Newsletter: The Inauguration Of Protest

From January 21st, 2017 Women's March on Washington. Trump was resusted from Day 1. By Mike Coppola for Getty Images.

By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers for Popular Resistance. The last few days have seen a series of mass protests against President Trump and his incoming administration. This should be the inauguration of persistent protests, not just against the Trump administration but the system that has consistently put in place governments that represent big business interests and militarism while most people in the US face economic insecurity, and people around the world face US bombings. President Obama broke George W. Bush’s record for bombs deployed creating further hatred for the United States, insecurity and chaos. Trump is a symptom of a failed political system that does not represent the interests of the people or planet. Protests were varied from Black Bloc to the massive Women’s March

The Dangerous Strands Of US Political Culture

Shit is fucked up and its bullshit

By Joey B. King for Popular Resistance. That brings us to the end of 2015 and what can only be described as a strange nomination process thus far on the Republican side. I realize that early polls are unreliable, but one cannot deny that something is changing. That is why it is so dangerous. Noam Chomsky said recently in a Democracy NOW! interview that the Republicans had ceased being a political party and are now a radical insurgency. Sure, Trump is saying some outlandish things, but they all are. There is not much difference in what any of them are saying. Trump may lose in the general election, but “Trumpism” will survive. That is precisely what makes it so dangerous. You have a hard-core group of Republicans who are blind followers of the anti-establishment Republican candidates. That brings us to the Democrats…. Bernie Sanders might, I stress the word “might,” keep us out of war. However, his political beliefs are so far to the left, that the multinational corporations will most assuredly not allow him to be president. Would it surprise anyone if he were assassinated? Let me be the first to say, as a vegetarian pacifist who opposes violence in all forms, I hope I am wrong. Hillary Clinton is a pathological liar; pure and simple.

How To Begin Dismantling Fascism In America

US Military around the world

By Jack Balkwill for Dissient Voice – The USA has its mainstream media entirely controlled by private power. Electronic media, where most Americans get their news, is nearly all corporate-controlled, including PBS/NPR, which take millions of dollars from corporations and acquiesce to their viewpoint. It is extremely deceptive for them to pretend to represent the public interest. Those who manage the corporate news know what to say, and those who manage the corporate government know what to do without being coaxed. Many have recognized this over decades which have left us increasingly militarized, both domestically and globally. When one is confronted with the task of dismantling this behemoth, one wonders where to begin. I would suggest we begin by uniting in an effort to dismantle the overseas military bases.

Ukrainian Trade Unionists Call For Unity Against Facism

The Trade Union building of Odessa in flames (ITAR-TASS)

The Kiev regime wants to forcibly impose on the entire population of Ukraine its system of values which totally rejects the Soviet period in the history of Ukraine. It is based on the traditions of Ukrainian integral nationalism, which is the local Ukrainian variant of fascist ideology. These ideas of integral nationalism inspired such figures as Stepan Bandera. For a significant part of Ukrainian society, such attitudes are unacceptable. That is why opposition appeared. Despite all the repression, people have been fighting against the reactionaries and actively looking for an alternative. But the forces of resistance in Ukraine are split, and some of them are not guided by consistently democratic principles. Some of them receive help from Russian nationalists and therefore think that the alternative to Ukrainian fascism is Russian nationalism. But this is wrong and a dead end road. Therefore, the solidarity of international left forces with the liberation struggle against the Kiev regime will help the people of see they have friends and strengthen the democratic tendencies in the camp of resistance.

91-Year-Old Greek WWII Hero Wins Big In Euro-Elections


In Europe, dark clouds are gathering on the horizon once more. Yesterday marked the conclusion of the European Parliamentary elections, and the extreme-right had a number of terrifyingly strong showings in France, Austria, Denmark, Hungary and Greece, among other countries. But as disillusioned citizens across the continent send their ultra-nationalist, proto-fascist and even openly neo-Nazi deputies to Brussels and Strasbourg, the one candidate who actually managed to secure an overwhelming victory here in Greece is Manolis Glezos, the legendary 91-year-old WWII resistance hero, who, on May 30, 1941 — at the age of 19, just weeks after the Nazi invasion and occupation of his country — scaled the Acropolis in the dead of night and, together with his friend Apostolos Santas, tore down the Swastika. . . It is an absolute disgrace that today, in the 21st century, a legendary WWII resistance hero like Manolis Glezos. . . will now have to take up a seat in a European Parliament populated by dozens of nationalists, fascists and neo-Nazis who take their despicable ideologies from the same monsters who once murdered his brother, and millions more across the continent — and far beyond.