Activists Scale FERC Building, Demand Congress Replace It With FREC

By Beyond Extreme Energy, Popular Resistance. -

Washington DC: Two activists scaled the precarious awning over the front door to FERC, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, early this morning.                        The action was taken [...]

Fossil Fuel Opponents ‘Welcome’ McNamee to FERC

By Beyond Extreme Energy -

On December 20, 2018, members of Beyond Extreme Energy and friends were at FERC (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission) to “welcome” new commissioner Bernard McNamee to his first meeting. After a [...]

Protests Urge Sen. Schumer to Oppose Bernard McNamee As FERC Commissioner

By VOICES, Victory Over Infrastructure Clean Energy inStead, Popular Resistance -

Leaders representing hundreds of community, social justice, environmental and climate organizations have written an open letter to Democratic Party US Senate leader Chuck Schumer urging him to [...]

Climate Denying FERC Appointee Hearing Disrupted

By Staff, Beyond Extreme Energy -

The ENR Committee voted 13-10 in favor of McNamee. According to analysis by, "The 13 Senators who voted in the Committee to move McNamee’s nomination forward have taken a [...]

Beyond Extreme Energy ‘Welcomes’ FERC Nominee

By Melinda Tuhus, Beyond Extreme Energy. -

President Trump has just nominated Bernard McNamee, Executive Director of the Office of Policy for the U.S. Department of Energy for the open Republican seat on the Federal Energy Regulatory [...]

Pipeline Opponents’ Legal Challenge Asks The Fundamental Question

By Elizabeth Ouzts, Energy News Network. -

Citizen groups filed another lawsuit against the Atlantic Coast Pipeline Thursday, this time taking direct aim at the federal certificate that undergirds all other permits for the complex [...]

Blockade By Pipeline Opponents Disrupts Work Day At FERC

By Anne Meador, -

Security at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission seemed caught unawares Monday morning when anti-pipeline activists blockaded the staff parking garage at the agency headquarters. In the [...]

Can We Stop FERC From Rushing Us Toward Climate Catastrophe?

By Dennis Higgins, -

It could be argued that, outside of the companies involved in the actual extraction, transmission and sale of fossil fuels, no group of people on Earth can take as much responsibility for our [...]

Feds Cherry-Pick Data To Force Pipelines Through Poor Communities

By Sophie Yeo, -

The government's energy regulator is facing allegations of cherry-picking data to approve pipeline projects that would disproportionately harm communities of color. According to academics, [...]

FERC Employees Told Truth About FERC. What Will They Do Now?

By Beyond Extreme Energy, Popular Resistance -

Today, Beyond Extreme Energy sent our video, “What is FERC?” to the inboxes of FERC’s 1,600 employees. It features Andrew Hinz, who worked at FERC for 25 years and was arrested last summer at the [...]

Demand An Overhaul Of The FERC Pipeline Review Process—Submit Comments For FERC Reform!

By Delaware River Keeper, -

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) operates as a rubber stamp on the pipeline infrastructure projects that come before it for review, with FERC approval being a foregone conclusion [...]

Crack FERC Open

By Staff, -

BXE is planning a three-day sharing/training, art-build and action from June 23-25, beginning the morning of Saturday, June 23rd. Will you join us? Our communities and our planet are in desperate [...]

Agency Denies Pipeline’s Request For More Time To Cut Trees

By Sarah Rankin, -

A federal commission denied a request Wednesday from developers of the proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline to continue cutting down trees along the project's route beyond an initial deadline [...]

Protesters Block Dominion Energy’s Tree-Felling Before Permits

By Anne Meador, Facebook. -

Workers were temporarily blocked from entering the site of a proposed compressor station in Southern Maryland early on Thursday morning. Seven people and a baby pulled a wide streamer of blue [...]

FERC Commissioner Spent Most Of First Months In Office Meeting With Fossil Fuel Industry

By Itai Vardi,  -

In his first few months at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), commissioner Rob Powelson scheduled the great majority of his meetings with fossil fuel energy companies and utilities, [...]