Extinction Rebellion Sweeps The World

By Robert Hunziker, Counterpunch.org -

Extinction Rebellion, XR est. October 31, 2018, has become a powerful force across the globe, almost overnight!!! It is the fastest-growing environmental movement ever. As such, it is only too [...]

Extinction Rebellion Target Institutions Funding Ecological Destruction In City Of London

By Staff, Rebellion.earth -

Extinction Rebellion this morning are disrupting the system bankrolling the environmental crisis. The day started at 7am at Bank Junction when they blocked routes that financial district workers [...]

Extinction Rebellion: Nonviolently Hitting Our Stride

By Extinction Rebellion. -

As we approached the first weekend of the October Rebellion, it was humbling and inspiring to see that rebels showed no sign of slowing down. In fact, day 5 was marked by a series of exciting [...]

Time To Rebel

By Chris Hedges, Truthdig.com -

Monday, Oct. 7. marks the start of what the British-based group Extinction Rebellion is calling the International Rebellion. Thousands of people will occupy the centers of some 60 cities around [...]

Extinction Rebellion Protests Stop Business As Usual Across The Planet

By Kevin Zeese, Popular Resistance -

The next climate crisis campaign of Extinction Rebellion has begun. Across the globe, activists blocked roads and staged demonstrations in big cities around the globe Monday, part of a [...]

Disabled Rebels Call For ‘New Blood’ In Advance Of Extinction Rebellion Action

By John Pring, Disability News Service. -

Together with a group called Deaf Rebels, they hope to play a key part in the UK actions, which will include a “central focus” on Westminster and will last two weeks from Monday (7 [...]

Extinction Rebellion Co-Founder Tackles The Allegation She Isn’t Challenging Capitalism

By James Wright, Thecanary.co -

The Canary sat down with Bradbrook after her speech at Shambala festival 2019 to explore this and other areas relevant to the movement. Her speech appeared to emphasise individual responsibility [...]

Extinction Rebellion Shuts Down Manchester

By Sophie Halle-Richards, Manchester Evening News -

"Any action to disrupt major transport links impacting businesses and communities will be totally unacceptable" Greater Manchester Police have urged climate change protesters to allow the city to [...]

Climate Activists Are Building Power, Declare We Have An Emergency

By Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese, Clearing the FOG. -

Wildfires are raging around the world, creating a negative feedback loop for the climate by releasing greenhouse gases and destroying the forests' capacity to sequester carbon. The United States [...]

London Climate Change Protesters Daub Brazilian Embassy Blood Red

By Peter Nicholls and Estelle Shirbon, Reuters.  -

London - Climate-change protesters threw red paint at the Brazilian embassy in London on Tuesday to demonstrate against damage to the Amazon rainforest and what they described as violence against [...]

Sunday 11 August: Extinction Rebellion Successfully Saves The World… At Boomtown!

By Staff, Rebellion.earth -

At 5pm on Sunday, Extinction Rebellion successfully overthrew the wealthy banking and oil elites at the close of this years Boomtown Festival. They stormed the palaces of the powerful, bolstered [...]

Truth And Its Consequences:

By Rupert Read, Medium.com -

This pamphlet is an exercise in true-story-telling. It begins by underscoring the paramount importance of Extinction Rebellion’s (XR’s) Demand 1: for telling the truth underscores everything [...]

Rebelling From A Nonviolent Heart

By Skeena Rathor, Resurgence & Ecologist magazine   -

As a movement Extinction Rebellion has consciously used the power of nonviolent civil disobedience as an embodied practice of love asking for the needs of the Earth and all its living splendor to [...]

Extinction Rebellion Marches On The Capital

By Kaela Bamberger, Extinction Rebellion DC. -

Washington, DC, July 9 – Around 100 people representing the climate group Extinction Rebellion marched unpermitted for one mile from the Spirit of Justice Park to the east side of the Capitol [...]

Extinction Rebellion’s Massive Summer Uprising

By Catherine Early, The Ecologist. -

Climate activists Extinction Rebellion (XR) is urging supporters to sign up to action in five UK cities over the summer which will be “as large, if not larger” than its April protests in the [...]

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