London Climate Change Protesters Daub Brazilian Embassy Blood Red

By Peter Nicholls and Estelle Shirbon, Reuters.  -

London - Climate-change protesters threw red paint at the Brazilian embassy in London on Tuesday to demonstrate against damage to the Amazon rainforest and what they described as violence against [...]

Sunday 11 August: Extinction Rebellion Successfully Saves The World… At Boomtown!

By Staff, -

At 5pm on Sunday, Extinction Rebellion successfully overthrew the wealthy banking and oil elites at the close of this years Boomtown Festival. They stormed the palaces of the powerful, bolstered [...]

Truth And Its Consequences:

By Rupert Read, -

This pamphlet is an exercise in true-story-telling. It begins by underscoring the paramount importance of Extinction Rebellion’s (XR’s) Demand 1: for telling the truth underscores everything [...]

Rebelling From A Nonviolent Heart

By Skeena Rathor, Resurgence & Ecologist magazine   -

As a movement Extinction Rebellion has consciously used the power of nonviolent civil disobedience as an embodied practice of love asking for the needs of the Earth and all its living splendor to [...]

Extinction Rebellion Marches On The Capital

By Kaela Bamberger, Extinction Rebellion DC. -

Washington, DC, July 9 – Around 100 people representing the climate group Extinction Rebellion marched unpermitted for one mile from the Spirit of Justice Park to the east side of the Capitol [...]

Extinction Rebellion’s Massive Summer Uprising

By Catherine Early, The Ecologist. -

Climate activists Extinction Rebellion (XR) is urging supporters to sign up to action in five UK cities over the summer which will be “as large, if not larger” than its April protests in the [...]

French Police Face Probe Over Tear Gas At Climate Protest

By Deutsche Welle. -

Police in France faced criticism on Monday after a video of officers spraying tear gas on climate protesters staging a sit-in on a bridge emerged online, prompting the French interior minister to [...]

Climate Activists Disrupt The Advertising Industry Festival, Cannes Lions

By Staff, Extinction Rebellion -

Climate Actions kicked off with a banner drop over the giant Cannes sign and a red carpet sit-in in front of the ‘Palace’. French rebels jumped the barrier to run up and block the stairs to the [...]

On ‘Hottest Day In History Of France,’ World Told ‘Do Not Look Away’ As Police Tear-Gas Climate Campaigners In Paris

By Andrea Germanos, -

French riot police tear-gassed climate protesters in Paris on Friday as the county sweltered under record heat. Activists with Extinction Rebellion (XR) were occupying a bridge over the Seine to [...]

70 Arrested Outside New York Times Demanding Paper Treat Climate Like The Crisis It Is

By Jon Queally, -

Hundreds of people descended on the headquarters of the New York Times on Saturday to demand the "paper of record" drastically improve its coverage of the global climate crisis and specifically [...]

Extinction Rebellion ‘Must Address Safety And Security Concerns’

By Chris Saltmarsh, The Ecologist. -

Legal advice group Green and Black Cross (GBC) has taken the unprecedented step of making a public statement raising a series of legal and security concerns around Extinction Rebellion [...]

How Ireland’s Citizens’ Assembly Helped Climate Action

By Frances Foley, -

In July 2016, the new government – led by Fine Gael, backed by independents – put forward a bill to establish a national-level Citizens’ Assembly to look at the biggest issues of the day. These [...]

For The Love Of Winning: An Open Letter To Extinction Rebellion

By John Jordan, -

You just made history, there is no doubt about it. On May 1, the UK Parliament declared a climate emergency. You just nudged the world into the right direction with your disobedient bodies and [...]

Only Rebellion Will Prevent An Ecological Apocalypse

By George Monbiot, -

No one is coming to save us. Mass civil disobedience is essential to force a political response. Had we put as much effort into preventing environmental catastrophe as we’ve spent on making [...]

Extinction Rebellion, Grief And Climate Catastrophe

By Mark Dunlea, Green Education and Legal Fund NY. -

New York - I was attracted to the Extinction Rebellion by its call for net zero carbon emissions by 2025 – more in line what is needed to save life on the planet than what many other groups have [...]

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