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Extinction Rebellion

Extinction Rebellion Announce ‘Mass Occupation’ In Response To Election

Extinction Rebellion UK has responded to the general election result by inviting people to join Upgrade Democracy. It will be a three-day mass occupation of a high-profile location from Friday 30 August to Sunday 1 September. As the result of the UK general election was declared, Extinction Rebellion’s response is clear: it’s the system that needs to change, not the government. Analysis by Vote Climate showed all of the main political parties’ plans would take us over 1.5C between 2030 and 2035. Moreover, Keir Starmer’s new government is at best not going far enough – and art worst, actively complicit in the destruction of our planet.

Extinction Rebellion Gives Stunning Performance At Royal Albert Hall

The UK’s top insurers were forced to face up to their lethal role in climate breakdown at their annual awards ceremony on Wednesday 3 July. This is because Extinction Rebellion launched Insure Our Survival, a sustained campaign of nonviolent direct action demanding the insurance industry pull the plug on new fossil fuel ventures. The group did so at the Royal Albert Hall – even performing for onlookers. As leading figures arrived at the major industry event at the Royal Albert Hall, activists held up huge images by photographer Gideon Mendell of extreme climate crisis-driven flooding across the country that is wrecking homes, destroying lives, ruining crops and driving up food prices.

Scientists For XR, Youth Action For Climate Justice Occupy Science Museum

Late on Friday 12 April, more than 30 protesters – including Chris Packham – led by young people from Youth Action for Climate Justice and members of Scientists for Extinction Rebellion have occupied the Science Museum’s new climate gallery, Energy Revolution, over its sponsorship by the coal giant and arms manufacturer, Adani. Naturalist and broadcaster Chris Packham joined the group as they began their protest, with scientists and young people now intending to remain in the museum over the weekend, with the first school visits to the gallery beginning on Monday 15 April.

Extinction Rebellion Protested Around The Entire North Sea

In an unprecedented act of coordinated international climate protest, Extinction Rebellion activists from the UK, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, and the Netherlands protested in solidarity with each other against new North Sea fossil fuels extraction. Under the campaign North Sea Fossil Free acts of civil disobedience happened all around the North Sea. The governments of these six countries are permitting new fossil extraction infrastructure, harming not only the North Sea ecosystem, but also committing the whole world to dangerous levels of warming.

Scientists Say COP28 Is A Blank Cheque For More Deadly Delay

The UN climate summit, hijacked by the fossil fuel cartel, has gifted a blank cheque to rich countries and Big Oil to kill one billion people and force billions more to flee their homes by 2100. The so-called ‘historic’ outcome of COP28 fails to deliver the most basic and necessary measures which would have prevented societal and earth systems collapse, as outlined by the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC): eliminate fossil fuel subsidies and halt all new gas and oil projects. Instead, the new resolution includes numerous loopholes which will allow polluters to greenwash emissions through fictional carbon capture, meaningless carbon credits, and the re-classification of methane (“natural gas”) as a transition fuel.

Scientists Skip COP28 To Demand Climate Action At Home

Some scientists-turned-activists have changed tactics during this year’s United Nations climate summit. Rather than staging demonstrations in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, at the meeting itself, they are coordinating protests against governments’ lack of progress reining in greenhouse-gas emissions closer to home — by blocking parts of fossil-fuel operations in their own countries and appealing to local governments. Although the United Arab Emirates has pledged to allow peaceful protests and “the expression of values” at the 28th annual UN Climate Change Conference (COP28), the country normally bans unauthorized protests and prohibits criticism of its rulers — so some protesters feared for their safety if they went to the summit.

Can Extinction Rebellion’s Success In The Netherlands Be Replicated?

Success in climate activism can take a lot of forms, and relatively few of them are glamorous. The change we work for might be too abstract to measure, or our role in it might be unclear. Perhaps, in difficult conditions, success might mean no more than keeping your head above the water. Still, there are times when success can actually be joyful, epic and infectious, as in the case of the recent blockades on the Dutch capital’s A12 highway. The shortest version of this story is that a multi-year campaign of disruption induced the Dutch Parliament to move, on Oct. 10, towards a phasing-out of fossil fuel subsidies: a truly remarkable moment and concession.

Confronting DC’s Gas Problem

From Oct. 24-26, a coalition of ecoactivist groups, including Extinction Rebellion Northeast, Extinction Rebellion DC, or XRDC, Scientist Rebellion, and Climate Defiance, engaged in three days of nonviolent actions against the gas industry in Washington, D.C. They disrupted the industry’s biggest annual event in North America, temporarily shut down construction on a major pipeline project, and built bridges of inter-movement solidarity by joining in protests for a ceasefire in Gaza.  The week of action began by disrupting the North American Gas Forum to demand an end to the gas industry’s lies that are accelerating climate chaos and endangering billions of lives around the globe.

