Given Recent Innovations, Maybe We Don’t Need To Eat Or Use Animals At All

By Matt Johnson, DesMoines Register. -

I’m currently facing a felony prosecution in Wright County after exposing Iowa Select Farms killing thousands of pigs via “ventilation shutdown," which involves shutting down a building’s vents [...]

COVID-19 Reaches US Slaughterhouses

By Martha Rosenberg, Counterpunch. -

Meat giant JBS USA Holdings closed its Souderton, Pennsylvania slaughter operation. Tyson Foods closed its Columbus Junction, Iowa pork slaughterhouse. Pennsylvania-based Empire Kosher Poultry [...]

Trudeau Sets 2025 Deadline To Remove B.C. Fish Farms

By Jennifer Feinberg, -

But that one promise provided a long-awaited positive sign for independent biologist Alexandra Morton, and Skwah First Nation elder Eddie Gardner, who have both been fighting for years to see [...]

Meet The Activists Risking Prison To Film VR In Factory Farms

By Andy Greenberg, -

As the truck speeds off, the three figures scramble quietly off the highway shoulder and into a terrain of scrub brush and jagged gullies. For the next 15 minutes, they walk down an unlit dirt [...]

They Rescued Pigs And Turkeys From Factory Farms — And Now Face Decades In Prison

By Leighton Akio Woodhouse, Pedro Armando Aparicio, and David Zlutnick, -

IN THE FALL of 2017, Glenn Greenwald reported on a nationwide FBI manhunt for two pigs named Lily and Lizzie. The pigs had been removed from a factory farm in Utah by animal rights activists from [...]

Why It’s Time To End Factory Farming

By Jacy Reese, -

Fortunately, many people in 2018 see the writing on the wall. In fact, around 47 percent of US adults support a ban on slaughterhouses. Everyone wants to stand on the right side of history. Take [...]

Hurricane Florence Highlights The Cruel Reality Of Factory Farming

By Kenny Torrella, -

Broiler chickens (chickens raised for meat) are the top agricultural commodity in North Carolina. In 2015, 823 million broiler chickens were raised in the state. (Photo credit: North Carolina [...]

Boycott Factory Farm Foods: But Don’t Forget The Fish

By Ronnie Cummins, -

Factory farming and fish production are now a multi-trillion-dollar monster with a growing and devastating impact on public health, animal welfare, small farmers and farmworkers, rural and [...]

Farming For The Health Of People And The Planet

By Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese, Clearing the FOG Radio. -

Our current food system has a large negative impact on the climate crisis and our health. Factory farms produce large amounts of Greenhouse Gases (GHGs), pollute the land, air and water and [...]

Iowans Fight Back Against Factory Farms–So Can You

By Staff, -

“We are pro agriculture. We support responsible, respectful and regenerative livestock production that poses no harm to communities and the environment. And we call for a moratorium on new and [...]

‘Appetite For Destruction’: How Feeding Livestock Strains The Planet

By Dharna Noor, -

By Dharna Noor for The Real News Network - DHARNA NOOR: Welcome to The Real News Network. I'm Dharna Noor joining you from Baltimore. There's a growing awareness that meat production puts a [...]

Factory Farms Get Bigger, Pollution Grows; Regulators Don’t Know Where They Are

By Georgina Gustin, -

By Georgina Gustin for Inside Climate News - After Hurricane Matthew churned across North Carolina earlier this month, swollen rivers deluged poultry and swine farms, killing millions of chickens [...]

Investors Urge 16 Global Food Producers To Divest From Factory Farming

By Derrick Broze, -

By Derrick Broze for Activist Post - The Farm Animal Investment Risk and Return (FAIRR) has organized a group of 40 investors in a campaign to raise awareness about the environmental and health [...]

Landmark Report Maps Feces-Laden Hog And Chicken Operations In N. Carolina

By Staff, -

By Staff of Waterkeeper Alliance - Washington, D.C. – A first-of-its-kind interactive map revealing the locations of more than 6,500 concentrated animal feeding operations, or CAFOs, across the [...]

Factory Farming Divestment: What You Need To Know

By Tom Levitt, -

By Tom Levitt for The Guardian - The fast food chain Subway is latest to join the backlash against antibiotic use in the farm sector. It has launched a new chicken sandwich in the US made with [...]

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