Demand An Overhaul Of The FERC Pipeline Review Process—Submit Comments For FERC Reform!

By Delaware River Keeper, -

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) operates as a rubber stamp on the pipeline infrastructure projects that come before it for review, with FERC approval being a foregone conclusion [...]

Crack FERC Open

By Staff, -

BXE is planning a three-day sharing/training, art-build and action from June 23-25, beginning the morning of Saturday, June 23rd. Will you join us? Our communities and our planet are in desperate [...]

Agency Denies Pipeline’s Request For More Time To Cut Trees

By Sarah Rankin, -

A federal commission denied a request Wednesday from developers of the proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline to continue cutting down trees along the project's route beyond an initial deadline [...]

Protesters Block Dominion Energy’s Tree-Felling Before Permits

By Anne Meador, Facebook. -

Workers were temporarily blocked from entering the site of a proposed compressor station in Southern Maryland early on Thursday morning. Seven people and a baby pulled a wide streamer of blue [...]

FERC Commissioner Spent Most Of First Months In Office Meeting With Fossil Fuel Industry

By Itai Vardi,  -

In his first few months at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), commissioner Rob Powelson scheduled the great majority of his meetings with fossil fuel energy companies and utilities, [...]

All Out To Stop Pipelines In Virginia: Updates And Call For Support

By Staff, -

We tried our hardest to stop these destructive projects at the regulatory level but we have always known that action beyond those processes would be necessary. We will continue to support [...]

Fracking Opponents Post Their Demands On The Walls Of FERC

By Luke for DC Indymedia -

On the 18th of January, Beyond Extreme Energy and others fighting against fracked gas pipelines, fracking, and eminent domain posted their demands on the walls of FERC shortly before the agency's [...]

Trump Picks FERC Official With Potential Conflicts Of Interest

By Mark Hand, -

By choosing a longtime corporate attorney to head the nation’s top energy regulatory agency, President Donald Trump stuck to his practice of nominating officials riddled with potential conflicts [...]

Industry-Friendly FERC Rejects Perry’s Coal & Nukes Bailout

By Staff, -

“Secretary Perry likes to use flash and glitz to cover over imperfections in form. Like the wise judges on Dancing with the Stars, FERC saw through the act. “This was an easy decision to make for [...]

FERC Reviewing Approval Policy For Pipelines

By Steve Horn, -

The new chairman for the U.S. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), Kevin McIntyre, says the agency plans to review its permitting process and procedures for natural gas pipelines.FERC has [...]

BXE’s Response To FERC’s Upcoming Review Of Pipeline Permitting Process

By Staff, -

If FERC were an agency which truly put the public interest first, the announced plan to review their process for approving pipelines would be a welcome development. But facts don’t lie: over the [...]

Challenge To AIM Pipeline Approval Goes To DC Circuit Court

By SAPE, -

By Stop the Algonquin Pipeline Expansion. Washington, D.C.- Two and half years after asking the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to reverse its decision to permit construction of the [...]

Historic Union Hill Community Threatened By Atlantic Coast Pipeline

By Sammy DiDonato, -

By Sammy DiDonato for Unicorn Riot - Dominion plans to build a large compressor station for the pipeline in Union Hill, a historic Black community founded by descendants of freed slaves in [...]

Disruption Of U.S. Senate Hearing Includes A 25-year Veteran Of FERC

By Staff, -

By Staff of Fossil Free Rhode Island - Ted Glick, a New Jersey-based activist who was arrested at a similar hearing for Trump’s first two nominees to FERC, stood and repeatedly asked Congress to [...]