What Would A Deep Green New Deal Look Like?

By Don Fitz, Popular Resistance. -

The Green New Deal has attracted perhaps the greatest attention of any proposal for decades. It would guarantee Medicare-for-All, Housing-for-All, student loan forgiveness and propose the largest [...]

The Origins Of Anti-Extractivism

By Nick Serpe, Dissent Magazine. -

In the social science literature, there’s this sense that countries or states that rely on mining or oil for their revenues are doomed to some kind of pathology: they’re going to be [...]

Social Movements Denounce Violent Repression In Ecuador, Support General Strike

Open letter, Popular Resistance. -

To the government of the Republic of Ecuador and the national and international community: We sign this statement to express our deep concern for the events occurring in Ecuador. As [...]

Mining Corporations Flagrantly Plunder the Global South Without Consequence

By Nate Singham, Independent Media Institute -

The big driver of the world economy is a plundering process where powerful corporations loot the natural resources of low-income countries. These highly influential multinational corporations [...]

6,000 Amazon Employees, Including A VP And Directors, Are Now Calling On Jeff Bezos To Stop Automating Oil Extraction

By Brian Merchant, Gizmodo.com -

On Monday, a group of Amazon employees began circulating an open letter that calls on CEO Jeff Bezos and the board of directors to adopt a companywide plan to address climate change. By [...]

The People’s Caravan From Cleveland RNC To Philadelphia DNC

By Staff for the Grassroots Global Justice Alliance. There are three major defining factors of this moment: white rage and misogyny escalated by the presidential elections; extractive [...]

Newsletter: Global Solidarity Is Rising

By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers for Popular Resistance. A key ingredient of previous successful campaigns to stop 'free trade' agreements is cross-border solidarity. Uniting struggles [...]

Mining Corps Leave Behind Human Rights, Environmental Damage

By Scott Price, www.intercontinentalcry.org -

By Scott Price for IC Magazine - While much of the controversy surrounding Canada’s extractive industry centers on oil and gas projects like SWN Resources' drilling plans in New Brunswick, [...]

Protect Apache Sacred Land From Copper Mining

By George L. Pauk M.D., www.PopularResistance.org -

There will also be new huge toxic waste tailings from the new mine extending many square miles in a fifty foot high pile. The collapse of the surface of old high desert land, ancient oak trees [...]

Series Of Mobilizations In Build Up To Climate Meeting

By Asoka Bandarage, www.huffingtonpost.com -

Frustration is increasing among representatives of grassroots organizations that are marginalized by the COP deliberations and the hierarchical global political and economic structure. At [...]

Women Of Action Against Violent Extraction Shuts Down Tar Sands Mine Construction

By Peaceful Uprising, www.youtube.com -

Women of Action Against Violent Extraction joined the fight against tar sands development on the Colorado Plateau. The group used direct action June 16 to stop the lone bulldozer beginning [...]

Exhaustion Of Cheap Mineral Resources Is Terraforming Earth

By Nafeez Ahmed, www.theguardian.com -

A new landmark scientific report drawing on the work of the world's leading mineral experts forecasts that industrial civilisation's extraction of critical minerals and fossil fuel resources is [...]

What’s The Best Way To Stop Extraction? Delay, Delay, Delay

By Bryan Farrell, www.wagingnonviolence.org -

The knock on environmental protests is that they oftentimes only appear to delay the inevitable — be it forcing a coal-fired power plant to shut down for just one day or forcing the construction [...]

The Complicated Extraction Issues In Latin America

By Federico Fuentes, www.truth-out.org -

A recent spate of high-profile campaigns against projects based on extracting raw materials has opened up an important new dynamic within the broad processes of change sweeping South America. [...]

Protect Our Sacred Water!

By Ben Whitford, www.theecologist.org -

The curse of Uranium has fallen once again on the Black Hills of South Dakota, ancestral home to the Lakota Indians - now fighting a massive mining project that threatens land, rivers and [...]