Video: Who Are The White Helmets? Fake News And Staged Rescues

By Mark Taliano, -

One interview subject, Omar Al-Mustafa — who wanted to be a White Helmet but wasn’t accepted because he wasn’t al Nusra Front (al Qaeda) — recounted the following: “People evacuated by the White [...]

Cynical Helmets

By Carola Chavez, -

The White Helmets have arrived at Cúcuta. They came to save the Venezuelan “refugees” who live there. They arrived with their doctor’s gowns, with their marketing helmets, with Gabi Arellano, [...]

Facebook Begins Ranking News Sites By Trust And Combating “Propaganda” During Elections

By Aaron Kesel, -

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg stated Tuesday that his company has begun to implement a system that will rank news organizations based on trustworthiness while suppressing content that doesn’t fit [...]

Google ‘Ministry Of Truth’ Intensifies Suppressing ‘Fake News’

By Eric Zuesse, -

On November 18, Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt spoke about how Google will help to defeat Russia. He said that Google helps in this effort not by “censoring” Russian news media, but by “deranking” [...]

10 Reasons Why American Trust In The Media Is At An All-Time Low

By Knight Foundation, -

As the debates over trust in media, misinformation and control over information rage, a new Knight-Gallup survey of more than 19,000 U.S. adults shows that Americans believe that the media have [...]

EU Anti-“Fake News” Authority Prepares Mass Censorship

By Alex Lantier, -

By Alex Lantier for WSWS. An examination of the EU’s announcement shows that it is preparing mass state censorship aimed not at false information, but at news reports or political views that [...]

Fake News About Venezuela: A Simple Recipe

By Ricardo Vaz, -

By Ricardo Vaz for InvestigAction - This recipe has been used and re-used plenty of times, either by US officials to justify policies or by media outlets. But given how the media critically [...]