Farm Loan Delinquencies Surge In U.S. Election Battleground Wisconsin

By Jason Lange and P.J. Huffstutter, -

WASHINGTON/CHICAGO (Reuters) - Farm loan delinquencies rose to a record high in June at Wisconsin’s community banks, data showed on Thursday, a sign President Donald Trump’s trade conflicts with [...]

Organic Farm In W.Va. Imperiled By Gas Pipeline Construction

By Anne Meador, -

In the four years since finding stakes mysteriously implanted in the ground of their newly acquired farm, Neal LaFerriere and his family have worked as best they could with Mountain Valley [...]

Co-Operative Farms: Past, Present, And Future

Aasa Marshall, -

Agriculture’s not an easy industry to break into. Start-up costs can be insurmountable; the cost of land alone puts farming out of reach for those who aren’t already in the sector. Most people [...]

The Co-op Farming Model Might Help Save America’s Small Farms

By Annelise Jolley, -

Across the U.S.—from New England to California—a small but growing movement of farmers is foregoing traditional farm ownership in favor of a cooperative model. In Maine, four Somali Bantu [...]

Six Animal Rights Activists Charged With Felonies For Investigation And Rescue That Led To Punishment Of A Utah Turkey Farm

By Glenn Greenwald, -

SIX ANIMAL RIGHTS activists are facing felony charges, filed on Wednesday by a Utah prosecutor, stemming from an undercover investigation into abusive conditions on a large turkey farm. The [...]

Food Policy Action Plans Broad-Based Opposition To Draft Farm Bill

By Staff, -

On May 8-9th, 2018, Food Policy Action (FPA) is mobilizing stakeholders from across the United States to voice their united opposition to the draft 2018 Farm Bill released by the House [...]

Fish Farm Protesters Continue Fight Against Industry

By Laurie Hamelin, -

Molina Dawson and Karissa Glendale are vowing to continue their fight against the fish farm industry despite a British Columbia Supreme Court ruling that granted injunctions to two companies [...]

First Nations Occupy Fish Farms In British Columbia To Force Action

By Brandon Jordan, -

By Brandon Jordan for Waging Nonviolence - The sign outside the protest encampment on Midsummer Island in British Columbia, Canada, is a blunt summation of what its inhabitants — indigenous [...]

Pipeline Protest Serves Half Ton Of Sweet Potatoes

By Anne Meador, -

By Anne Meador of DC Media Group. What could be better for breakfast than sweet potato pie? Employees of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission got a free piece of sweet potato pie on their [...]

Is US Farm Policy Creating Another Dust Bowl In Age Of Climate Change?

By Staff, -

By Staff for Inside Climate News - Over the past decade, farmers in the Great Southern Plains have suffered the worst drought conditions since the Dust Bowl of the 1930s. They've battled heat, [...]

Meet Ava: The Chicken I Risked My Freedom For

By Eva Hamer, -

By Eva Hamer for Common Dreams - This past summer, I entered a place most Americans - especially those in urban areas - can barely even fathom: a place that sounds innocent, but when you step [...]

Farmers On The March

By Vijay Prashad, -

By Vijay Prashad for Left World - From all parts of the country, Indian kisans will descend upon Delhi on November 24. They are marching as part of a Kisan Sangharsh Jatha, organised by the [...]

North Dakota Voters Side With Family Farms

By Alex Mcleese, -

By Alex Mcleese for In These Times - North Dakota voters have rejected a measure that would have permitted corporations to own and to operate dairy and pork farms of up to 640 acres. On Tuesday, [...]

Farms Not Fracking At Pennsylvania Farm Show

By Staff, -

By Staff of Buck Local News - The Spence family is one of many traveling to Harrisburg for a “Farms, Not Fracking” rally at the opening of the Pennsylvania Farm Show on Saturday, January 9 in [...]