Taking Farmers For A Ride

By Ben Lilliston, Commondreams.org -

Over the last year, President Trump has taken farmers on a roller coaster ride that’s finally gone off the rails. Escalating trade fights have kicked farmers, already mired in a five-year slump, [...]

New Study Confirms: Degenerative Food & Farming System Poses Mortal Threat

By Ronnie Cummins, Organicconsumers.org -

A new study calling for a “radical rethink” of the relationship between policymakers and corporations reinforces what Organic Consumers Association and other public interest groups have been [...]

Why Sustainable Agriculture Should Support A Green New Deal

By Elizabeth Henderson, Thepryingmantis.wordpress.com -

“For Sale” signs have replaced “Dairy of Distinction” on the last two dairy farms on the road I drive to town. The farm crisis of the 1980’s that never really went away has resurfaced with a [...]

U.S. Taxpayers On The Hook For Insuring Farmers Against Growing Climate Risks

By Georgina Gustin, Insideclimatenews.org -

Like every Midwestern farmer, Jerry Peckumn relies on a few things going right every season. Rain, but no deluge. Sunshine, but no heat wave. A timely cycling of the seasons. Peckumn is a [...]

Fairness For Farmers—Consumers Hold The Key

By Julie Wilson, Organicconsumers.org -

Not all fair-trade certification labels are created equal, according to a new report by the Fair World Project (FWP). The report breaks down the various definitions of the most common fair-trade [...]

Farmers In America Are Killing Themselves In Staggering Numbers

By Irina Ivanova, Cbsnews.com -

"Think about trying to live today on the income you had 15 years ago." That's how agriculture expert Chris Hurt describes the plight facing U.S. farmers today. The unequal economy that's emerged [...]

We Subsidize The Wrong Kind Of Agriculture

By Brian Wakamo, Inequality.org -

Summer: the season of barbecues, baseball games, and backyard fun. It’s also the time of year when the American farming industry comes into full swing producing the crops we hold near and dear. [...]

Dangerous Liaison: Industrial Agriculture And The Reductionist Mindset

By Colin Todhunter, Global Research. -

A minority of the global population has access to so much food than it can afford to waste much of it, while food insecurity has become a fact of life for hundreds of millions. This crisis stems [...]

Enabavi Banishes Chemicals For Rich Organic Rewards

By Chithra Ajith, villagesquare.in -

There was a time when Enabavi was just another impoverished village in the arid plains of Warangal in Telengana, full of frustrated farmers, some of whom committed suicide to escape indebtedness [...]

America’s Farmers Killing Themselves In Record Numbers

By Debbie Weingarten, theguardian.com -

Rosmann, an Iowa farmer, is a psychologist and one of the nation’s leading farmer behavioral health experts. He often answers phone calls from those in crisis. And for 40 years, he has worked to [...]

Food Should Be A Commons, Not Capitalism

By Claire Luchette, www.CivilEats.com -

No consumer, farmer, or activist participates in the food system without also participating in capitalism. To Eric Holt-Giménez, the director of Food First, this is a basic truth that’s too often [...]

Chocolate Barons Devastate National Parks In West Africa

By Davis Harper, www.ecowatch.com -

By Davis Harper for Eco Watch - For several years, chocolate barons have devastated forests to make room to plant cocoa, a crop that naturally grows in shade. Now, a report from Mighty Earth—a [...]

NAFTA Renegotiation: What’s At Stake For Food, Farmers And The Land?

By Staff, www.iatp.org -

By Staff of IATP - The re-negotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) between the U.S., Mexico and Canada begins on August 16, and there is much at stake for farmers and rural [...]

Community Market Stand Small Part Of Patching Big Hole

By Staff, www.capitolhillseattle.com -

By Staff for Capitol Hill Seattle Blog - When the Central District Red Apple closed this month as Vulcan readies plans to redevelop the store’s corner of 23rd and Jackson, residents of the CD [...]

Organic Farms Could Help Fight Climate Change

By Shaun Chavis, www.science.howstuffworks.com -

By Shaun Chavis for How Stuff Works - Agriculture is one of the more significant contributors to global warming. Nitrogen-based fertilizers and farm animals generate greenhouse gases, including [...]

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