Health For Extinction Rebellion Hold Climate Inquest At JP Morgan Chase

October 18, 2023 - This morning/lunchtime over 60 health professionals gathered outside JP Morgan Chase’s London Embankment offices to highlight the bank’s leading investment role in the new fossil fuel extraction which is driving increasing levels of climate-related death and suffering. Health for Extinction Rebellion, who have a long running campaign against JP Morgan’s fossil fuel investments, sought to emphasise, through their action today, the intolerable and growing human health impacts of the climate and ecological crisis, and the complicity of firms, like JP Morgan, who continue to drive fossil fuel extraction.

Congolese Students Are Taking On Big Oil

Student activists are traveling thousands of miles across the Democratic Republic of Congo to mobilize communities against the expansion of Big Oil. Pétrole Non Merci, or Petrol No Thanks, is a national campaign to oppose the proposed sale of 27 oil blocks and three gas blocks, most of which overlap protected areas. Anglo-French oil company Perenco recently bid to buy the new blocks and would export the oil using the EACOP pipeline. The campaign has a two-pronged strategy. First, they are mobilizing communities where the new oil blocks are located to build local power and hold officials accountable.

Police Turned Up To A Coal Mine Operating Without A Licence

Merthyr (South Wales) Limited started operating Ffos-y-Fran, located about 25 miles north of Cardiff, in 2007. It is the UK’s largest opencast coal mine. However, after 15 years of opposition from local residents and ecological campaigners, Merthyr was supposed to stop mining on 6 September 2022. When the day arrived, though, the company simply applied for an extension and continued taking coal from the ground, causing despair for residents and campaigners. Then, on 26 April, Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council unanimously rejected the extension. This should have stopped Merthyr completely.

Upcoming National Day Of Action Demands Housing For ‘Need Not Greed’

In March 2023, we reported on a new activist group called Housing Rebellion. Now, it will be making itself known to even more people on Saturday 8 July when it takes part in a national Day of Action. The event seeks to draw attention to the housing crisis and the many issues around it. The Canary wrote of Housing Rebellion in March: Housing Rebellion is a new offshoot of Extinction Rebellion (XR). The group exists to highlight the fact that many of the anti-tenant policies that landlords get away with are also having an enormous impact on the environment. Now, and in a press release for the upcoming action, it states: On Saturday July 8th 2023, residents and housing campaigners across the UK are organising a day of local actions and protests, to highlight the links between the climate crisis and the UK’s broken housing system.

What’s Next For Extinction Rebellion After A Disappointing Success?

It’s been just over a month since 60,000 people gathered in London for Extinction Rebellion U.K.’s Big One. Despite being potentially the biggest climate demonstration in U.K. history, you might well have missed it. The press coverage was virtually non-existent and the event produced no noticeable change: The British government remains hell-bent on ecocide, its legislation increasingly draconian, its litany of scandals unrelenting. Despite this silence — or, indeed, because of it — April 2023 could go down in history as a crucial moment for the U.K. climate movement. And one month on, XR U.K.’s big strategy reveal shows why.

Extinction Rebellion Targets DC Council During Week Of Action

Washington, DC – This morning, as part of People vs Fossil Fuels national week of action, rebels from Extinction Rebellion DC chained themselves to the doors of the Wilson Building to demand the DC Council take a stand against Washington Gas’ deadly Project Pipes. The $4.5 billion massive pipeline replacement project would force DC to rely on dangerous planet-warming fossil fuels for decades to come, making the city’s current climate goals impossible to reach. The action occurred while the sky filled with hazardous smoke from wildfires in Canada. The burning of fossil fuels like methane make wildfires such as these stronger and more frequent.

Police Use Water Cannons, Mass Arrest At Extinction Rebellion Protest

The Netherlands- Saturday 27 May, the police deployed water cannons fifteen minutes after the start of the A12 blockade, even though there was no question of a dangerous or threatening situation. 33 people were also arrested who had managed to reach the tunnel of the A12. At least 6000 people and 130 social organizations[1] demonstrated on the A12 or next to it in the support demo. The A12 orchestra also played with more than 80 musicians and 100 scientists from Scientist Rebellion were present. All demonstrators agreed on one simple demand: stop fossil subsidies. From 14:00 this afternoon the police started arresting, in a number of cases violently.
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