There Is No Fixing This Industry

By Mike Ferner, Popular Resistance. -

Ohio - My city sits on the western edge of a body of water that has figured large in the nation’s history, Lake Erie. My wife and I are fortunate to live in the part of Toledo where the lake is [...]

Lake Erie Advocates Launch Billboard Against ‘Factory Farms’

By Alexandra Mester, The Blade. -

Digital ads now showing on electronic billboards across Toledo and elsewhere in the state are part of a local campaign taking aim against concentrated animal feeding operations. Mike Ferner, [...]

Smithfield Sued For Misleading Consumers With False Claims Of Superior Safety

By Katherine Paul, Organic Consumers Association.   -

The Organic Consumers Association announced that it has sued Smithfield Foods for falsely advertising Smithfield pork products as the “safest” U.S. pork products. In the complaint, OCA alleges [...]