Forest Service: Cutting Snags To Eliminate Endangered Species Habitat

By Chuck Burr, Culturequake. -

It is an intentional act to seek out and cut large diameter dead trees to prevent them from becoming spotted owl and other endanger species habitat. Annual census of known spotted owl trees are [...]

Australia: Youth Sue To Stop Coal Mine Expansion

By Michael Slezak and Penny Timms, -

A class action launched on behalf of young people everywhere seeks an injunction to stop the Australian Government approving an extension to Whitehaven's Vickery coal mine, arguing it will harm [...]

Feds Can Be Sued For Failures In Flint Water Crisis

By Ed White, AP News. -

The federal government can be sued for negligence in the Flint water crisis, a judge said Wednesday, citing the failure of regulators to timely act as good Samaritans and blow the whistle on lead [...]

The Execution Of Elephants And Americans

By Lee Camp, Consortium News. -

This first execution in 17 years was performed by lethal injection because hanging has a bad rep these days. It feels too Wild West, though it is carbon neutral. And electrocution has been on the [...]

The Fed’s Baffling Response To The Coronavirus Explained

When the World Health Organization announced on Feb. 24 that it was time to prepare for a global pandemic, the stock market plummeted. Over the following week, the Dow Jones Industrial Average [...]