Bad Track Record Gets Worse As New Whistleblower Outed By The Intercept

By Whitney Webb, -

MINNEAPOLIS – On Wednesday, Minnesota Public Radio (MPR) reported that former Minneapolis-based FBI agent Terry James Albury had been charged with leaking classified government information to the [...]

What You Didn’t Know About West Virginia Strike + FBI Geeks & Methane Leaks

By Eleanor Goldfield, -

This week on Act Out! Fracking, fires and methane leaks oh my. The geeks are watching you and here's a solution to student debt. Finally, the strike in West Virginia may be over but the fight [...]

Best Buy’s Geek Squad Working With FBI For Over A Decade

By Aaron Mackey, -

After the prosecution of a California doctor revealed the FBI’s ties to a Best Buy Geek Squadcomputer repair facility in Kentucky, new documents released to EFF show that the relationship goes [...]

FBI Questioned Black Man About Racist Extremists In Charlottesville—Now He Could Go To Prison

By Michael Arria, -

Authorities are arresting and charging anti-racist demonstrators for events connected to the Unite the Right rally, even though it was white supremacists who unleashed violence on the town. Last [...]

Goofy Indictments Divert Attention From Criminal Abuses At FBI And DOJ

By Mike Whitney, -

February 19, 2018 "Information Clearing House" - Robert Mueller’s Friday night indictment-spree, is a flagrant and infuriating attempt to divert attention from the damning revelations in the [...]

FBI Tracks & Arrests First ‘Black Identity Extremist’

By David Love, Atlanta Black Star -

Six months after the FBI issued a report inventing from whole cloth the term Black Identity Extremists — claiming this group poses a terrorist threat to police — the first apparent case of the [...]

FBI Is Setting Up Task Force To Monitor Social Media

By Chip Gibbons, -

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is not unaccustomed to suspecting domestic dissidents of being foreign agents. The bureau infamously thought everyone from civil-rights activists to the peace [...]

Finding Your Voice

By Ava Kofman, The Intercept. -

At the height of the Cold War, during the winter of 1980, FBI agents recorded a phone call in which a man arranged a secret meeting with the Soviet embassy in Washington, D.C. On the day of his [...]

FBI Lost Crucial Texts Tied To Clinton Probe

By Sarah N. Lynch, Reuters. -

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Federal Bureau of Investigation has lost about five months worth of text messages between two staffers who worked on probes into former Secretary of State Hillary [...]

Is FBI Setting Stage For Increased Surveillance Of Black Activists?

By Thaddeus Talbot, Hugh Handeyside, and Malkia Cyril, -

By Thaddeus Talbot, Hugh Handeyside, and Malkia Cyril for ACLU and Center for Media Justice - A recently leaked FBI “Intelligence Assessment” contains troubling signs that the FBI is scrutinizing [...]

Exposed: Brutal FBI Tactics To Recruit Informants

By Trevor Aaronson, -

By Trevor Aaronson for The Intercept. Florida - A bailiff pushed Jabar Ali Refaie’s wheelchair into a federal courtroom in Tampa, Florida, on September 20. Dressed in an orange jumpsuit and [...]

The FBI Targets Black “Ideology”

By Glen Ford, -

By Glen Ford for Black Agenda Report - The FBI has apparently chosen a new heading under which to lump Black Americans targeted for political persecution: “Black Identity Extremists.” There’s a [...]

US Government Declares ‘Black Identity Extremists’ A Threat

By Sam Levin, -

By Sam Levin for The Guardian - The US government has declared “black identity extremists” a violent threat, according to a leaked report from the FBI’s counter-terrorism division. The [...]

James Comey’s Rough Reception At Howard University

By David A. Graham, -

By David A. Graham for The Atlantic - The former FBI director has been at the center of controversy for months, but protestors at the historically black university on Friday focused on his [...]

White House Warned About White Supremacist Violence 3 Months Ago

By Patrick Martin, -

By Patrick Martin for World Socialist Web Site. The rampage through Charlottesville, Virginia last weekend by hundreds of neo-Nazis did not come as a surprise to the Trump White House. On the [...]