Majority Of National Parks Panel Quits In Protest Of Ryan Zinke

By Lorraine Chow, -

Nearly all members of the National Park Service advisory panel abruptly quit on Monday in protest of the Trumpadministration's policies, which they say have neglected science, climate change and [...]

Federal Employees Turn To Encryption To Privately Discuss New Boss Trump

By Kate Cox, -

By Kate Cox for Consumerist - Every new President brings a wave of change to D.C., but the first two weeks of the Trump administration have been busier and more controversial than usual — to put [...]

180 Federal Employees Sign Up For ‘Civil Disobedience’ Class

By Brooke Seipel, -

By Brooke Seipel for The Hill - A large group of federal employees have signed up to participate in a workshop on civil disobedience in the President Trump era. According to a Washington Post [...]

Trump Taking Action To Silence Federal Agencies

By Dino Grandoni, -

By Dino Grandoni for Buzz Feed News - According to an email sent Monday morning and obtained by BuzzFeed News, the department told staff — including some 2,000 scientists — at the agency’s main [...]