drawdown ability which has bailed us out for so long is hugely weakened.
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