Solidarity With Resistance To Extraction

By Don Fitz and the Gateway Green Alliance, Popular Resistance. -

People the world over are opposing fossil fuel extraction in an incalculable number of ways.  It is now clear that burning fossil fuels threatens millions of Life forms and could be laying the [...]

Lithium, Cobalt, And Rare Earths

By Michael Klare, Tom Dispatch. -

Thanks to its very name — renewable energy — we can picture a time in the not-too-distant future when our need for non-renewable fuels like oil, natural gas, and coal will vanish. Indeed, the [...]

What Would A Deep Green New Deal Look Like?

By Don Fitz, Popular Resistance. -

The Green New Deal has attracted perhaps the greatest attention of any proposal for decades. It would guarantee Medicare-for-All, Housing-for-All, student loan forgiveness and propose the largest [...]

The Origins Of Anti-Extractivism

By Nick Serpe, Dissent Magazine. -

In the social science literature, there’s this sense that countries or states that rely on mining or oil for their revenues are doomed to some kind of pathology: they’re going to be [...]

Social Movements Denounce Violent Repression In Ecuador, Support General Strike

Open letter, Popular Resistance. -

To the government of the Republic of Ecuador and the national and international community: We sign this statement to express our deep concern for the events occurring in Ecuador. As [...]

Mining Corporations Flagrantly Plunder the Global South Without Consequence

By Nate Singham, Independent Media Institute -

The big driver of the world economy is a plundering process where powerful corporations loot the natural resources of low-income countries. These highly influential multinational corporations [...]

6,000 Amazon Employees, Including A VP And Directors, Are Now Calling On Jeff Bezos To Stop Automating Oil Extraction

By Brian Merchant, -

On Monday, a group of Amazon employees began circulating an open letter that calls on CEO Jeff Bezos and the board of directors to adopt a companywide plan to address climate change. By [...]

The People’s Caravan From Cleveland RNC To Philadelphia DNC

By Staff for the Grassroots Global Justice Alliance. There are three major defining factors of this moment: white rage and misogyny escalated by the presidential elections; extractive [...]

Newsletter: Global Solidarity Is Rising

By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers for Popular Resistance. A key ingredient of previous successful campaigns to stop 'free trade' agreements is cross-border solidarity. Uniting struggles [...]

Mining Corps Leave Behind Human Rights, Environmental Damage

By Scott Price, -

By Scott Price for IC Magazine - While much of the controversy surrounding Canada’s extractive industry centers on oil and gas projects like SWN Resources' drilling plans in New Brunswick, [...]

Protect Apache Sacred Land From Copper Mining

By George L. Pauk M.D., -

There will also be new huge toxic waste tailings from the new mine extending many square miles in a fifty foot high pile. The collapse of the surface of old high desert land, ancient oak trees [...]

Series Of Mobilizations In Build Up To Climate Meeting

By Asoka Bandarage, -

Frustration is increasing among representatives of grassroots organizations that are marginalized by the COP deliberations and the hierarchical global political and economic structure. At [...]

Women Of Action Against Violent Extraction Shuts Down Tar Sands Mine Construction

By Peaceful Uprising, -

Women of Action Against Violent Extraction joined the fight against tar sands development on the Colorado Plateau. The group used direct action June 16 to stop the lone bulldozer beginning [...]

Exhaustion Of Cheap Mineral Resources Is Terraforming Earth

By Nafeez Ahmed, -

A new landmark scientific report drawing on the work of the world's leading mineral experts forecasts that industrial civilisation's extraction of critical minerals and fossil fuel resources is [...]

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