Fast Track Not A Done Deal, The People Will Stop It

The corporate media is reporting that since the Republican leadership and President Obama support Fast Track trade authority, it is a done deal. And that message, also heard by countries [...]

Newsletter: Breaking The Spell Of The Corporate State

The democracy crisis grows deeper. Analysis of the mid-term elections shows voting levels lower than the era of Andrew Jackson, when the requirement of owning property to vote was removed. [...]

Newsletter: 2015, The Year We Build Power Together

“2015 The Year We Build Power Together” is the major task we see for the movement this year. In 2014 we saw tremendous growth of the movement across numerous fronts of struggle – worker rights [...]

Stop This Dangerous Fracked Gas Export Terminal

By Staff, -

We Are Cove Point is a campaign created by local residents from Lusby, MD and allies from across the United States to stop the construction of the first LNG (liquefied natural gas, aka fracked [...]

How Solar Power Could Slay The Fossil Fuel Empire By 2030

By Nafeez Ahmed, -

​In just 15 years, the world as we know it will have transformed forever. The ​age of oil, gas, coal and nuclear will be over. A new age of clean power and smarter cars will fundamentally, [...]

Popular Resistance Newsletter: Internet Emergency

The FCC meeting on December 11 is likely to be the day they announce new rules for the Internet. We’ve made a lot of progress in ensuring net neutrality but are not there yet. We need you to act [...]

Cove Point Opponents Find FERC & Elected Official Guilty

By Staff, -

In ‘People’s Court’ at FERC headquarters, activists ‘convict’ regulators and leaders—from Pres. Obama to Chairman LaFleur to Gov. O’Malley—for selling out people’s safety and the [...]