The Climate Crisis Is Coming For Undocumented Farmworkers First

By Maurizio Guerrero, In These Times. -

In July 2020, Claudia Durán felt compelled to complete her shift harvesting blueberries in the fields of Allegan County, Mich., before driving to the local hospital’s emergency room to be treated [...]

Supreme Court Case On Farmworker Protections Could Harm All Regulation

By Sam Knight, Truthout. -

The legacy of Cesar Chavez has been getting another look in recent months. In January, President Joe Biden placed a bust of the 20th-century labor leader in the Oval Office, giving journalists [...]

What Future For Farmworker Families In The United States?

By David Bacon, Oakland Institute. -

Oakland, CA — As the Biden administration begins dismantling Trump's anti-immigrant legacy and contemplates reforms to US immigration policy, it will have to take the crucial decision of whether [...]

Groups In The South Are Working To Fix A Broken Farm Labor System

By Jonah Goldman Kay, Facing South. -

For years, legal organizations and farmworker advocacy groups have sounded the alarm about the H-2A visa program — the most common legal route to hiring foreign agricultural workers. Faced with [...]

Will The Supreme Court Overrule Farmworker Union Rights?

By David Bacon, Labor Notes. -

Not long before Donald Trump’s election in 2016, the Pacific Legal Foundation filed suit against California’s farmworker access rule in federal court on behalf of two companies—Cedar Point [...]

How Much Would It Cost Consumers To Give Farmworkers A Significant Raise?

By Daniel Costa and Philip Martin, Economic Policy Institute. -

The increased media coverage of the plight of the more than 2 million farmworkers who pick and help produce our food—and whom the Trump administration has deemed to be “essential” workers for the [...]

Immokalee Workers Win Major COVID-19 Victories In Florida

By the Coalition of Immokalee Workers. -

During the past month, the strict criteria in place effectively limited the tests to those with severe symptoms, giving public health officials a very limited view into the path of the virus. [...]

Appeals Court Recognizes That Farmworkers Have A Fundamental Right To Organize

By Staff, -

ALBANY - A state appellate court today declared unconstitutional a Jim Crow-era exclusion in state law that denies farmworkers the right to organize and collectively bargain. Plaintiffs Crispin [...]

The Farmworkers Who Pick Your Halo Mandarins Just Organized A Massive Labor Strike

By Sam Ribakoff, -

The sun is setting on the east side of Bakersfield, California, as Salvador Calsadillas sits down with his cousins and their kids for a dinner of caldo de mantarraya, a hearty stingray and tomato [...]

Are We Prepared To Pay The Price For Farmworker Justice?

By Olivia Heffernan, -

Wearing a flannel shirt, Wrangler jeans and worn-in beige boots, Juan Antonio Zuniga has the look of a farmer but not the entitlements that come with owning an actual farm. Fleeing violence in El [...]

Migrant Injustice: Ben & Jerry’s Farmworker Exploitation

By Michael Colby, Organic Consumers Association. -

These are harrowing times for the nearly 1,500 migrant workers laboring on Vermont’s largest dairy farms. These farmworkers, predominantly from Mexico, are forced to live in the shadows, where [...]

Sarbanand: A “Dirty Dozen” Corporation Contesting Being Fined In District Court For Working A Farmworker To Death In Whatcom County

By Edgar Franks, -

On Wednesday May 23rd at 9:00am Sarbanand Farms is scheduled to appear in the Whatcom County District Court to appeal a fine that was imposed on them by the WA State Dept of Labor and Industries [...]

How Filipino Migrants Gave The Grape Strike Its Radical Politics

By David Bacon, -

The great Delano grape strike started on September 8, 1965, when Filipino pickers stayed in their labor camps, and refused to go into the fields. Mexican workers joined them two weeks later. The [...]

No Loopholes, No Exceptions

By Penelope Kyritsis, -

For decades, domestic workers and farmworker women have been systematically excluded from labour protection laws and have faced extensive barriers to justice for sexual harassment, among other [...]

Farm Workers Sue North Carolina To Protect Their Union Rights

By Brian Hauss, -

By Brian Hauss for ACLU - Dolores Huerta, the legendary civil rights icon and farmworker activist, had it right: “Organized labor is a necessary part of democracy.” Day in and day out, unions [...]

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