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No Food For 2 Weeks: These Protestors Are Fasting Over Climate Change

A coalition of environmental groups gathered outside of the State House on Wednesday to announce the start of Climate Fast NJ, a two-week-long protest fast aimed at pressuring Murphy to take more immediate action on climate change. The press conference was capped off with coalition members walking to Murphy's office to hand-deliver their demands. Their specific goals are lofty: Climate Fast NJ is calling for Murphy to back a moratorium on new fossil fuel infrastructure projects like power plants and pipelines. Murphy's office did not immediately respond to a request for comment. The impetus for Climate Fast NJ, according to organizers, was the release of a dire new report from the International Panel of Climate Change.

Prayer And Fast For Climate Change

A group of concerned citizens will be publicly fasting and praying for ten days prior to Thanksgiving to focus attention on the issue of climate change. The fast and prayer will run from 7.30am Monday November 12 to 1pm Wednesday November 21st, 2018, the day before Thanksgiving. Fasters will be in front of the Court House on College Street from 7.30am to 8.30am, then at the Vance Monument from 8.30am until 5pm each day. A daily prayer at noon will be led by various local faith leaders, followed each day by a short talk on climate change issues.

Thanksgiving: Witness Against Torture Fasting In Guantanamo

By Staff, Witness Against Torture. Fourteen members of Witness Against Torture have been in Guantanamo province for 3 days now, vigiling in solidarity with the 107 men remaining at the US detention camp. At dusk on Wednesday, we established camp at El Mirador – scenic grounds overlooking the base from a distance of 2-3 kilometers. To close our first day, Peace Poet Frank Lopez led us in a Four Directions ceremony that came from the traditions of the Arawak peoples, who are indigenous to Cuba. On Thursday, Thanksgiving Day, we faced the base directly and announced one-by-one our political, personal and spiritual intention in being there. To conclude the day, we performed a Thanksgiving ritual titled “Forced-Feeding, Not Feasting at Guantanamo.” Twelve persons, all fasting for the day, sat at a table in front of empty plates to represent the terrible pain endured by hunger strikers, past and present, at Guantanamo. At the head of the table, one WAT member dressed as a detained man sat in front of the terrible apparatus of forced feeding. Forced-feeding continues to be used to wound the bodies and break the spirit of hunger-striking men.

Fasting At FERC: A Leap Of Faith

By Steve Norris for Popular Resistance, Today, Sunday, we are in the sixth day of our 18 day water-only fast. At present the whole thing is a mystery. It's one big leap of faith into a void that many have warned me not to enter - faith that doing this, depriving myself of food for a time, will teach me and others important lessons I need to know, and perhaps get the attention of FERC and other powers that be in a way our year-long protests, arrests, disruptive actions inside FERC, letters, and meetings have not done. Also, the experience so far is one or both joy and sorrow: There is the great exuberation and learning that comes from working and fasting daily alongside people with rock-solid determination to challenge climate change and its attendant economic, social and racial injustices. And the exhileration each time I see a stranger's eyes light up and they say something like :"thank you for being so bold. Please keep it up." Then too there is the sadness of dealing daily with the reality that millions of people (the victims of Hurricane Katrina, and emigrants from Syria, for example) are already dealing with the impacts of climate change...
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