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Condé Nast Bosses Wear Prada And The Workers Get Nada!

“The bosses wear Prada, and the workers get nada!” chanted hundreds of News Guild CWA workers out on a one-day strike against Condé Nast, the publishing juggernaut that owns iconic titles like Vogue, Vanity Fair, The New Yorker, and Bon  Appetite. The boisterous picket line at the base of One World Trade Center in lower Manhattan on a damp day January 24, drew a cacophony of honking horns whizzing by on West Street. After a widely lauded voluntary recognition of the union back in 2022 by the privately-held global media conglomerate, the union has run into what it told Work-Bites is hardball union-busting tactics that have really intensified with the New Year. Back in October, Condé Nast CEO Roger Lynch announced the company would be shrinking its global workforce of 5,400 by 270 while also predicting the publisher would see the “third straight year of overall revenue growth.”

Bringing Degrowth And Commoning To Fashion

Through the organization Fashion Act Now, a growing band of dissident fashionistas want to make the clothing industry more ecologically responsible, relocalized, and culturally in sync with this moment in history, especially with respect to climate change, economic justice, and decolonialization. This means greatly reducing the industry's resource and energy use, and moving away from hyper-consumerist "fast fashion" business models that generate colossal waste and ecological harm. My podcast interview with Arnold and Niessen is a spirited, often surprising conversation. It's not often that I've heard the words "fashion," "biodiversity" and system-change" uttered in the same sentence.

Fashion Designer Drove A Tank Through England To Protest Fracking

By Jennifer Swann in Take Part - While many of the world’s most famous designers were turning heads on the runways of New York Fashion Week, one of the industry’s biggest names was making a more important statement on the streets of England. Vivienne Westhood drove a military tank to U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron’s home in Chadlington, Oxfordshire, on Friday to deliver a bold message. “I declare a war on fracking!” the fashion icon shouted in front of the conservative leader’s front door, raising one fist to the sky. Carrying a banner depicting a yellow hazardous waste sign with a skull and crossbones, the 74-year-old with platinum-white hair appeared to be wearing peep-toe platform shoes of her own design.
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