Indigenous Nations At Forefront Of Conflict With Transnational Corporate Power

By Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese, -

Idle No More is an indigenous-led movement, but it is not a movement exclusive to indigenous people. As Clayton Thomas-Muller, an organizer with Defenders of the Land and Idle No More, states, [...]

Cascadia Forest Defenders Drop Banner From Golden Pioneer

By Staff , -

Two Cascadia Forest Defenders are occupying a banner dropped from the golden statue on top of the capitol building in Salem, Oregon. The banner proclaims "KITZHABER'S LEGACY: PRIVATIZING THE [...]

#FearlessSummer: How The Battle To Stop Climate Change Got Ferocious

By Kristin Moe, -

This has been a #FearlessSummer: three hot months of nonviolent resistance to the fossil fuel industry in all its incarnations, from coal plants in Appalachia to oil refineries in California and [...]

Global Unrest Defines a Fearless Summer of Protest

The summer of 2013 has seen some of the largest, most vocal mass protests around the world since 2011. When sparks flew out of Turkey’s struggle to save Istanbul’s last standing green space in [...]

Officer Strangelove, Or How To Stop Worrying, Get Shit Done

By J., -

We’re not surprised, and neither are we scared. The police were obvious in their machismo and the quality of their observations was laughable at best. In terms of inter-agency communications, we [...]

Popular Resistance Newsletter – Vibrant Movement For Green Energy Economy

By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers, -

Impressive environmental protests have been organized by a wide range people calling for an end to radical energy and a transformation to a clean energy economy. Radical energy includes fuel [...]

Climate Activists To Fossil Fuel Industry: ‘If You Build It, We Will Come’

By Camila Ibanez, -

Returning to Utah after spending six months organizing in New York City, I had heard a lot of anticipation about July’s tar sands action camp. But the most important difference between this camp [...]

Video: Direct Action Blocks First U.S. Tar Sands Project In Utah

By Staff, -

Environmental activists chained themselves to heavy equipment Monday to protest improvements to a road they say will open Utah's rugged Book Cliffs area to tar sands and oil shale development. [...]

Activists Shut Down Keystone XL Contractor’s DC Office

By Staff, -

On July 26, 2013, 54 activists blockaded the downtown DC offices of Environmental Resources Management (ERM) to protest the firm's role in reviewing the Keystone XL tar sands oil pipeline. ERM [...]

Fossil Fuels’ Deadly Summer and the Growing Resistance

By Tara Lohan, -

This much we know: The fossil fuels that power our economy take their toll, on workers, on the environment, and on those who live near areas of extraction, transportation, processing, and [...]

Five Alpha Bridge Blockaders Sentenced; Four in Jail Now

By Staff, -

our RAMPS and Mountain Justice folks took a plea deal today from the May 24 blockade of Alpha Natural Resources/Massey’s headquarters near Bristol, Tenn. A video from the action is [...]

Minisink, NY Protests the Infrastructure of Hydro-Fracking

By Fearless Summer, -

With every new pipeline, compressor station and export terminal proposed, new communities throughout the country are experiencing for the first time what communities on the front lines of [...]

Popular Resistance Newsletter – Organized Resistance Brings Sweeping Change, Lessons for US

By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers, -

The big story of the week was Egypt. Protests organized by Tamarod (Rebel) that have been building for months, resulted in the biggest protest in Egypt’s history, four days of mass protest [...]

Since Obama’s Green Light for Hydro-Fracking: Lots of Protest

By Staff, -

In the week since Obama's pro-gas climate speech (disguised as a climate change speech) people across the nation have been protesting hydro-fracking. Methane gas (it is not "natural" gas, that [...]

Fearless Summer: Powerful Start 6 Days 18 States 28 Actions.

By Staff, -

We have been urging people to get involved with Fearless Summer since it was first announced. We love the solidarity shown by multiple groups across the country concerned about extreme [...]

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