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Federal Employees

Statement Of US Government Officials Who Resigned Over Policy Toward Gaza, Palestine And Israel

We are former U.S. Government Officials who resigned from our respective positions over the last nine months due to our grave concerns with current U.S. policy towards the crisis in Gaza, and U.S. policies and practices towards Palestine and Israel more broadly. We are subject matter experts representing the interagency, and are a multifaith and multiethnic community of professionals and patriots dedicated to the service of the United States of America, its people, and its values. Whether in the civil service, foreign service, armed forces, or as political appointees, each of us has sworn an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, and as our nation celebrates its Independence Day, each of us are reminded that we resigned from government not to terminate that oath but to continue to abide by it; not to end our commitment to service, but to extend it.

Biden Staffers Demand Cease-Fire At ‘Historic’ White House Vigil

Dozens of Biden administration staffers held a vigil outside the White House late Wednesday calling for a lasting cease-fire in Gaza as the Palestinian territory's healthcare system collapsed and the U.S.-armed Israeli military bombed the entirety of the besieged strip. The staffers donned masks and sunglasses to conceal their identities, likely out of fear of retaliation from an administration that has been accused of cracking down on dissent against President Joe Biden's support for Israel's assault on Gaza.

Over 100,000 Canadian Government Workers Are Now On Strike

One of the largest strikes in Canadian history kicked off Wednesday morning. Federal workers within two bargaining units, the Canada Revenue Agency and the Treasury Board, who are members of the Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) and spread across 20 departments, began a legal strike at 12:01 AM on Wednesday, April 19. The two PSAC bargaining units make up 155,000 federal workers across Canada. Over 100,000 workers will participate in the strike, while 47,000 workers deemed “essential” will remain on the job. PSAC has released a list of 250 picket line locations across Canada, including government buildings and MP’s offices.
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