Supreme Court limits California Union Recruiting In Favor Of Property Rights

By Kate Cimini, Cal Matters. -

In a blow to labor, the U.S. Supreme Court invalidated a decades-old California rule inspired by César Chávez that allowed union organizers to meet with farmworkers at their place of work. [...]

Days After Election, Trump Freezes Wages Of Farm Laborers

By Jake Johnson, Commondreams. -

Just days after U.S. voters went to the polls to help deny President Donald Trump another four years in the White House, the Trump administration issued a little-noticed rule freezing the [...]

Reckoning With Labor Law’s Racist Roots

By Marina Multhaup, On Labor. -

The maintenance of the racist Southern plantation system was the driving force behind the “compromise” struck by President Roosevelt and the Southern Democrats to exclude agricultural laborers [...]

Work In The Time Of COVID-19

By Rebecca Gordon, Tom Dispatch. -

In two weeks, my partner and I were supposed to leave San Francisco for Reno, Nevada, where we’d be spending the next three months focused on the 2020 presidential election. As we did in 2018, [...]

As COVID-19 Surges, Farmworkers Are Paying A High Price

By Evelyn Nieves, Inside Climate News. -

Every day, California farmworkers worry that the pandemic plowing through agricultural hubs will catch them and kill them. They also worry that not working will kill them. The collapse of food [...]

Farmworkers Are Walking Out To Protest Conditions During COVID-19 Pandemic

By Mai Hoang and Le Talamo, Seattle Times. -

Yakima, Washington - Workers at Columbia Reach Pack and Hansen Fruit and Cold Storage Co. in Yakima walked out Thursday morning to protest their working conditions. They held signs asking [...]

COVID19 Threatens Seasonal Farmworkers At The Heart Of The Food Supply

By Michael Haedicke, The Conversation. -

Many Americans may find bare grocery store shelves the most worrying sign of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on their food system. But, for the most part, shortages of shelf-stable items [...]

Heat Wave Safety: 130 Groups Call For Protections For Farm, Construction Workers

By Georgina Gustin, -

Parts of the country are expecting another round of searing, potentially record-shattering heat in the coming days, and many farm and construction workers will be out in it—with no federal heat [...]

Florida Farmworkers Push For Fairness In The Fields

By Negin Owliaei, -

South Florida was known as a hotbed for modern-day slavery. Now, the Coalition of Immokalee Workers are using their innovative model to bring dignity to the tomato fields. Immokalee, Florida, is [...]

Boycott Driscoll’s This Week In Support Of Workers

By the Boycott Driscolls Campaign, -

From the Boycott Driscolls Campaign. The 80,000 farmworkers in San Quintin, Baja California (Mexico), who are fighting for a collective-bargaining agreement with BerryMex, the Mexican subsidiary [...]

Scores Of Farm Workers, Activists March On Ben & Jerry’s

By Wilson Ring, -

By Wilson Ring for Associated Press - MONTPELIER, Vt. - Scores of dairy farm workers and activists marched Saturday to a Ben & Jerry’s factory to push for better pay and living conditions on [...]

True Food Systems Change From The Bottom Up

By Families United for Justice, -

By Families United for Justice. On June 15th FUJ members turned out to overwhelmingly ratify the tentative collective bargaining agreement presented by their negotiations committee. After an [...]

Boycott Wendy’s

By Staff, -

By Coalition of Immokalee Workers. For over three years, farm workers and consumers have been demanding that Wendy’s join its major competitors – Taco Bell, McDonald’s, Subway and Burger King – [...]

It’s Time to Scrap NAFTA, Not ‘Tweak’ It

By Victor Suarez and Alejandro Villamar, -

By Victor Suarez and Alejandro Villamar for Foreign Policy in Focus. Some politicians and “experts” still don’t understand — or don’t want to understand — that a great deal of popular discontent [...]

Sakuma Agrees To Negotiate A Contract With Farm Workers

By Whatcom-Skagit General Membership Branch, IWW, -

By Whatcom-Skagit General Membership Branch, IWW. Four Years Struggle Three Years Boycott, Sakuma Finally Ready to Negotiate- FUJ Response to Sakuma Press Statement on MOU Burlington, WA - We [...]

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