CLDC Seeks To Assert Climate Necessity Defense In Response To Extinction Rebellion Portland Protest Charges

By Lauren Regan, -

Portland, OR — Yesterday CLDC attorneys, joined by co-counsel and Portland attorney Kenneth Kreuscher, filed a brief in the Multnomah County Circuit Court on behalf of our clients, a group of [...]

Hunger Strikers Miss Thanksgiving While Climate Polluters And Corrupt Politicians Feast

By Nick Brana, Extinction Rebellion -

The global hunger strike has worked in many parts of the world. Sweden’s Minister of the Environment agreed to meet with Swedish hunger strikers. In the UK, politicians from a range of parties [...]

Hunger Strike Continues In Pelosi’s Office By Extinction Rebellion

By Extinction Rebellion, Popular Resistance -

Hunger strikers with Extinction Rebellion will occupy Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s office for the third day in a row today (November 20) as part of a Global Hunger Strike taking place in [...]

Extinction Rebellion Members Blockade Private Jet Terminal Used By Wealthy Elites In Geneva

By Jon Queally, -

"We want to denounce this completely absurd means of transport since a private jet emits twenty times more CO2 per passenger than a conventional airplane." Targeting ultra-wealthy passengers and [...]

Love And Rage In Extinction Rebellion

By Greg Frey, -

It took less than three hours for the police to cut the bike lock from around my neck and drag me away from the only structure left standing on Westminster Bridge - the base of a 16-meter [...]

Intersectional Strategies For Rebellion

By Payal Parekh and Asad Rehman, -

Extinction Rebellion (XR) has achieved an amazing feat. Its multiple and large-scale actions have pushed the climate crisis to the fore and pressured decision makers to take drastic action to [...]

UK High Court: Ban On Extinction Rebellion Protests Illegal

By Zoe Blackler, -

The High Court today ruled that the Metropolitan Police’s blanket ban on Extinction Rebellion protest during the October Rebellion was unlawful, in a landmark judgment that reasserts the [...]

The Flawed Social Science Behind Extinction Rebellion’s Change Strategy

By Nafeez Ahmed, -

We face a planetary emergency. It is, simultaneously, a national emergency — not just for the UK, where I write this from, but for every country in the world. This emergency has been a core [...]

Extinction Rebellion Targets Arms Industry: Disarm To Decarbonise

By Julia, -

Militaries around the world are major polluters and are often exempt from international climate agreements on reducing carbon emissions. The US military by many measurements is the world’s [...]

Extinction Rebellion Sweeps The World

By Robert Hunziker, -

Extinction Rebellion, XR est. October 31, 2018, has become a powerful force across the globe, almost overnight!!! It is the fastest-growing environmental movement ever. As such, it is only too [...]

Extinction Rebellion Target Institutions Funding Ecological Destruction In City Of London

By Staff, -

Extinction Rebellion this morning are disrupting the system bankrolling the environmental crisis. The day started at 7am at Bank Junction when they blocked routes that financial district workers [...]

Extinction Rebellion: Nonviolently Hitting Our Stride

By Extinction Rebellion. -

As we approached the first weekend of the October Rebellion, it was humbling and inspiring to see that rebels showed no sign of slowing down. In fact, day 5 was marked by a series of exciting [...]

Time To Rebel

By Chris Hedges, -

Monday, Oct. 7. marks the start of what the British-based group Extinction Rebellion is calling the International Rebellion. Thousands of people will occupy the centers of some 60 cities around [...]

Extinction Rebellion Protests Stop Business As Usual Across The Planet

By Kevin Zeese, Popular Resistance -

The next climate crisis campaign of Extinction Rebellion has begun. Across the globe, activists blocked roads and staged demonstrations in big cities around the globe Monday, part of a [...]

Disabled Rebels Call For ‘New Blood’ In Advance Of Extinction Rebellion Action

By John Pring, Disability News Service. -

Together with a group called Deaf Rebels, they hope to play a key part in the UK actions, which will include a “central focus” on Westminster and will last two weeks from Monday (7 [...]

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